Aqua marine (seawater). Homeopathy

1 - () Anxiety with great concern: can not sit in one place, should move to calm (Ars_Alb.); best fast moving and traveling in a vehicle, in the company, walking with the wind at his head; worst 2 to 4 hours.
2 - () Desire for company.
3 - () Indolent, not do anything, you want to lie, dazed in class, not read. He understands what he reads, but does not remember, when you want to record it. Forgetfulness, mental efforts end in sudden loss of memory. You have trouble concentrating. Mix one sentence to another.
4 - () Thoughts of suicide.
5 - Fear of going crazy by persistent lustful thoughts that he is forced to be religious. Fear that others will observe or see him working or doing their things. While bathing, he feels the bathroom door open.
v - Sensacion: that is observed or monitored, as if all the organs they'd been swallowed; welfare.
7 - Worried, depressed.
8 - () Best: for motion, cold drinks, fresh air by talking, by sweating. Worse, the sea (Nat_M.).
9 - aversion to bathing.
10 - Weakness. Lack of reaction.
11 - () frontal headache, better by pressure and clenched teeth. Headache in the temporal region. Headache thinking about it, better eating, for sleeping, by pressure and cold applications. Heaviness cephalic, better by heat, pressure and walking outdoors. Vertigo with headache. Occipital headache. Pustular eruption front. Empty feeling on waking.
12 - Heaviness of eyelids after lunch. Burning eyes 16 to 20, better by cold applications.
13 - Cracks in the middle of the lower lip (Nat_M.). Burning in the face, worse on opening the mouth or laughing. Eruptions on the cheek or chin, painful to the slightest touch.
14 - () sneezing on waking. Coryza, with watery discharge. Obstruction of the right side of the nose, then left. Pain in the corners of the nostrils. Offensive odor. Caen mucus thick, white, backward. It feels plugged. Mucus secretion, better after eating or sleeping. Watery burning.
15 - () Bad breath, burning in the mouth, spitting blood. Pain in the left palate in the morning on rising, cold drinks, worse when swallowing. Dry lips. Taste salty, rusty.
16 - Pain in the right amygdala, worse from pressure and night. I want to hawk. Sore throat left, 18 to 20 hours; is congested. Sore throat after eating. Goiter.
17 - () Appetite increased, but at 11 hours. Be strong. Epigastric pain on waking in the morning, better by pressure, hot application and by rest, worse strain and motion.
18 - Flatulence; sensitive abdominal muscles. Diffuse pain around the belly, at 23 hours, with restlessness, better by pressure.
19 - () before and rectal pain during defecation, even with loose stools. Before stool rectal heaviness, burning later. Large stools that hurt the anus, and bleeding. Rectal bleeding. Stool first hard, then soft. Constipation, stools scanty. Intestinal Parasites.
20 - Can not urinate in public (Nat). Urine every 1 to 2 hours.
21 - Sexual weakness, is excited with difficulty, but has intense desires. Nocturnal ejaculations with further weakness, muscle pain and desire to be lying.
22 - Coughing watery. Chest pain in the last three intercostal spaces, to get out tomorrow, better by pressure. Pain in the right side of the sternum.
23 - Pain in the right side of the neck under the jaw. Pain under lower left shoulder blade angle, in the evening.
24 - () Extremities cold, especially in the arm. Soreness on the palms and soles, ankles and cafes. Pain in right knee. Pain from elbow to fingertips, in the palm of the hand from the thenar muscles at the elbow, worse at rest and at night, worse from cold air;
better by pressure and warm applications. Lightning-like pains at night. Tremor in both hands, especially the right. Itching between the thighs and behind the knees, on toes and left hand. Bromhidrosis in soles and palms. Muscles ache on presignarlos. They sleep legs, especially calves, worse tomorrow, better walking. Eruption with pus in the right leg.
25 - () fever at 10 hours, with great dry mouth. Chills.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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