Aranea diadema (spider Papal Cross). Homeopathy

Aranea (Arana Papal Cross)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Aranea
1 - deep melancholy, desire to die, does not leave the bed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Aranea
2 - () One of the principal remedies, along with Thuya and Sulfuric Natrurn of the constitution denorninada Hydrogen (Grauvogl) characterized by a hypersensitivity and susceptibility to moisture and cold, in all its forms: wet weather, or rainy and cold rooms or locations or damp basements and cold (sleeping or living in them), regions huimedas (how sick live near or along rivers and lakes), bathing.
3 - () The cold is prevalent in Aranea: very sensitive to cold air, the cold damp. Nearly all his symptoms are accompanied by sensations of cold. Cold that is not relieved by anything. Sensation as if the bones made of ice. Continuous sensation of cold.
4 - () Periodicity in the onset of symptoms, which occur and recur the same time, especially pain, neuralgia and malarial chills or attacks.
5 - () Sense of enlarged or swelling and heaviness, with numbness in body parts (head and limbs).
6 - () Best outdoor smoking or snuff smoke. Worse in the evening and at midnight.
7 - () terebrantes pains and neuralgia as electric currents, worse right side, premenstrual, at midnight (intolerable him out of bed), 15 to 18 hours, better by pressure
strong; reappear at the same time, almost always accompanied by bloating, with heaviness, tingling and numbness.
8 - () depletion, as if to fall, with great desire to lie down. Desire to be constantly in motion when sitting. Catalepsy.
9 - Right side.
10 - Hemorrhage.
11 - Hot head with frontal headache and confusion, with pain radiating to the mandible, worse and better humidity outdoors, walking and smoking. Vertigo when rising from a lying position.
12 - () Toothache that appear suddenly just go to bed at night, violent pains in the jaws. Right trigeminal neuralgia from periphery inward, at times like an electric shock. Acute cold feeling in the teeth, which reappears every day at the same time. Pains in the root of the tongue and lower jaw, especially in the temporomandibular joint. Bitter taste improves smoking.
13 - Face pale with dark circles, puffy cheeks feel. Pale lips.
14 - Be with almost any disorder. Cramps in the stomach by eating a mouthful; epigastrium painful sensation of pressure or vacuum. Anorexia.
15 - () Spleen hypertrophied. Heaviness and fullness in the stomach, but in the hypogastric, like a stone. Rumbling in the stomach, with cramps and tingling and heaviness in thighs, which reappear at the same time daily. Diarrhea with liquid stool, ringing in the belly, and arms and legs numb.
16 - Dysmenorrhea with dark circles. Menses too frequent, heavy and prolonged. Viscous flow.
17 - to column intercostal neuralgia. Hemoptysis (Mill, Ferr_P.). Severe oppression in the chest. Tachypnea.
18 - () Dolores deep terebrantes, warm her up and, worse right side, to the morning in bed, reappearing at regular intervals. At night or on waking, has the feeling that the hands and forearms are more swollen and heavy, waking often at night with the idea that a part of your body is very swollen, and must touch the region to remove That feeling or turn on the light to see if it's true. Dolores terebrantes deep in heels. Bone pain, especially in humerus, ulna, radius and tibia. Ulcer on the left heel. Rheumatic fever after exposure to moisture. They sleep on the fingers of the hands, arms and legs.
19 - restless sleep, wakes up frequently.
20 - () When lying in bed and touch the covers, has a chill. Cold with long bone pain and insomnia, which reappears every day or every other day at the same time. Crumpled day and night, always worse in the rain. Escalofrio prolonged and constant, not relieved by external warmth, worse in cold, wet days. Fever at regular intervals, at the same time, daily or every other day, with somewhat increased spleen, even in the apyrexia. Never sweats. Sequelae of malaria, with thinning and yellowing skin.