Arctium lappa, Argentum, Argentum, Arnica. Homeopathy

Arctium lappa (burdock)
Acne. Wet eczema and crusting, especially when there tumefaction node. Axillary perspiration odor.

Argentum (silver)
Restlessness. Vertigo. Decreased memory. Angiospasm. Osteoarthritis. Coxitis. Rheumatic joints. It acts on bone, cartilage and ligaments.

Argentum (silver nitrate)
Pain with sensation of splinter. Agoraphobia. Headache. Pains increase and decrease gradually. Inflammation of the mucous. Pharyngitis. Laryngitis. Hoarseness. Conjunctivitis. Gastritis. Gastric ulcer. Gastric bleeding. Tympany with improvement to burp. Feeling of fullness. Mucopurulent secretions of inflamed and ulcerated mucous membranes. Headaches are better if you use a tight bandage.
Meteorosimo. Melanie. Amnesia. Angina pectoris. Aggravation night. Palpitations. Nephritis. Enuresis.

Arnica (Arnica)
Tonic effect on the arterial vascular system. Sepsis. Concern with the need to continually change their position. Fatigue accompanied by pain. Halitosis. Furunculosis. Neuralgia. Myalgia. Heart tonic. Smoking. Postapopleticas paresis. Consequences of trauma. Cerebral congestion. Cerebral apoplexy. Stimulation of wound healing. Weakness of the myocardium. Anginal disorders. Arteriosclerosis. Bruising. Analgesic. Hemostat.

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