Argentium nit. Arnica montana. Homeopathy

Argentium NITRICUM (silver nitrate)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Argentium nitricum
1 .- Strong asthenia with precipitation and apprehension. State of anxious agitation. The individual would have done so even before he embarks begun. It has always afraid of being late and not having time to finish what he has undertaken. Multiple phobias (of the multitude of public places, the empty): vertigo of heights. Nervousness, anxiety of anticipation: flight reaction.

2 .- chronic irritation of mucous membranes with painful sensation as of a splinter in the mucosa (pharynx, stomach, urethra)

3 .- Aerophagy, gastralgia, gastric ulcer with bloating and belching.

4 .- emotional diarrhea green.

Argentium nit. Is compounded by anticipation, intellectual work, you are attracted to sweets irresistible.

Argentium nit. Amelioration fresh air: with pressure on the painful area.

ARNICA MONTANA (plant genus of the family Compositae)

Symptoms or pathogenesis of Arnica montana
1 .- Physical trauma: fall, contusion, sprain, wound, fracture.

2 .- Before & After unusual physical exertion or excessive muscular work.

3 .- Flu syndrome with contusion and diffuse sensation of pain (sensation of bed too hard)

4 .- lumbosciatic kidney pain and infections.

5 .- Before and after each surgery to reduce the risk of bleeding.

6 .- Capillary Fragility and some hemorrhagic manifestations (ecchymosis)

General symptoms of Arnica montana: long known as the soles of his injuries.

Arnica montana. It is worse: by contact, by the immobility but also by the movement.

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