Argentum metallicum (Silver). Homeopathy

Argentum Metallicum (Silver)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Argentum Metallicum
1 - () Weakness of mind. Silent, aversion to speaking in society. Melanie.
2 - () Moody, restless and irritable. You overreaction: it angers the minor annoyance or mourn for a long time ago, as well as any pleasure so mad with joy.
3 - () Anxious about his health, he thinks that was devastated.
4 - Hasty, time passes very slowly.
5 - restlessness that makes it fast walking.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Argentum Metallicum
6 - () Its great feature is pathological order: special way affects all cartilage. It is indicated in diseases of cartilage, hypertrophy especially in the joints (which includes cartilage, bone and ligaments), costal cartilage, eyelids, nose, ears, eustachian tube, ete. In necrosis of cartilage. In surgery of the nasal septum. Injuries and infiltrated and indurated tissue, cartilaginous consistency.
7 - () Worse at noon.
8 - () or gray mucous discharge as cooked starch.
9 - () Worse at rest (thus tends to move much), worse from touch or pressure (not allowed), after sleeping or during sleep, from cold, from exposure to sunlight (for purposes of sunstroke), entering a warm room, to talk or sing or read aloud (in laryngeal symptoms), traveling in a vehicle, lying on his back, stooping. Best outdoor (and desired).
10 - () Sense of shocks or shock, especially when falling asleep or sleeping (awaken), almost stuttering, ranging from head to toe. Epilepsy.
11 - () Another feature is that it affects tisural the myelin sheath of nerves.
12 - () The pains gradually appear and disappear abruptly, dominating the left side.
13 - () In person tall, thin, irritable, pale, sunken-eyed, with a tendency to tuberculosis or cancer. Progressive thinning.
14 - () Diabetes: remove large amounts of urine and serum. Argentum Metallicum is especially indicated if coexisting diabetes and severe swelling of the ankles dry mouth, sticking his tongue to the palate (Clarke).
Desire and aversion of Argentum Metallicum
15 - like wine.
SPECIAL Argentum Metallicum
16 - () Sudden dizziness, with sensation of veil before the eyes and eyelid ptosis times worse if you look a watercourse or on entering a room after walking. Sensation of emptiness in the head with weakness and vertigo, as if intoxicated or drunk, waking or noon. Frontal headache or neuralgia intellectuals left exhausted or businessmen, which gradually increases and disappears suddenly. Headache and dyspepsia by agitation or mental effort or caring for the sick. Cranial exostosis. Scalp sensitive to touch.
17 - () Violent itching of the eyelids especially in the palpebral angles. Blepharitis; eyelids red, swollen, thickened (more on the edges), indurated, bound together by a thick mucus. Ectropion. Narrowing of the tear duct.
18 - () Corrosive itching of the ear lobe and ear canal, you need to scratch until it bleeds, and then relieved. Sensation of clogged ears. Buzzing.
19 - () Epistaxis after blowing or preceded by nasal itching and tingling. Obstruction with itching in the nostrils. Coryza with violent and exhausting liquid discharge and frequent sneezing. Purulent nasal discharge with blood clots. Affections of the nasal cartilages.
20 - () Heats harsh to the face, itching. Tearing of the bones of the face, worse on the right malar or mandibular. Swelling of upper lip.
21 - () extremely dry mouth, tongue sticks to the palate, or only have this sensation of dryness and wet. Sialorrhea viscose. The gums are retracted, painful to touch and bleed easily. Foul breath.
22 - () Sore throat, worse when you cough, swallow, breathe or yawning. He swallowed hard foods. Accumulation of mucus thick, gelatinous, slimy and gray morning with profuse expectoration easy; chronic pharyngitis with painful swelling of the throat, cervical lymphadenopathy and stiff neck. Tension in the jaws, especially the right side, worse when yawning.
23 - () Disgust for food, even to think of her, early satiety, or else great appetite, and hungry even after eating a full meal. Hunger in the morning, make you nauseous. Vomiting during stool.
24 - Belly pain, especially when traveling in a vehicle or just start eating, breathing worse. Cutting pains. Noises.
25 - Polyuria, frequent urination and abundant, sometimes with burning. Urinary incontinence in children. Profuse urine, cloudy, sweet-smelling. Enuresis.
26 - () pain on the right testicle (Rhod.), as if not crush, worse walking or by pressure of clothes. Almost nightly pollutions or without excitation emission of semen without erection, penile atrophy. Impotence. Chronic urethral gonorrhea with gray or yellowish or greenish-yellow persistently.
27 - () prolapse of uterus with ovary pain and sacrum. Feel enormously swollen ovaries. Cervical spongy and eroded; neck cancer, scirrhous uterus. Flow intolerable smell, yellowish or gray, excoriating. Bleeding of menopause with large clots and violent pains, worse at every turn. Metropatia with severe joint members. Pain in left ovary, which is indurated and enlarged, with irradiation to the back and left buttock.
28 - () The larynx and trachea is one of the key points of the action of Argentum Metallicum in the body. Hoarseness total floor professionals (speakers, "speakers, actors, teachers, professors) and singers, painful, and it gets worse by talking or singing; hoarseness after having sung or spoken. Pain in larynx and trachea, worse when coughing and speaking. Excoriation pain as raw, at one point in the bifurcation of the trachea or in the suprasternal fossa, worse when speaking or singing.
Laryngeal tuberculosis in speakers, singers, etc.. (Ant_C.). Accumulations of mucus in the trachea, which follow the bend, laugh, or climbing stairs, which are easily expelled (Stann.), and appear cooked starch. Ring disorders in professional voice users (Arum.T.).
29 - () Cough from laughing (Chin.) by constant tickling in the throat or sharp pain in the trachea or reading aloud (required hawk) with gray expectoration of viscous mucus or transparent, like boiled starch. Great weakness in chest (Stann.), especially izquierclo side, can not speak or breath (often a concomitant symptom of other symptoms). Pain in the lower costal cartilages on the left. Sensation as if heart had stopped (Cic., Dig.) Followed by shaking of the heart and irregular heartbeat. Palpitations: Night; in pregnancy (Lil_T.), with weakness in the whole body trembling. Chest sore to the touch. Oily sweat on his chest.
30 - Pain in back and limbs, worse sitting.
31 - () weak leg, worse in the morning when he awoke, to descend; her knees collide. Feel like sore feet when walking, oedematous. Rheumatic pains that improve walking. Reumatismo no articular swelling. Dolores as beatings, stun, in the hip joint when walking. Sensation of sleeping in the heel and Achilles tendon.
32 - () Fever of 11 to 13 hours, hectic.
33 - () Itching, scratching need to bleed (Ars.).

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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