Argentum Nitric. Homeopathy

NITRICUM Argentum (Silver Nitrate)

1 - () is one of the drugs with more fears of Materia Medica. He is afraid of being alone, so far as to wake his wife or his family to have someone to talk, often is afraid of being alone, especially because he is afraid to die, something bad happens to him and has not nobody to help him. Fear of dying (sorry but when this one), to disease, in public places, the crowds or mobs, madness, thieves, to have a seizure or fainting, a narrow or closed places (claustrophobia): need to sit or be near the exit, losing control, to take anything for fear of failure or failure (see 6).

2 - () anticipates all the events, important or not, and anticipates in hours, days or months. Think constantly in that event or engagement in which an actor normally, primary or secondary, and lives, generally with anxiety and fear, every detail of the event that your imagination and make him live his fantasies, usually in a negative or failure. Also this on the lookout for something to happen. This very anxious when you make an appointment, afraid when you are ready to go to church or a concert or movie or theater, or any public spectacle, when going to an appointment with your doctor or dentist, also before traveling, think about the travel alternatives and can not sleep. It is also one of the main drugs of fear of examination, especially if there is great fear of failure in it, and its use in these cases extremely relieved the situation. It is quite common for this advance is accompanied by physical symptoms, of which the most notable, in anticipation of a few hours, include diarrhea (see 43), palpitations, gastric disorders (children who resist going to school and vomit) , tremors, and so on.

3 - () In close relationship with the anticipation that the constant rush, rush precipitation or when the patient lives, provided accelerated, perhaps by a deep feeling that time passes very slowly, and that compels him to hurry; has fear of not having time to do things, wanted to finish before starting haberi. All its activities are done with haste, and still more especialniente walk to arrive in time to a place or appointment, although it on time, and always arrives well before the hour. It is really an error of perception of time. There is a kind of anxious concern that compels him to walk fast, and this puts more anxious and anxiety makes walking even faster, sometimes while walking, think you're going to have a fit or he will die, and that idea makes walking faster. It is very impulsive.

4 - () The raid strange ideas about the houses or places to walk down the street or in a room: it seems to the angles of the houses stand out so much that he fears going against them, that can not pass through certain places; afraid to pass through certain corners (calms changing the way) is afraid that the walls of houses and tall buildings will fall over if you walk near them, or simply if you look, it seems to be closer or put together and what will crush, and you get dizzy or hesitant when walking, or walls of the room are going to crush.

5 - () wants company: many of his troubles abate, attenuate or simply fail if accompanied.

6 - () has an intimate feeling of worthlessness. On one hand, from the rest (he thinks) think they leave, that is despised or neglected, disregarded, that do not pay attention or do not care, feels abandoned (especially on waking), with a feeling of isolation. Moreover, the same autodisminuye: is filled with feelings of failure, thinks everything is going to fail, that work is going to do evil does not undertake anything for fear of failing, afraid to start anything because he thinks is unable to do so; is indecisive, moody, indifferent to everything that means an occupation, has an aversion to work and wanted to stay in bed. Lack of ambition (Clarke).

7 - () have premonitions of death, predicts the day, time, time of death (Aeon.), thinks he is about to die, which has a terminal illness (especially the brain) and despair. But it can also have net suicidal impulses that manifest themselves by jumping, which occur in a high place (afraid of high places), especially if you look down: is an irresistible desire, compulsive, dive or jump off the high if a balcony or crosses a bridge or through a window.

8 - () It is extremely stubborn, stubborn, and always has the strangest objections against everything that is proposed.

9 - () Intellectually, he has difficulty in thinking and understanding, especially in children. His memory is poor, for the words to say what you will. He forgets the words when speaking, and it aggravated the mental efforts. Acute or chronic illness by unusual or prolonged mental effort (Allen). Imbecility. Children's behavior, do funny things, crazy, irrational, and goes to strange conclusions. Wishful ago. It has errors in time and space perception.

10 - () Anxiety at 11 am, with weakness in the legs after eating. Restless at night, gives you fly or jump into bed with her, but especially before the seizure or at intervals.

11 - () emotional disorders, by mortification, by shocks (is scary), in anger.

12 - () is false.

13 - () Indifferent when in society or pleasure.

14 - Religious Affections, religious despair.

15 - Speak incoherently and slowly, almost always from a single subject (has fixed ideas), especially of his sufferings.

16 - has visions and sees faces on closing the eyes.

17 - () Worse for sweets or sugar (and want to [see 30]).

18 - () Dolores as thorns or wood splinters.

19 - () Sick gaunt, withered, dry, old-looking, with thinning, progressing each year, more marked in lower limbs. Marasmus. Slim people.

20 - () <heat: the environment, in summer, or stove, and room, bed, ete. Better from cold applications or bathing with cold water, but worse from cold or frozen foods. There is a great desire for open air, cool, that makes it better, it needs air or feel the wind blowing into your face. Best walking outdoors.

21 - () Tremors newspapers.

22 - () worse during menstruation.

23 - () Worse lying on right side.

24 - () <night, before midnight.

25 - () Laterality left.

26 - () can not tolerate tight clothing, tight, but some discomfort relieved by strong pressure.

27 - () Epilepsy preceded by a sensation of expansion of the body or great nervousness and restlessness, with mydriasis for hours or days after, from fright or during menstruation. After the attack, this very restless and with trembling hands.

28 - () sense of expansion, generally or in parts is another misperception.

29 - () Mucous irritated, inflamed, ulcerated, especially in the stomach and intestine, with mucopurulent secretion. Bleeding tendencies, especially of the mucous.

Desire and aversion NITRICUM Argentum
30 - () I want candy; irresistible desire or candy sugar (worse than).

31 - () Desire for salt and salty.

32 - () Desire for cheese, especially if it is strong.

33 - () Vertigo in the dark or when you close your eyes or stooping; to see houses high or high places like turn around in circles, with headaches and ringing.

34 - () Sensation of enlargement of the head, as if about to burst, worse in pregnancy, better tying or holding his head tightly in his hands. Feel the bones separated. Tingling head. Itching of the scalp. Headache, more tightly bound his head, for dancing, with excessive congestion of the head, for mental work (overwork) or prolonged excitement. Headache with cold and shivering. Hemicrania left by emotions, which ends in bilious vomiting.

35 - () Eyes repesentan a party in which the body has Argentum Nitric preferred share. Acute granular conjunctivitis with conjunctival very red, scarlet, as raw meat or blood, especially in the corners of the eyes and the lacrimal caruncle, which stands as a piece of raw meat; worse in reading and sewing, better open air; with copious mucopurulent discharge, eyelids glued Dawns. Constantly should remove the mucus that blocks your vision. Ophthalmia neonatorum, with profuse purulent secretion and opacity and ulceration of the cornea (in the 200th or 1000th, through the mouth and locally fail after Pulsatilla, Mercurius). Blepharitis with eyelids red, swollen, heavy, sore, with borders ulcerated crusty and stuck to the morning. Chemosis, keratitis, syphilitic iritis, in all kinds of purulent ophthalmia worse by the heat of fire and better by cold or by cold air and cold local applications. Photophobia after straining the eye, worse in a warm room and by artificial light. Eye pain, worse in a warm room, better outdoors. Vista esuierzos tired eye, asthenopia, worse reading and sewing, for abuse of sight works fine (Nat, Path); diseases defective accommodation. Myopia, presbyopia, hyperopia. Vision trembling. See spots or gray bodies of snakes as they move. You can not keep staring. Pterygium pink. Eyes closed in depressive states. Eyelid eversion and excoriation. Mydriasis before a seizure (see 27). Miosis the right side.

36 - Hum. Stitches that go right ear to left.

37 - () nasal itching, scratching his nose constantly. Nasal secretion as cooked starch. Pus or smell anosmia. Ulcers in the septum. Coryza with chills, watery eyes and headache.

38 - () Cara shabby or old, sunken, dirty-looking, gray color, sallow or yellowish skin is stretched over bones. The food is slipping from the mouth while chewing. Lips tremble as he speaks. Cyanotic lips.

39 - () The tip of the tongue is red and sore, erect papillae, prominent. Tongue black or a red stripe in the center; dry. Gums bleed easily and are sensitive. Black teeth. Pain in teeth. Taste of ink or of copper.

40 - () Throat red or dark red, red uvula, with hoarseness, thick mucus acceding chokes the throat clearing. Sore throat as if a splinter of wood nailed, worse when swallowing (Hep_S.) or as raw. Feeling of choking. Catarrh of smokers, with tickling as if a hair in my throat.

41 - () gastric disorders are always accompanied by belching very difficult, noisy and large amounts of air that is expelled violently and ineffective after repeated attempts and preceded by a large bang and feeling of painful gastric distension, mainly occurring after eat and extremely relieved. Sometimes they cause fainting and generally without any taste. Nausea after every meal, with unsuccessful efforts to vomit. Regurgitation. Gastralgias gnawing, ulcerative, after eating or breathing deeply, worse from slight touch, are located mainly in the left hypochondrium, cough and diarrhea from eating ice cream. Gastric ulcer. Retching and vomiting, and diarrhea (Ars.), simultaneous, arches to boot phlegm in the throat. Black vomit, coffee ground-like, mucous, streaked with blackish material; hematemesis.

42 - () Grand flatulence in the stomach, incarcerated or obstructed, worse after eating (Lye., Nux_V.), In morning on waking, with the abdomen distended and tympanic and intolerance of tight clothing. "One of the more flatulent drugs" (Kent). Sensation of emptiness and weakness in the womb. Dolores at midnight and before stool. Pain in hypochondria and diarrhea.

43 - () Diarrhea from drinking water, barely making (the liquids, literally, "go through the" toxicosis), for excitement or anticipation of some event before or unusual or very distressing (review, meetings, etc.. ) (see 2), for sugar or sweets, for fright, mental exhaustion, explosive diarrhea, noisy. Stools green, like chopped spinach into small pieces, or turn green after a while you get the hives, watery at night, brown, offensive, with flatus. Noisy flatus after eating sugar or candy; some relief. Pruritus ani. Taeniasis, ascariasis.

44 - () and unconscious involuntary urination, day and night, not to leave feeling urine (urethra insensitive [Caus., Magn_M.]), He feels nothing in the urethra, involuntary urination when walking. Feel as if there were some urine into the urethra. Enuresis. Narrowing or induration of the urethra. It emits a few drops of urine after the end of urination, weak urine stream. Urethritis with burning pain during urination and feeling of having a splinter. Gonorrhea. Hematuria.

45 - () Erections painful. Canker, sores on the foreskin. Lack of sexual desire. Impotence: the erection disappears when attempting intercourse (Phos, Sulph., Graph., Nux_V.). Genital wrinkled.

46 - () Pain in the vagina during intercourse, or bleeding after metrorrhagia, pain like a splinter in the uterus when walking. Prolapsed uterus. Menopause. Menstruation lasts a single day (Sep.). Flow white, yellowish, fetid, bloody, copious, with erosion and cervical swelling. Metrorrhagia intermenstrual. Nocturnal orgasms. Painful affections of left ovary.

47 - () Hoarseness and aphonia for speaking or singing; worse tomorrow. Chronic laryngitis in singers and speakers; warts on the vocal cords.

48 - () Shortness of breath in asthmatic precordialgias or, worse inspiration, effort or movement, in warm room; neither tolerate nor the scarf in his mouth, you need doors and windows open. Premenstrual Cough, as from a hair on the throat, or to sing high notes or snuff smoke. Expectoration thick, sticky.

49 - () Feels like a tight band or belt around the chest. Chest pains as from splinters. Palpitations tumultuous, violent strain or after an excitement, worse lying on the right side (Lil_T., Plat.) Better by the pressure of the hand or walking outdoors. Angina, worse at night.

50 - () lumbar pain, worse on rising from sitting, standing and walking better. Feeling of heaviness in the sacrum. Nocturnal pains in the spine. Medullary sclerosis.

51 - () Sensation as if its members were of wood. Unsteady gait, with instability and tremor, or stand and hesitate, especially if you think you do not observe it; worse with eyes closed, can not walk; tabes. Lower limb paraplegia, hemiplegia. Feet go to sleep. Tremors in the legs. Cramps in calves. Arms fall asleep. Post-diphtheritic paralysis.

52 - comatose sleep or insomnia. Sounds with snakes, hungry, with dead, with sexual gratification.

53 - Skin blackish or blue-gray or tan. Reduces or prevents excessive granulation of ulcers. Drawing on the skin, as if a cobweb or is there some substance had dried albuminous. Impetigo. Area. Erysipelas. Urticaria, Warts.

Thuya - Lycopodium.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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