Argentum (silver nitrate). Homeopathy (Abridged)

Argentum (silver nitrate) (Homeopathy)

Psychic symptoms
Psychological imbalance, nervous, afraid to advance, precipitation, agitation, anxiety, tremors, and dizziness multiple phobias. Melanie. Amnesia.

General Symptoms
Pain with sensation of splinter. Agoraphobia. Headache. Pains increase and decrease gradually. Inflammation of the mucous. Pharyngitis. Laryngitis. Hoarseness. Conjunctivitis. Gastritis.

Inflammation and ulceration (gastric ulcer) of the gastrointestinal mucosa, respiratory, urogenital and eye pain with printing splinter in the mucosa.
Diarrhea green, with bloating and cramps. Gastric bleeding. Meteorosimo.

Tympany with improvement to burp. Feeling of fullness. Mucopurulent secretions of inflamed and ulcerated mucous membranes. Headaches are better if you use a tight bandage.

Angina pectoris. Aggravation night. Palpitations. Nephritis. Enuresis.

Worse: the anticipation, in enclosed spaces or open spaces and eating sweets.

Improvement: for strong comprehension.

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