Armoracea sativa (horseradish). Homeopathy

ARMORACEA SATIVA (horseradish)
1 - Think hard. Indecision.
2 - Anxiety, despair and pain. Worse excitement.
3 - () Worse from the slightest pressure or touch in the evening and at night, better bending forward.
4 - () Asphyxia.
5 - Affections of the mucous membranes. Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet.
6 - Violent headache with nausea and vomiting, worse sitting up and opening his eyes. Or terebrantes Pressing pains, with sensation of popping or as if the frontal bone would fall out.
7 - profuse tearing. Traumatic or rheumatic inflammation of the eyes. Cataract; spots on cornea.
8 - Sensation as if the teeth were soft and bend and move when chewing. Toothache in decay. Dental Fistula. Tongue white; paralysis. Halitosis. Dull and passenger in the left sublingual gland, followed by saliva output.
9 - () Dryness of pharynx and nares.
10 - () excessive hunger, profuse painless diarrhea. Belching fetid, sulphurous. Violent gastralgias that extend across both sides to hypochondria and back, stomach cramps that despair, better bending forward, worse from pressure in the last dorsal vertebra; at menopause. The baby vomits after a harassment or humiliation in the mother.
11 - () Colicos with back pain. Periumbilical pain and in English.
12 - Diarrhea excitement with bulimia. Sale involuntarily mucus from the anus. Anal itching and burning.
13 - () Gonorrhea acute, burning, dysuria, pain, cutting (1st & 2nd C), chronic and abandoned. "It's the most useful remedy if used early in gonorrhea" (Leonard). Cutting and burning in glans before, during and after urination. Nephritis, albuminuria. Impotence.
14 - Sale filaments black blood in the vagina during urination, and night. Menstruation every 10 to 15 days.
15 - Oppression of breathing, with aphonia and hemoptysis; tuberculosis. Asthma with thinning. Pulmonary edema. Torax painful to touch.
16 - () back pain as obstructed flatulence; comes from the belly to the back and down to the sacrum.
17 - () Joint pains of morning in bed, worse lying on side, better to move or get up. Chronic Rheumatism erratic. Suppression of sweating in the feet.