Aromatherapy: Essential oils

The essences or essential oils are the volatile nature products containing vegetables. They are generally composed of liquids and mixtures of various compounds. They are found mainly in families such as Conifers, Rutaceae, Umbelliferae, Myrtaceae and lips being able to locate in different organs of plants.

The composition of the scents is complex, each essential oil showing a configuration different from the others.

The easiest ways to use essential oils to help remedy any condition are:

1 .- mouth. (Red wine, water and honey, with infusion) are taken for three weeks and rest for one or two to return to treatment

Some of the conditions that comes in handy by mouth are:
Cold and flu
Headache and painful menstruation
Stones in the kidney and urinary system

In all these cases never take more than three drops of essence

2 .- inhaled. (The paper towel or a handkerchief and breathe in hot steam)

Some of the conditions for which are well inhalations are:
Dysfunction of the respiratory system
Engorged breasts
Sore throat
Cold, etc.

In these cases thrown 10 drops of essence.

3 .- add them to the bathroom

Some conditions that respond well to the bathrooms are:
Nervous Tension
Muscle dysfunction
Circulatory problems
Problems with menstruation
Cold and flu
Fluid Retention, and so on.

In these cases thrown 10 to 20 drops (also on hand and foot bath)

4 .- compress.

They come either for conditions including:
Skin problems
Open wounds
Painful menstruation
Body Aches

It usually take 10 drops of essence? cup water (100 ml.)

5 .- oils in massage.

This is the most useful part of aromatherapy and which provides the greatest benefits for almost any condition.

The action in these cases is 15 to 30 drops of essence in a 50 ml bottle. it goes well with oil (almond, jojoba, etc.).

How quickly evaporating essential oils is important to bear in mind. The average volatility varies in the different oils and thus their properties:

Top notes are the quickest to act, the quickest to evaporate, the
more stimulating and regenerating the mind and body.
The smell lasts 24 hours.

Middle notes: Moderately volatile. They mostly affect the fun -
tions of the body (digestion, menstruation, metabolism
general body).
The smell lasts 2-3 days.

Basic Notes: slower to evaporate (volatility retain
highest when mixed with them). They are the most relaxing
and sedatives.
The smell lingers after a week.

*Automatic Translation