Arsenic iodatum. Aurum Metallicum. Homeopathy

ARSENIC IODATUM (arsenic iodide)

General Symptoms of Arsenic iodatum
1 .- Asthenia agitated and anxious sensation of cold; thinning.

2 .- Rhinitis, chronic nasopharyngitis and repetitive.

3 .- Lichen planus, eczema liquenifiados.

4 .- Arteriosclerosis.

Aurum Metallicum (Gold)
Arterial vascular Remedy slow action, required either initial failure stage or phase of sclerosis.

1 .- congestive heart syndromes with arterial hypertension. Heart rhythm disorders. Cardiomegaly, atherosclerosis.

2 .- melancholy nervous breakdown, cyclic, endogenous risk of suicide. Extreme irritability, fits of anger, agitation, aurotiritarismo pathological.

3 .- inflammation, congestion, hypertrophy after sclerosis.

4 .- Chronic suppuration. Dental abscess, otitis and purulent sinusitis recidivists.

Aurum Metallicum: It is worse at night, lying, resting, to the extent that the ecstasy Circulatory intoaccount accentuated by the cold, even if symptoms improve with local congestive cold.

Aurum Metallicum: Amelioration with the heat, summer, even if heat aggravates the local congestion.

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