Arsenic iodatum. Homeopathy

ARSENIC IODATUM (Iodide of Arsenic)
1 - Aversion to work. Irresolute. Agitated, anxious. Unable to study. Irritable.
2 - () mucous discharge acres, corrosive, excoriating persistently irritating, burning, thick, yellowish, foul: irritate the lining of the eruption and on flowing.
3 - () and extreme weakness, above all, great emaciation, and rapid, with preserved or increased appetite, anxious not eating, worse by hunger. delgazamiento in children. Tuberculosis.
4 - () worse by extreme temperatures, wind and cold north wind hot from cold damp, heat (or better). Worse from the slightest movement and exercise, but want to move.
5 - () generalized lymphadenopathy. Hypertrophy and induration of glands and glands.
6 - () Great prostration vital. Addison's disease.
7 - () sensations: burning, in a tight band members, from internal and external constriction in the holes.
8 - () syphilis can be curative in all stages and forms of syphilis, especially the secondary.
9 - () Arteriosclerosis.
10 - Chronic Vertigo with trembling sensation in the elderly.
1 11 - scaly eruption on the scalp. Headache upon awakening that lasts all day, with pressive heaviness inside out, worse from motion, stooping or examining. Frontal headache with numbness, stiffness and soreness on the left side of the neck, shaking his head. The head looks huge and heavy with the headache. Pain in the forehead.
12 - Weak eyes, burn. Increased secretion of the glands Meibomius.
13 - Very sharp pain in ears, worse in left, when he gets the cold wind. Otitis with discharge fetida and corrosive. Timpano thickened. Hypertrophy of the mucosa of the fallopian tube, with hearing loss.
14 - () Runny nose irritating, excoriating, watery, leaving the nose and behind the front, with estor nodes and nasal obstruction. Hay fever, sometimes with dyspnea, nasal irritation and tingling with constant desire to sneeze, which makes it worse. Chronic nasal catarrh, with a swollen nose and profuse secretion, thick as honey yellow, excoriating, mucosal ulcerations, which is sore and excoriated. Epistaxis.
15 - Face sallow, or corpses and purple. Enlarged lymph nodes and submandibular glands.
16 - () with burning throat, dry. Diphtheria. Chronic follicular pharyngitis. Enlarged tonsils. Start throat thick mucus and coagulated blood, which relieved the headache.
17 - () Intense thirst, uncontrollable desire for cold water, which is almost vomited inmediatanwnte (Phos).
18 - Gastralgia and intolerable heartburn, worse on rising from sitting, better burping. Vomiting an hour after eating. Anorexia or increased appetite. Nausea quite annoying.
19 - Abdomen hard and distended, with constant flatulence, which would improve it. Cutting pain forcing him to bend (Coloc.). Splenomegaly. Tabes mesenterica.
20 - () excoriating, watery diarrhea of advanced tuberculosis. Toxicosis in the drinks, even as a last resort, with watery diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. As if he could keep the anus closed.
21 - () Cash acrid, bloody, full, burning. Uterine cancer. Amenorrhea anemic with palpitations and dyspnea. Breasts swollen, painful. Nodule in the breast, tender and painful to touch, with nipple retraction (after Conium).
22 - () laryngeal tuberculosis. Aphonia.
23 - () dry cough, hoarse with feeling of injury in the larynx, which is painful. Asthma, especially from 23 to 2 am; needs to sit. Chronic pneumonia, not cured, with abundant expectoration, purulent, yellowish or greenish. Chronic bronchitis with shortness of breath and difficult expectoration. Postgripal bronchopneumonia. Exudative pleurisy, empyema. Pulmonary tuberculosis with expectoration profuse mucopurulent and hoarse cough, is one of the best medicines at the beginning, better even after Sulfur.
24 - () Shortness of breath on exertion, weak heart, with palpitation and fast and irregular pulse, especially with induration of lung tissue. Aortitis. Senile Heart. Myocarditis. Valvular diseases.
25 - Burning heat back, as if clothes were on fire.
26 - cold extremities, especially the lower ones.
27 - () copious night sweats. Recurrent fever. Crumpled, does not tolerate the cold.
28 - () Eczema that secretes a watery fluid and hot, with comenzon to wash. Skin cold with internal heat. Chronic skin diseases. Psoriasis. Ichthyosis. Marked exfoliation of skin in large scales. Eczema of the beard, watery secretion, itching worse at washing. Pustular acne.
Chosphorus - Sulfur Idatum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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