Arsenicum album. Homeopathy

Arsenicum album (arsenious oxide)

1 - () There is an intense anxiety or agitation, not only subjective, internal, with great restlessness and anxiety, but also external, objective very clear to those around him, forcing him to constantly shift position and place, it does give a lot of laps on the bed or jumping out of her, going from one bed to another or back to bed and leave it several times, especially after midnight, and it also induces fast walking. "You can rest anywhere, continually changing his position in bed, going from one bed to another, and lies now here, now there" (Hahnemann). Restlessness during fever (alternating with somnolence stupor) and chills during menstruation or that appears periodically. The restlessness of Arsenicum is often passive only for their great exhaustion is mentally disturbed, but physically too weak to move "(Allen), so much so that sometimes can only move his head from side to side as externalization of its concerns.

2 - () The anxiety is very marked, and this almost always intimately associated with anxiety and fear, manifested in anxious or distressed expression, anxious, accentuated at night, especially after midnight, reaching maximum intensity at 3 am , with true "anxiety attacks him out of bed" (Allen). It appears this mental attitude, or worse, in bed or being alone with the pain, headache, chills or fever, for any reason, even the most insignificant, worrying about others when you expect something from him, during sleep or awakening after having had a nightmare. His anxiety is relieved by movement and also, by contrast, is aggravated by a sedentary job, and can be shown regularly and often tone hypochondriac, but underlying, or many times in a fully conscious, misguided or not, there as a basis or starting point of the anxiety of Arsenic an intense feeling of guilt that makes him blame himself and remorse in a very pronounced.

3 - () Terrible fear of death, which was accentuated when alone, especially at night in bed, and when you vomit or have dyspnea. Fear of dying suddenly. Despair of cure, "thinks it's useless to take medicine, which is incurable, and will surely die" (Allen), has thoughts and premonitions of death, and even feelings of death. With respect to these three major mental characteristics of Arsenic, Allen says: "The greater the suffering, the greater the anxiety, worry and fear of dying" and are present in most acute situations of Arsenic and a good majority the chronicles.

4 - () There is a strong desire for company, all his troubles are compounded when this alone and sad. He is afraid of being alone, among other reasons, because it accompanies other fears diminish considerably. In the child, the desire for companionship is expressed even more closely, especially in acute cases (dyspnea, vomiting, feverish, etc..) By the desire to be carried in the arms and, better yet, fast.

5 - () Can not bear to have things outside their usual place. It's too neat, orderly, conscientious, even harsh or picky, even minor problems or aspects of everyday life, which makes it a heavy individual, fastidious, constantly criticizes others.

6 - () Death is a favorite topic of Arsenic patient who takes in his mind very contradictory choices, since not only may have wanted to kill, sometimes sudden, and that become so intense that scary but also of being killed (in the case of patients who ask the doctor something to die) and, of course, it is involved the imperious necessity of being punished for his guilt, to pay for it, often making Arsenic suicidal (although suicide is afraid), exacerbated that provision after midnight, and that can be realized by hanging, knifing or dropped from a height of a window.

7 - () There are other fears too net Arsenic and frankly expressed: the darkness, to be in bed, to ghosts (especially at night) and especially to thieves, to see at night and wants to hide, and thinks the house under the bed are full of thieves. Other fears are less marked: to take anything for something to happen, to disease. Terrors with cold sweats.

8 - () There are some very negative aspects of his character is greedy, envious, critical, contemptuous, suspicious, and tended to contradict and blaspheme, evil, slanderer, grumpy, spiteful; not bear to be spoken to, they look or what touch. Accumulate goods thinking ahead.

9 - () There is sadness, especially in the dusk, evening and night in bed after dinner and effort, in children and in girls before puberty, with fever, or may occur periodically. This bored and tired of life, discouraged, he complains, or is silent and does not tolerate the conversation of others. All is indifferent, even pleasant. One moment it feels so good and full of life, and at other times very depressed and extremely weak.

10 - () have hallucinations: see animals, insects, rats, worms in his bed, sees people at his side, which makes everything he does, sees dead people, ghosts, day and night, feel like your body is going to rot. Violent delirium, but at night, but said that is fine. "He hears voices and sees animals after drinking alcohol" (Nash), delirium tremens.

11 - () Your senses are sharpened, is hypersensitive to light, noise and voices, the smell of food and pain, despair and they do scream. Sensory and sensory hyperesthesia.

12 - () Irritable, worse upon awakening in feverish processes, with headaches, violent anger, rage disorders, with anxiety. Easily offended, never has a smile, is capricious, careless, stubborn, argumentative, not bear to be comforted or to the contrary.

13 - It has frequent fits of unconsciousness, shown especially by the slightest movement, after an effort, before a bowel movement and before or during the chills.

14 - Religious Affections, even myths, with great anxiety and despair for the salvation of his soul, do doubt, kneels and prays.

15 - Other characteristic symptoms or mental disorders anticipation - Confusion better washing her face - Try to escape - Scary, worse on waking at 3 am - Unconscious gestures: tweaking the covers - Hasty - Impatient - Impulsive - Inconsolable - Undecided - is indignant - reveals secrets sleeping - falling asleep Starts at dusk, or sleeping like electric shocks beginning in the feet, waking - Fixed ideas; tormenting - Shy-crying during menstruation.

16 - () Great prostration, often disproportionate to their illness, the exhaustion is not perceived by the patient in its true dimension while lying still, but when he moves he is surprised to find himself so weak, it is of sudden onset, sharp or fast, sometimes so intense that almost paralyzes the sick, sinking into the bed, especially tomorrow. Weakness after a bowel movement, diarrhea, trembling. The prostration or weakness is caused or exacerbated by the slightest effort or movement or by walking or getting out, before or during fever chills or sweats, for the pain, after eating, during menses and after being humiliated . Sudden collapse during or after vomiting, and diarrhea after. It is the drug of cachexia.

17 - () All Arsenicum symptoms worsen or appear at night, especially after midnight, especially at 1 am and to a lesser extent, at 2 PM or from 1 -3 pm, often lasting until noon, "or 1 to 2 am or pm," (Allen).

18 - () Dolores burning, burning: the affected parts burn like fire, like they were hot coals, with the curious peculiarity that improve with local or general heat.

19 - () Worse by cold (except headache, which are improved temporarily by cold applications), cold air, from cold, dry or wet, or when entering a cold place or any cooling, cold wind or in winter. Feels cold in the veins and bones. In contrast, and lack of vital heat, heat makes it better.

20 - () The most important methods are:
a) dietary disorders, eating meat or sausage in poor condition, intoxication ptomaine, worse food and cold drinks and ice cream and frozen foods, hot drinks better, worse fruit, for alcoholic beverages or wine, smell the meals.
b) motor and positional: ascending worse by physical exertion or after moving or running or fast walking, better from motion, worse for traveling by car, lying on the affected side and head down, better to sit in bed with knees bent, resting head and arms on his knees.
c) other: worst by changes of temperature, humid weather, in cellars or basements or indoors, by uncovering or after undressing, for a night out on the town, near the sea or sea bathing.

21 - () mucous discharge excoriating, burning and putrid smell (or corpses).

22 - () Timescale disorders that return every year or reproduce every 2 to 6 weeks or every month. The more chronic the process, longer cycle.

23 - () Marked and rapid general thinning or affected parties, and in children, with cold sweats and great weakness.

24 - () like outdoors, but can aggravate it or make it better, worse by air currents, by air or sea bathing.

25 - () Arsenic may undergo a series of strange sensations hair; hard bed; of being splashed with hot water heat in the blood vessels; hot needles; internal node, of tenderness, like an electric current to sleep.

26 - () Seizures: cold air, preceded by heat rising through the column, during suppuration; to fall; tetanic. Fainting: Common; of tomorrow, for vomiting, for the slightest movement or exertion, walking, talking, coughing and after bowel movements. Koreas old, trembling, spasmodic jerks of muscle groups.

27 - () Other generalities: Abscess burning - Cyanosis black or external parties - Bleeding: with concern and anxiety, simple and pernicious anemia - Effects of lost fluids - Effects of vaccinations - Right side - Burns - Cancer (routinely give the post-operative cancer "[Budford]) - bone necrosis - Septicemia Syphilis - anasarca.

Desire and aversion of Arsenicum album
28 - () Desire for alcoholic drinks, beverages and hot meals, cold drinks, bread, milk, candy.

29 - () Aversion to sweets and fats, meat and butter.

30 - () Vertigo: worse in the evening, closing his eyes or when walking through an open space, better by cold applications if heated.

31 - () Headaches: newspapers, at 7 am, every 2 weeks, cold air or ice cream after eating, relieved by cold applications or walking outdoors; worse in cellars or basements or enclosed places. Headaches in the middle of the forehead, the frontal sinuses for chronic coryza on the root of the nose, throbbing. Heaviness in the head, better outdoors, worse in a warm room. Can not bear to touch her hair, it hurts. Scalp edema. Walk with your head back. Head sensitive outdoor best to wrap. Scaly or moist eruptions, burning, scalp, bleeding when scratched; eczema.

32 - () granular lids, red edges, edematous excoriated, sore on the inner face, with burning pains at the edges, worse in the evening, local heat better. Periocular edema worse in the lower eyelids. Eyes closed spasmodically, it is difficult to open them. Ocular inflammation, worse at 16 hours, with burning pains at night to open my eyes, better local heat, and photophobia to daylight and burning and scalding tears, alternating with swelling of feet. Blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, choroiditis. As if sand in eyes. Corneal ulceration in one, then the other. Pterygium. Retinitis albuminuria. Cessation of optic nerve atrophy. Falls. Neuralgia. Hemiopia ho rizontal with absent vision in the upper half. Everything looks green.

33 - () Ear discharge cadaverous odor, excoriating. Noises in the ears after seizures. Ringing in the ears when it transpires, in malaria. Whispers better outdoors, worse in a warm room.

34 - () Acute coryza right side, when overheated cooling with aqueous secretion (worse at 5 am), excoriating, burning, burning his upper lip, with chills, obstruction, especially in the root of the nose, sneezing (not best) and as raw pain or burning. Coryza hay with wheezing. Rhinophyma, swollen lumps on the nose. Cancer of nose; epithelioma. You smell of sulfur.

35 - () pale, bloated, sickly, emaciated, cereal, yellow, shabby, or cyanotic, with black lips, cold, with suffering expression, anxious. Facies sunken, Hippocrates, with cold sweats. Face swollen, puffy in the morning, edematous lower cheeks. Excoriated and sore lips, cracked, cyanotic, shrunken, very dry, the damp. Shivering on the lips (especially upper) to sleep. Cancer of face, face and lips epithelioma, lupus. Mumps with metastasis in testicles (Puls). Facial neuralgia hot, like hot needles, burning, or twitching; worse by cold air, better local heat.

36 - () Bleeding gums, painful, burning, swollen. Fissured tongue, dry, stinging or burning sensation, smooth, polished, with lingual papillae erect, or large at the tip, and vesicles. Tongue bluish or brown, or red on the edges and tip, or as if painted white or silver, with jagged edges. Mapped tongue. Dry mouth, with foul breath, ghastly, putrid. Bitter taste, worse after eating or drinking; putrid or sweet morning. Burning ulcers, malignant, mouth and tongue. Canker blue or white. Gangrene of the tongue from the mouth in children.

37 - () bites the spoon when drinking it. Grinds teeth awake and asleep. Toothache, better by heat from the oven, worse in winter, tearing, worse lying on painful side and premenstrual better by heat. Loose teeth, painful.

38 - () Gurgling in the esophagus when drinking and feeling that the food stops there. Narrowing of the esophagus. Sore throat or esophagus, burning when swallowing, better from hot drinks. Diphtheritic membrane dry and wrinkled. Paralysis of the throat, pharynx and esophagus, post-diphtheritic. Parilisis sensation. Gangrene in the throat.

39 - () Thirst for small quantities or sips and very straight, only in acute cases or feverish, "but no thirst in chronic cases" (Kent). Extreme thirst, insatiable, burning, yet unwilling to drink large quantities. Thirst during the sweat.

40 - () Anxiety in pit, stomach, getting up at night. Nausea from smell, think or look at food, worse at 11 hours, at 15 and 3 am and after the fever. Stomach upset by icy or watery fruits, melons, vegetables. Sensation of stone in the stomach after eating or drinking cold water. Hiccups at the time that must come fever. Gastralgias burning after dinner, cold drinks, on ice cream, hot drinks and better by heat, worse yawn. Cramps past cheese or sausage. Peptic ulcer disease. Induration of the gastric wall; scirrhous; cancer. Vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously: the least food or drink, even if you take the smallest amount or a sip of water, it causes vomiting and diarrhea, followed by an intense and disproportionate prostration. Retch, paroxysmal, violent vomiting all worse by movements, ice cream, bilious, dark, black, green, foul.

41 - () Anxiety in the abdomen, worse after bowel movements. Painful distention with bloat. Stomach pains: for colds, for ice cream (burning) during the fever, local heat better, even during menstruation. Pain in umbilical region after midnight. Ulcer of navel. Induration and hypertrophy of spleen and liver. Peritonitis; hepatitis. Ascites. Kala-azar.

42 - () Diarrhea, especially after midnight, drinking water or cold drinks or foods, for ice cream, fruit, from cold, in old or in children, in autumn, to the sea. Stool extremely putrid, cadaverous smelling or rotten eggs, small, dark like prune juice or black liquid, bloody, excoriating, with great tenesmus and sharp burning pains in the rectum, during and after a bowel movement, followed by great prostration. Piles with intense burning like fire, local heat better; anus red, excoriated, with ardor.

43 - () Retention of urine particularly after birth, weakness or paralysis of the bladder, feeling of fullness, but without desire to urinate and the bladder. Parllisis bladder in the elderly. Involuntary urination, day and night. Anuria in anger. Oliguria. Black or dark brown urine, bloody, albuminuria (alcohol abuse), burning, and epithelial cylinder of brick-dust sediment. Uremia. Diabetes.

44 - () edema of the scrotum. Ulcers in the scrotum, burning, phagadenic, serpiginous, cankers phagedenic, burning in the penis. Hydrocele in children.
45 - () Pain in right ovary, burning or sharp, worse on motion, tapping their feet better, worse sitting bent forward, stabbing in the right ovary. Menses frequent and abundant, black blood, with itching. Flow excoriating appears instead of menstruation, acid flux, corrosive, offensive, beige, with vulval edema. Stitches in the rectum, perineum and vulva during menstruation. "It's a wonderful palliative in breast and uterine cancers (Kent).

46 - () laryngeal catarrh that suddenly appears. Laryngeal constriction after drinking, or tracheal bedtime at night, with sensation of inhaling dust or smoke (before sleeping) or sulfur vapors. Croup; spasm of glottis.

47 - () Asthma with the mental picture classic, worse at night, after midnight, especially at 2 to 3 am, in old, suppressed eruptions. Dyspnoea, worse at night, in bed at midnight or, worse, after midnight, especially at 2 am, which is the maximum hours of aggravation. It is impossible to breathe deeply and can not lie because it aggravates their dyspnea, and also after exertion, climbing, walking or turning around in bed or warm clothing or talk or laugh, cough, sweating and feeling as if dyspnea was caused by dust or smoke, better sitting up and leaning forward. Wheezing at night when lying down.

48 - () Cough in the evening in bed, or night, at 3 am, worse cold air, walking outdoors, the cool or cold drinks, hot drinks better, worse after drinking and lying to the night, must sit start to cough. Wet cough during fever, exhausting, for laryngeal tingling with sensation of sulfur vapors. Expectoration only in the daytime, gray or streaked with blood, such as prune juice, copious, frothy, foul smelling and salty taste. Pulmonary edema. Emphysema.

49 - () Precordial anxiety at night, with internal cold sensation in the chest. Feeling of constriction in the chest when climbing or walking. Tightness in the chest, worse when climbing, when the weather changes to cold, tight clothing, fast motion, by stormy weather, walking fast. Stitches in the sternum upwards. Fixed pain, lancinating, or vertex in the upper third of the right lung, stabbing pain below the right clavicle in the right apex, tearing pain in the armpit. Pneumonia, pulmonary gangrene. Pleurisy; Hydrothorax (can only lie on the affected side).

50 - () Palpitations visible, audible, worse at 3 am, climbing stairs or any effort, even after a bowel movement, and during fever, or lying on his back, with weakness and tremors. Pulse weak, irregular, faster tomorrow. Angina pectoris. Endocarditis and pericarditis, especially rheumatic. Hydropericardium. Valvular diseases.

51 - () Sense of hot air rising through the column at the head, sensation of cold ice down the back before an epileptic seizure. Sacral ulcer that burns like fire. Burning pain of spine.

52 - () Hot in the limbs during diarrhea; lividity of the hands red spots on the soles of the feet. The skin on the soles of the feet is hard and thick. Weakness and heaviness in the limbs for the least effort, in the upper limbs when grasping something, the hands and fingers are paralyzed to grab things, weakness in the feet. Post-diphtheritic paralysis of lower limbs. Cramps in the calves, walking or in bed. Pains in the limbs, worse after midnight, cold air or cooling, better by warmth of bed. Upper limb pain worse lying on the limb. Burning pain in the legs. Twitching of elbow pain spread to the armpit. Feel hot needles paralyzed parts and thighs. Tearing one side, worse lying on painful side. Intense burning pain with sciatica (local heat better) and the mental picture of Arsenic. Stiffness. Restlessness in the limbs, especially lower at night before going to bed or already in it, especially in the legs. Shocks in the limbs on falling asleep and sleeping in the lower limbs. Jerking when falling asleep. Tremors of the drinkers. Eruptions on the members, especially blisters or vesicles, often black, bloody and putrid stink or worse in the fingertips. Rashes and itching in the popliteal fossa. Ulcers on the legs, old, burning, black base and blue areola, deep, gangrenous, better by heat in legs, feet and soles (vesicles), ulceration under the nails and burning at the tips of the fingers. Edema, especially in lower limbs. Wounds of the dissectors. Veins in the legs, which burn like fire, at night, local heat better. Cyanosis in the one during the chills. Diabetic gangrene and senile.

53 - () Sounds to accidents, dead, black water, storms, fires. The mental or physical effort you drowsy. Sleeplessness from anxiety after midnight or 3 am, after a mental effort, for burning in the veins, by thoughts of boredom. Sleep semisitting or her head high. Feel like electrical shocks to sleep.

54 - () The chills, fever in malaria usually occurs at midnight or after midnight, from 0 to 2 am or 3 or 1 to 2 am, at 1, at 2, 12 to 14 hours, at 13, 13 to 14, at 14 or 15. The chills are worse after drinking or eating or walking in the air and better external heat or in a warm room. Conditions malaria: quotidian, tertian, double tertian, quartan. In a patient with malaria history, think of Arsenicum or Natrum Muriaticum.

55 - () fever at midnight or after midnight or 2 am, dry heat, burning with anxiety and no thirst or thirst, or desire to be covered and thirst for small quantities at a time and then, with feeling of large internal external heat and cold, the blood seems to burn in the veins, with marked depletion and adynamia. High fever with delirium. Fevers of all kinds: Hectic, tanks, academia, yellow.

56 - () Sweat: with great anxiety the night by cough, with dyspnea after the fever while sitting; to start sleep better walking outdoors. Profuse sweating, cold, sticky acids.

57 - () skin burning or cold, dry, hard, like parchment, elephant, wrinkled, with itching, burning, with or without rash, you have to scratch until it bleeds, scratching worse, from cold, better by heat, itching and heartburn worse at night from 1 to 3 am, local heat better. Rashes of all kinds, for cooling or other causes: blackened, burning, carbuncles, dry, scaly, pustular, scaly, vesicular (vesicles or bluish black, covered with blood; whitish). Ichthyosis. Eczema.
Psoriasis (is the drug of choice). Urticaria. Lupus; epitheliomas. Sarna. Smallpox. Measles. Scarlet fever. Petechiae. Herpes zoster. Anthrax. Ulcerations, black and blue, black base, bleeding worse at the edges, burning at the edges, which are elevated and indurated, tender and fluffy, with corrosive discharge and putrid, and red areola. Cancerous ulcers, syphilitic sores. Senile gangrene.

Carbo veg - Phosphorus - Pyrogen - Anthracinum - Rhus Tox. - Secale - Thuya.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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