Arsenicum album-Injeel forte

Product homotoxicology (homeopathy for 2nd Generation) main use in biological medicine for:
Disorders that worsen around midnight. Burning sensation, desire for warmth. Fear of being unable to recover. Runny pungent and fiery. Diarrhea, gastritis. Insatiable thirst (taking only small sips of hot water). Thinning. Eczema, dermatitis, urticaria with burning, itching, restlessness. Acne vulgaris. Psoriasis. Pityriasis (skin diseases). Red Lichen Planus (skin rash). Glomerulonephritis. Nephrolithiasis with cramps in the right side. Complete arrhythmia. Miocardosis (degeneration of heart muscle). Anasarca (dropsy throughout the body). Conjunctivitis. Headache. Arsenicum album is the remedy in cases where the exhaustion, anxiety-ity, anxiety and depression dominate the clinical picture.

*Automatic Translation