Arthritis and rheumatic diseases. Symptoms and Causes

Arthritis and rheumatic diseases

Arthritis, articular rheumatism, lumbago, gout, etc.., Form a set of diseases whose causes are usually the same: altered acid-base balance, humoral and poisoning by organic charge arising Xanthic (uric acid, urate, etc.).. The different locations after the evil and its intensity depend on particular conditions of each person, but the cause of diseases are always the same: an acid pH.
Main cause of arthritis and rheumatic diseases

One of the main causes is the acidosis of surrounding fluids, acidosis caused by the incorrect feeding. The use and abuse of meat, particularly pork fat, sausages, etc.., Intake of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are the starting point of progressive stages of self-poisoning in the body. Not for slow these rheumatic diseases are less dangerous. The crisis with rheumatic aches and pains can have cardiac complications which have to be very careful.

Symptoms that warn us of the Rheumatic Diseases
Because of this it is necessary to be wise and know how to prevent these diseases. It is better to cure an infant stage of self-poisoning and acidosis do not have to go to extremes in which the relievers is practically the only way forward with a diminished quality of life.

Symptoms that warn us that we are approaching the threshold of a rheumatic disease and arthritis are:

* Headaches (frequent headaches)
* Feeling of heaviness and difficulty in joints
* Tiredness or pain in the limbs or spine
* Sore kidneys, etc..

All these symptoms indicate that something happens in our body. With a natural treatment will prevent greater evils.

Obesity or fat fee to be monitored always be a symptom of self-poisoning.

Constipation should be corrected as well.

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