Arum dracunculus. Homeopathy

Arum dracunculus (Common Snakeroot)
Particular symptoms or pathogenesis of Dracunculus Arum
1 - metallic taste, styptic, in the back of the mouth.
5 - () Epilepsy in children and especially babies: seizures preceded by excitability or irritability and squealing; an attack after the other, in salute; without aura, especially the right side, with the left side paralyzed, or a one side, with paralysis of the other, his head thrown back with shocks, with the left pupil dilated pupils, and upturned eyes half open, his mouth pulled to the left buccal foam and tongue biting, urinary incontinence and feces and sometimes breath rattling accompanied or followed by profuse sweating offensive, worse morning and night. Repeated attacks often followed by a long period of rest. Produced especially for the dentition, by fright or pain, for head trauma, menstrual disorders, for cooling overheated after dancing. Deep and prolonged sleep after the attack. Lockjaw violent nocturnal epilepsy which damages the teeth. Petit mal (Boericke).
6 - () Korea.
Arum dracunculus SPECIFIC
7 - Hydrocephalus. Head back or sideways, with shaking. Congestion of the head.
8 - () Vertigo by colored light.
9 - () Stare. The letters will be mixed to read or study. Left pupil more dilated than the right, anisocoria. Pain and cloudiness of vision, worse using the eyes, rubbing them better.
10 - () Face aged. Jaw jutting forward. Chewing movements, grinding teeth. Twitching facial mouth shifted to the left.
11 - () Bites tongue (sometimes in the morning) and oral foam during attacks. Words are not understood, articulated and odd words with great effort. Swallow hard; misses the food from the mouth is hungry, but food can not lose.
12 - Nauscas, vomiting, gastric and intestinal cramps. Vermes. Greenish diarrhea. It gets dirty urine and during seizures.
13 - Cumshots night and during the attacks.
14 - () Epilepsy with irregular menses or deficient. Metrorrhagia with violent contractions of the uterus. Menorrhagia with pains in the right ovary. Violent uterine contractions, with spasms during menstruation. Threatened abortion with strong uterine contractions. Suppressed lochia.
15 - () Grand tired feet after walking a lot or a prolonged illness. The thumb gets inside the other fingers.
16 - () Sounds with snow.
17 - () profuse sweating, with a peculiar smell fetid corpses or garlic. According to Hering, acts best if given with wine.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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