Arum triphyllum. Homeopathy

Arum triphyllum (Indian Turnip)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Arum triphyllum
1 - () Delirium muttering (in febrile process), pinching simultaneous with any site or get dry lips or fingers in the nose, a veritable "Carphology, pinching the covers, constantly tweaking, pinching and grabbing clothes, a form occupied delirium need to do something all the time, groping around with his fingers and looking for something "(Kent). He pinched to the finger pads (Clarke). Continuous movements of the head and limbs, especially fingers, her hands shake constantly on clothing and feel the need, compulsive, every so often, scratching, to harm the edges of the nostrils and lips until they bleed , although this does hurt a lot and complain and mourn, but insists on doing so. This situation can exist without delirium.
2 - () Great restlessness in bed, wants to escape. This excitable and irritable.
3 - () The patient arrives unconscious at times, and sinks into the bed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Arum triphyllum
G4 - () Grand irritation of mucous membranes, especially the nose, mouth and throat, with very acrid and excoriating discharges, acid, coming to put raw and bloody mucous membranes affected, with intense itching in them.
5 - () prostration with stirring and Carphology. The prostration becomes so intense, and its weakness so strongly that almost sinks into the bed. Tific States, adynamic.
6 - () Laterality left.
7 - <heat, lying down, night and evening, to talk and sing.
SPECIFIC Arum triphyllum
8 - () buries his head in the pillow (Apis, Tub., Bell.). The child complains of headache, puts his hands behind his head and weeps. Headache, vertex feels cold, as if open and uncovered. Headache from heat or hot coffee or a warm room or shelter much better after eating. Tina. Heat in the head during coryza.
9 - () Photophobia. Tremors in the left upper eyelid. Catarrh of the lacrimal sac.
10 - () Sneezing, worse at night. Watery nasal discharge, excoriating, acrid, burning, excoriating nostrils and upper lip, which are raw, yellow day, worse the left side. Nose stopped completely, especially the left side, must breathe through the mouth, with typical or watery secretion. Nose chafed and raw, cracked, the patient puts his fingers and scratching constantenwnte inside the nose until it bleeds, worse on the left, or you pinch your nose until it bleeds. Coryza in scarlet fever and diphtheria, the liquids pass from the nose to the throat. Coryza with bloody watery discharge, worse in the afternoon. Coryza hay, with pain over the root of the nose. Great crusts in and up, on the right side. Coryza with chills and bone pain. Your nose feels as if full of fire. Speak with a nasal voice.
11 - () Face swollen, bloated, in scarlatina, lips, swollen parotid and submandibular glands. Lymphadenopathy in the jaw angles. Painful left parotid. Chapped face on the left, as cold air, it feels hot. The lips are swollen, cracked, bleeding, burning and dry the child's continually tweaking until they bled. The lip corners are bruised, cracked, bleeding, bites his nails until your fingers bleed (Onychophagia [Amm.Br., Sanic.]).
12 - () The whole mouth and throat, even the language, its roots, the palate, are raw, bleeding and burning, especially tomorrow, looks like a piece of raw meat. The saliva is profuse, acrid, corroding the mucosa, although he is thirsty and asks for water, the child refuses all food and drink, and weeps when he is offered, can not chew or swallow. Language denuded, excoriated, with red papillae and high, cracked and bleeding. Sensation of swelling in the palate. The throat is contracted and swollen, raw, burning, raw, hawking incessantly, with severe pain on swallowing, worse at 16 hours, with neck lymphadenopathy. Diphtheria. Gangrene throat. Malignant scarlatina. Accumulation of mucus in the pharynx and trachea. Putrid breath.
13 - Diarrhea acidic, watery, yellowish-brown, very irritating, sometimes unintentionally, keeping the area warm and raw. Chafing at the cleft and in English.
14 - Tearing in the right testicle which comes and goes suddenly. Burn the tip of the penis.
15 - Cutting pain in the ovaries. Menstruation dark.
16 - () Hoarseness chronic abuse of the voice, the voice is cut off when you try to sing or speak in a high pitch. Hoarse, uncertain, uncontrollable, squeaky or loud, suddenly changing continuously; worse by talking or singing, preachers, orators, singers, actors. Full Afonia for singing (Arg, Canst., Phos.) Or by exposure to cold winds (Acon., Hep.). The cough does hurt the larynx and trachea.
17 - () abundant mucous expectoration. Pain under the left nipple, which crosses the front behind the base of the lung. Pulmonary tuberculosis.
18 - torticollis. Pain in the region of the atlas vertebra, extending to the right side.
19 - Insomnia by oral discomfort or itching of the skin.
20 - () High fever. Tific States.
21 - () Rash scarlatiniform, everywhere, surfaces, raw, bleeding. Impetigo contagiosum. Scarlet fever: itching, scaling up to 2 or 3 times, in large sheets, one of the first indications of this drug is the appearance of surfaces raw, bleeding, and in the mouth, lips, nose, behind the ears, etc. Scarlet tifies with apathy, anuria and uremia imminent. The medicine, according to Allen, it should be administered at low powers or repeated frequently, because it can be harmful, the high powers are faster and effective.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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