Arundo mauritanica. Homeopathy

ARUNDA mauritanica (Beargrass)
1 - Lascivious ideas.
2 - he laughs easily.
3 - () Burning, often with itching on the skin or mucous membranes.
4 - It is frequent indications in children.
Desire and aversion of ARUNDA MAURITANIAN
5 - Desire for acids.
6 - () Vertigo to get out of bed. Waving painful front. Pain deep in the sides of the head. Occipital pain spread to her right eyebrow. Dandruff with itching, pain in the roots of the hair, the hair falls entirely on children.
7 - () ophthalmia in children. Blepharitis. Go wavy lights that open, lights or objects that move. You can not look up. Itching and burning of the conjunctiva.
8 - () Burning and itching in the ear canals, coinciding with pain sublingual glands. Bruised pains in the ears, the auditory meatus extenendidos, itching and discharge of blood. Purulent otorrhea. The child sticks his finger in the ear. Auricular eczema. He hears a sound like small bells.
9 - () One of the main drugs of spasmodic or coryza hay, which reproduces the classical picture, the symptoms start with very annoying burning and itching of the palate (Wyethia), nasal passages and conjunctiva, sneezing, itching in nostrils; stuffed coryza; at first, watery running nose, then. greenish mucus thick white pieces and adhering to sneeze, you can remove hard pieces of green mucus. Pain at the root of the nose.
u0 - Erysipelas on the cheek. Pica and click on the chin.
11 - () Boca excoriated. Salivation. Pain in the sublingual glands. Burning and itching of the palate. Constant thirst in children.
l2 - Want to burp and can not. Cold in the stomach.
13 - Pain in the liver. Punctures in the spleen. Umbilical acute pain.
14 - () Diarrhea constant serous or teething babies (Cham., Calc-P.). Greenish stools. Stool first hard, then slack. Anal burning after stool. Hemorrhoids rectal prolapse.
15 - () abundant deposits of gravel in the urine red.
16 - () frequent erections, increased sexual desires and lascivious thoughts. Worse postcoital: dyspnea, pain in the spermatic cord.
17 - Violent sexual desire in women with vaginal itching, or aversion to coitus. Menses too frequent and copious, with black blood clots. Excessive lactation with pain in her left breast.
18 - () Shortness of breath during sex, walking or climbing stairs. Bluish expectoration, or alternately white and blue. Burning in epigastrium after coughing. Catarrhal cough.
19 - Burning and itching of the extremities. Edema in feet and hands. Burning and swelling on the soles of the feet. Copious bromhidrosis feet. Cracks in toes and heels.
20 - Sharp pain under left shoulder blade.
21 - () Insomnia and night crying in children.
22 - Eczema, itching and tingling, especially in chest and upper extremities. Itchy rashes in children. Sarna.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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