Asa foetida. Homeopathy

ASA foetida (resin of Ferula Seoroclosma - Devil's faeces)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of ASA Foetida
1 - () The symptoms make an almost perfect picture of hysteria flatulent type (see 3 -5 -6 -11 -22 -23 -29 and 30). Sharply suppressed hysteria downloads. Restlessness hysterical with anxiety. Hysteria in the pharyngeal symptoms predominate, with all sorts of spasms and irritability, such as attacks of great joy and laughter or sadness anxious, constantly changing position, hot flashes in the face, etcetera.
2 - () Fear of dying, fear of paralysis; apprehensive.
3 - () Irritable; very changeable mood is volatile and unstable, dissatisfied with himself, complains of his troubles.
4 - like company.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of ASA Foetida
5 - () Fainting. Faints easily: if you think you take the medicine or the medicine that I take, in a crowded street, in a closed room, for noises; after reading, lying on left side before eating or during the lunch, for excitement, for sorrows after intercourse or ejaculation, better to breathe deeply.
6 - () "People very nervous, very sensitive to pain, full of hysteria, fat, flabby and purple, puffy-faced, vein, and appearance-plethora purpurea (Kent). The face looks bloated, sometimes edematous, reddish brown in color. People with extreme sensitivity to smaller prints, with consecutive spasmodic nervous disorders. Hypochondriacs.
7 - () Old syphilitic with bone diseases (cavities) and periosteal bone pain with nocturnal (especially nose, mastoid and tibia). Bony cavities: nasal bone, ear, face, warm skin and bones.
8 - () left side of the symptoms.
9 - () The address of the symptoms is from the inside out, in pain as pop sensations produced by gas or no reason (nose, heart, abdomen, etc.)..
10 - () Filled with horribly offensive discharge, watery or bloody catarrh, nose, eyes, ears, diarrhea, coughing, fistulas, ulcers, etcetera.
11 - () Numbness (head, nose, etc..) Sometimes associated with pain.
12 - () Dolores sharp or pressing, newspaper, inside out, are relieved or change place by touching the site; worst in the room, better in open air; worse at night.
13 - () Worse after eating or drinking, by the slightest touch, at night, resting, sitting, warm applications, better outdoors, by motion, by pressure.
14 - Korea, with slurred speech.
Desire and aversion of ASA Foetida
15 - Desire for beer and wine.
16 - () Headaches pressive front, inside out, with vertigo and obscuration of sight, and with throbbing, worse at night and the left side. Sharp headaches on the left side. All headaches are worse in the evening, resting in the room lying or sitting to standing or moving better outdoors; cease or change place to the touch. Feel like a nail in the brain.
17 - () orbital neuralgia, with burning and throbbing pain, worse at night and the left side, best outdoor and better by pressure. Syphilitic affections of the OIOS, especially iritis. Superficial ulcer of the cornea, pains worse at night, burning, sharp or pressing from the inside out, better by rest and pressure. Sensation of dryness and burning eyes. Terebrante pain over the eyebrows, inside and around the eyes. Iritis and other intraocular conditions, with nighttime pain.
18 - () fetida purulent otorrhea, bone lesions (cavities) and terebrantes or burning pains in mastoid ears. Mastoiditis with pain in temporal and outward pressure or explosion.
19 - () Ozena with purulent nasal secretion and very foul, offensive, with caries of the nasal bones (Aur.); ozena syphilitic. Nasal Obstruction sensation of fullness in the head. Sensicion burst in the nose drops.
20 - () Numbness in the facial bones (Plat.); on the chin, with sensation of pressure. Swollen lower lip. Caries of the lower jaw. Heat in the face after eating.
21 - () taste rancid, greasy, mouth, after belching. Tongue swollen, white. Chew constantly, with foam coming out of his mouth. Grinds teeth sleeping, rough teeth. Sensation of dryness. Multiple nodules, discolored, on the palate, in the bone.
22 - () Sense of body or ball rising in the esophagus, and that the drowning, constantly forced to swallow, what relieves (Ign.) is the classic hysterical globe. It has the feel of an inversion of the normal esophageal peristalsis, ranging now from below. Sensation of dryness in throat and esophagus.
23 - () Belching or putrid or rancid odor of garlic, very noisy, especially after eating fat foul. The belching is difficult, with rumbling in the stomach, and the gases only come from above, by inversion of peristalsis. Excessive flatulence, stomach full of air. Sensation of gastric emptying at 11 hours (Sulfur). Pulsation in epigastrium, often visible, worse after eating or coinciding with gastrointestinal disorders. Regurgitation of liquid. Gastralgias violent, cutting and burning in the stomach and diaphragm. Contractions of the diaphragm, and hiccups.
24 - () Excessive abdominal distension, with the feeling that everything on the abdomen will burst through the mouth. Pulsation, throbbing. Heat in the abdomen, especially in the spleen. Colico standing below the navel.
25 - () Diarrhea minor transgression by the regime, even for drinking water, with heaviness in the stomach, cramps and bloating, very offensive stools, watery, green or brown, irritant, putrid odor. Obstinate constipation. Pressing pain from inside out on the perineum, for a heavy object.
26 - () ammonia odor of urine. Bladder spasms during and after urination.
27 - () Fainting after ejaculation. Pain in the testicles, worse by movement or touch it. Needle-like stitches on the penis. Drawing on the glans, the worse of late.
28 - () Sore downward tug of utero worse traveling in a vehicle. Cutting pains like labor. Short menses, scanty and frequent. Increased sexual desire. Flow abundant, greenish, watery, offensive. Tendency to hemorrhages and abortions in women weak, loose, with red face, flushed. Milk secretion in the nonpregnant (Puls, Tub.) Or little or no post-partum, or increased, with voluptuous breasts.
29 - () spasmodic constriction (Ign.), convulsive, around the chest, which impedes breathing. Dyspnea spasmodic, as if lungs could not expand enough. Crisis of oppression or asthma during or after intercourse or after dinner. Chest tightness improves coughing, expectoration warmly fat. Obstinate cough, from tickling in trachea, worse at night. Laryngitis stridulus. Pertussis in infants (Hering). Hydrothorax (relieves the oppression, the 3AC., Every 2 hours [Hering]). Stitches in the chest, inside out, right side.
30 - () Palpitations nerve with small and irregular pulse, worse from excitement, strain, after ejaculating, sitting or lying down. Feel the heart swelled as if to burst, or heavily tied. Continuous precordial pain.
31 - () and periosteal bone pain in the limbs, worse at night; osteocopos syphilitic sores, especially in the tibia. Bony cavities in the tibia and foot bones. Periostitis that ulcerate. Stitches and throbbing in the toes. Muscle twitching arms and legs.
32 - Contrary to his habit, great tendency to sleep, or sleeplessness after midnight.
33 - () Ulcers are very painful, worse at night, can not tolerate the slightest touch, especially at the edges, which are indurated and thickened, black, blue or blue trim, deep or flat, indurated, with burning around, gangrenous or fistula, bleeding or copious, greenish, watery, fetid or putrid. Itching best scratching. The suppression of eruptions producing nerve interference. Old scars that become purple and threaten ooze, or become painful and dark.
34 - Heat in the face, ears and hands, with chills running down my back.