Asarum europoeum. Homeopathy

ASARUM EUROPOEUM (Nardo Silvestre - European Snakeroot)
1 - () Nervous, anxious, excitable, with exaltation of the senses (sensory erethism) or melancholic, with a nervous hypersensitivity, which causes only the scratch, scratch scratch or clothing or linen or silk fabrics or the cracking of a role, or just thinking about it, find it unbearable, intolerable, it produces an unpleasant shudder preventing pervasive thinking and acting. Can not bear the slightest touch of a cloth or tissue. Hypersensitive to the slightest noise.
2 - () Imagine this suspended in the air like a ghost, or floating in the air when walking because it has a feeling of lightness in the legs.
3 - Alcohol, "is a popular choice for drinkers in Russia" (Allen).
4 - When you want to think, the ideas he gradually fade, as if you were sleeping, he complains of having the brain empty, with front pressure.
5 - For any emotion, is shivering with cold. Hysteria: faints easily, and always yawns.
6 - () This dry cold worse, it is very chilly, always cold, has Members cold even in summer. Worse by dry weather (Causticum), or in clear weather and good, better in wet weather, getting wet washing her face or the affected parts with cold water and outdoors.
7 - () Sensation as if all were compressed or tight muscles. Sensation as if the whole body or parts of it, were pressed against each other. Feeling of pressure, tension, contraction, blockage.
8 - () All symptoms worsen when gags, but his stunning improvement.
9 - Generalized weakness worse after noon, with frequent yawning.
Desire and aversion of Asarum EUROPOEUM
10 - () Irrepressible desire for alcoholic beverages.
P 11 - Can not bear hair, hair hurts to the touch, with tension on the scalp. Headache as a contraction in forehead, temples, and behind the ears, tearing and burning eyes, worse of late, better sitting and washing. Headache before and after menstruation. Pressive frontal headache and tearing; by intellectual effort, better vomiting. Lightheadedness, feel pulsations in the occiput. Vertigo, as if drunk, when rising from a chair, walking.
12 - () Pain in the eyes, tearing, worse than the left, bright light or sun, to read, wind, best in the air and cold water. When reading, you have the sensation as if eyes
were pressed against each other or out, the better to wash with cold water. The eyes are stiff, burn or feel cold. Painful dryness in the eyes. Asthenopia with headache. Having weak, best for bright light. After an eye operation, if there is pain.
13 - () Sensation as if ears were stopped by some foreign substance. Hearing loss from catarrh of the Eustachian tubes. Deafness. Auditory hypersensitivity (see 1). Noises. Heat in the ear.
14 - () Heat in the face, all the symptoms disappear when washing your face with cold water, but return immediately.
15 - Accumulation of watery saliva in the mouth and cold. Bad taste, acid first, then bitter. The bread tastes bitter.
16 - () accesses or constant nausea (Ipecac), worse after eating, with clean tongue, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Horrible sensation of pressure in the epigastrium when you wake in the morning, in alcohol or after a night when you drank a lot. Anorexia, nausea until given food. Belching tasteless, or putrid, or acids, with regurgitation. Burning. Vomiting with great anguish and effort, with chills.
17 - () Stool filamentous jelly, adherent, yellowish, odorless pain in the descending colon. Stool undigested. Before stool, cutting pain in the belly, and sharp points on the straight up and down. Anal prolapse during bowel movements. Tapeworm.
18 - () Menses early, long, black, very violent back pain to begin with, that just let you breathe. Flow yellowish, viscous, filante. Vaginal Fistula (Calc.C., Silica). Imminent abortion excessive nervous sensibility.
19 - Dry cough, nervous, and laryngeal irritation. Short, who shakes him in tuberculosis. Dyspnoea odors or cold. Pain around the chest, as a constriction by a girdle. Sticking to inspire.
20 - members feel very light (ver 2); not perceived to have a body. Underarm sweat acid. Chronic sciatica. Weakness in the limbs, teeters on the walk. Heat in the palms.
21 - Sornnolencia day, many yawns. Suenos humiliation. Restless sleep.
22 - () Chills after eating or drinking, with heat in the head. Suda in the upper body.