Asclepias tuberosa. Homeopathy

Asclepias tuberosa
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asclepias tuberosa
l - low memory and thinks hard.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asclepias tuberosa
2 - () catarrhal disorders by cold, damp weather. Serous inflammation of the cold and wet weather, with muscle aches.
3 - () Worse from cold and wet weather, tomorrow, on rising, by motion, coughing, by snuff. Best leaning forward.
4 - () Rheumatic pains that affect the body diagonally, top left and bottom right or otherwise. Sharp, sharp, worse on movement (Bryonia).
5 - () Laterality left.
6 - Excessive weakness, walking seems impossible invincible drowsiness.
SPECIFIC Asclepias tuberosa
7 - Cefalca front and vertex, stunning, worse on movement and coughing, better lying down and after a foot bath. Headache on rising. Feeling drunk and weak vision to smoke very little. Alopecia.
8 - Eyes that appear tired, heavy, and after a long illness. Sensation of sand in the eyes. Vision impaired, you see large patches. Itching and pain.
9 - () Nasal obstruction in children. Liquid secretion and coryza with much sneezing. Nasal itching. Epistaxis the left side.
10 - Hippocratic face, yellowish, postdiarrea. Itching and blisters on the lips.
11 - Bleeding Gums. Teeth and tongue covered with yellow mucus. Breath smells like pepper. Taste of rot or blood.
12 - No appetite for tomorrow, or insatiable hunger. Sensitive to snuff. Nausea, retching, feeling of fullness, weight, pressure, bloating after eating.
13 - acute abdominal pain and stinging, worse pressure. Rumbling in the stomach, with burning. Flatulent colic worse by climbing stairs.
14 - () Dysentery, diarrhea with liquid stools, burning, smelling of rotten eggs and tenesmus. Diarrhea in Autumn (Colchicum, Iris) and winter, with rheumatic pains throughout the body. Stools
mossy, slimy, frothy, greenish or yellowish. Diarrhea in children. Ascariasis. Constipation after diarrhea.
15 - stabbing pain in the urethra. Urine very red, as if it contained blood.
16 - Chafing at the glans (chiancros). Erection without desire.
17 - Menorrhagia with violent bearing down.
18 - () Acute and chronic bronchitis, capillary bronchitis in children. Cough dry, hard, tearing, causing pain in the head and abdomen, worse at night and morning, caused by irritation of the larynx or bronchi, with little expectoration, and dyspnea, with constriction of the throat. Painful breathing, especially at the base of the left lung. Asthma, worse after eating, smoking a bit worse, in paroxysms. Sharp stabbing pain in the left base, extending to the right side and left shoulder. Sharp chest pain, worse on movement of arms, a deep breath or stooping, bending forward better. Pleuritis, pleurisy (Bryonia), especially left base. Acute intercostal pains, the intercostal spaces are sensitive to pressure near the sternum. Retrosternal sharp pain. Sharp stabbing pain in the left nipple, extending downward, with a stiff neck the same side. Avian intercostal neuralgic pains or pleuritic. Heat sensation in the chest.
19 - () or constricting precordial pains lancinating, sensitive to pressure, pain and needle sticks. Acute rheumatic pericarditis.
20 - lancinating pains in the back between the shoulders. Lumbago.
21 - () Rheumatic pain in all joints, with the sensation, to bend, as if they would break adhesions. Right hip pain. Itching in the buttocks and thighs. Painful corns.
22 - () High fever with hot sweats. Chill at noon, with cold feet. Rheumatic or catarrhal fever. Influenza.
23 - vesicles and pustules around the body, especially arms, legs and face, with itching.
COMPLEMENTARIOSDE Asclepias tuberosa
Bryonia - Dulcamara.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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