Asparagus officinalis (asparagus). Homeopathy

Asparagus officinalis (Asparagus)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asparagus officinalis
1 - Constant desire to be carried.
2 - Aversion to physical and mental effort.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asparagus officinalis
3 - Laterality left.
4 - anasarca,
5 - Dolores worse by movement.
6 - Vertigo head confused and pain in the temples, worse on the left and by pressure. Pain over the eyes, heaviness front.
7 - () severe acute coryza with profuse whitish fluid secretion on the left, then right, with frequent and violent sneezing. Pains in the root of the nose.
8 - pale, waxy, bloated. Anxious expression, cheeks burning. Heat in the face.
9 - Feel the rough throat with copious discharge of adherent mucus, clearing his throat or coughing.
10 - sweetish taste. Toothache. Belching. Nausea on waking in the morning, followed by food and bilious vomiting, then diarrhea, bilious.
11 - Sensation of fullness in the abdomen, with stitches in the umbilical region, at night, and pain when touched. Bloating and flatulence. Bilious diarrhea with cramps and anal pain as of excoriation.
12 - () strong-smelling urine, like a cat, or a peculiar odor, with oily sediment or gravel, stones. Frequent urination with little jabs at the urethral meatus. After urinating, urethral burning, with feeling that something is happening even urine. Cystitis with pus, mucus and tenesmus. Urine brown, like beer, no sediment. Phosphaturia.
13 - Increased sexual desire in men.
14 - Pruritus vulvae.
15 - () Violent cough, with retching or oppression, and copious mucous expectoration. Dyspnea worse or caused by motion, stair climbing and, sometimes, at night, forcing him to stand up and sit up in bed. Tightness in the chest, especially when writing. Pressure sometimes after breakfast, with tension in breathing, sense of emptiness or fullness and weight in the chest blows to various parts of the chest, worse under the left shoulder blade. Hydrothorax.
16 - () Violent palpitation with oppression, visible and audible, worse sitting and rising, with anxiety and restlessness. Carotid heartbeat and very strong and visible. Pulse weak, slow, irregular, intermittent, with chest pain and left shoulder associated with bladder disorders. Or rapid pulse, almost imperceptible. Precordial pain and shock, after a meal.
17 - () pain in the left acromion, and spread to the left arm below the collarbone, with weak pulse. Rheumatic pains in the back between the shoulders.
18 - Pain as if dislocated at the hip joint, which causes lameness. Pain as if beaten in the left thigh, with difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Rheumatic pains in the limbs. Articular nodules of uric acid.
19 - sleepiness with yawning.