Aspidosperma quebracho. Aspidospermine. Homeopathy

Aspidosperma quebracho (Quebracho Bark White)
SPECIFIC Aspidosperma quebracho
1 - () Hale calls it "the lungs digital" stimulates the respiratory centers, increasing blood oxygenation and elimination of carbon dioxide. Has been useful (prescribed to the 1st decimal or tincture) in cases of asthma with livid face in dyspnea in patients with tuberculosis and pleurisy, so horn in the Uremic dyspnea.
2 - () at various heart problems, provided there is dyspnea on exertion, with cyanosis, in any case of cardiac asthma, in which, for the least effort, there is a real lack of air in severe nocturnal dyspnea. These problems range from inadequate or mitral or pulmonary stricture until a pulmonary artery thrombosis or a fatty degeneration of the heart. Can be used interchangeably Aspidospermine alkaloid (in HCl) to the shredding 1AX or 3AX, with equal results.