Asterias rubens (starfish). Homeopathy

Asterias rubens (starfish)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asterias rubens
1 - () Worse by contradiction, so irritated easily, not tolerated. It is anxious (worse than 12 to 15 hours), impatient, and any emotion he excites. It's a fighter, argumentative, irritable.
2 - () Apprehensive, especially fear of apoplexy or fainting; to bad news or impending disasters.
3 - () Weep for the slightest reason or emotion, and relieved that his mental state.
4 - Hallucinations: that is out of his house, he hears voices and responds. Confusion.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Asterias rubens
5 - () Aggravation: the evening and night, from cold wet, for the cafe, by contradiction, by heat, by motion. Amelioration: cold air, for the appearance of menstrtiacion.
6 - () Epilepsy, the attack is preceded by four or five days for small shocks around the body. This unconscious during the attack. Korea.
7 - Especially useful in sycotic; people with lymphatic constitution, flabby, irritable temperament. "Asterias rubens is a very important remedy too rarely used" (Allen).
8 - Laterality left.
9 - Beats: head, uterus, thorax, etcetera.
Desire and aversion of Asterias rubens
10 - () like cheese, coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages, hot, cold drinks. Aversion to meat.
SPECIFIC Asterias rubens
11 - () violent congestion of head and brain with blood to crush the head feels as if wrapped in hot air, with red face and hard pulse, full, frequent,
setting up a picture of impending apoplexy, can not tolerate heat. Some forms of cerebral congestion, with obstinate constipation. Throbbing in the head, with fullness. You wake up at night with the feeling that the brain is jolted by electric shocks, and fears have an attack to the head. Soreness in the scalp and bones of the head. As a vacuum in the head. Brain symptoms ensue tomorrow day disappear and reappear in the evening. Sudden and transient vertigo walking, with numbness in the legs.
12 - Red, with heat and photophobia, red edges of the eyelids. Feel tubback eyes. BLINK.
13 - Stitches in the auditory meatus. Violent noises in the ears, as in waves. Right hearing loss.
14 - () Epistaxis. Coryza with sneezing on waking.
15 - () Red face in waves. Pimples on the nose, chin and lips. Tendency to pimples and acne in adolescence, with small black spots and red bases. Expression indifferent, stupid.
16 - Tongue swollen, with pain, difficulty speaking and drooling.
17 - No appetite. Belching.
18 - Incarcerated flatus. Colicos with shivering, alternating with hot flushes in the face. Alternations of swelling and sagging belly.
19 - () obstinate constipation with ineffectual urging and feces as hard, round balls, like olives. Watery, brown, leaving abruptly, gushing violence (Thuya, Croton Tiglium). Heat in the rectum. Hemorrhoids.
20 - Increased sexual desire in man erotic thoughts. Sleeping or morning erections.
21 - () exragerado sexual desire, insatiable, violent, women, the exhausted every morning. Sense of menses to come. Delayed menses, colic disappear with the appearance of the period. Referred pain in the ovary of the same side as the affected breast (in Murex is the opposite). Sense of output of the uterus, which prevents him from walking.
22 - () The whole left side of chest pain, motion. Breast cancer, especially izquierclo with nighttime pain excruciating, lancinating, shooting, within this indurated, retracted, swollen red spot appears to be very open and out fetida secretion, the ulcer progressively invades the breast with pale edges , high, hard, everted, mammillary, and its bottom covered with reddish granules. Even breast cancer in ulcerative period, with hypertrophied axillary nodes, hard and knotty. Scirrhous breast. Cancer armpit. The pain in her left breast and left arm extends to the inner surface of the upper left to the little finger with numbness. Breasts enlarged and painful before menses (Cal.C., Conn., Tub.). Pulsations in the chest at night, rolling, anxiety-producing.
23 - () Feeling that the heart has stopped. Strong beats, palpitations, pulse hard and frequent. Precordial anxiety. Retrosternal pain and precordial muscles.
24 - () Pain from the thumb over his shoulder. Intense itching periungual thumb. They sleep the hand and fingers of the left side. Unsteady gait: the muscles will not obey (Alum, Gels.). Burning pain and stitches in the greater trochanter and left hip joint. Joint pain in the foot. Pain as a drop in the left big toe, with redness and warmth. Itching in the thighs and legs, worse in the evening.
25 - () skin with no elasticity. Itching plates. Ulcers with foul-smelling discharge. Acne. Psoriasis and herpes zoster, especially in the left arm and chest.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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