Athamanta. Homeopathy

Athamanta (Pencedanum Oreoselinum)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Athamanta
1 - Feelings of confusion or stupefaction that rises like a vapor from the neck to move or walk.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis Athamanta
2 - () Burning, sometimes in one place, sometimes in another, which disappears when the site is touched, leaving an excessive cold and numbness in the finger, as if dead.
SPECIFIC Athamanta
3 - Vertigo best bed, with drawing pains from side to side in the brain. Pressure with numbness in the head and upper teeth. Constriction in the sides of the head, dizziness, outward pressure at the temples. Pressure from the top down in the eyeballs, or in one eye from below. Feel like ears plugged with cotton.
4 - () Sialorrhea, with sensation of dryness on the tongue, bitter taste, worse after each meal. Belching, with discomfort as from hunger, or tasteless, and preceded by rumbling. Extreme hunger before dinner, with bitter saliva.
5 - Stitches in the left hypochondrium. Stomach pains walk, spread their legs. Stool sudden, almost involuntary, preceded by cutting.
6 - Bitter taste in the larynx, trachea, tickling in after dinner, which causes vomiting. Sensation of pressure in the lungs. Stitches in the left thorax, worse on inspiration. Burning and stabbing pain on the left side of the chest while seated.
7 - Tearing in the metacarpal of the left thumb. Heat in the left thigh. Pain as if beaten on the thighs, sitting or walking. Pressure inside out on the knee walking, better at rest. Sensation as scraping the back of his left foot, sitting. Burning and tearing along the little toe of his left foot. Hands and feet icy cold, with shivering and fatigue.
8 - () Nocturnal sleep very heavy and deep, and extended to more than usual tomorrow.
9 - Intense heat in the head, at night, with tachycardia and overdrive physical and mental, without thirst.