Atrax robustus. Homeopathy

Atrax robustus (poisonous spiders in Australia)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Atrax robustus
1 - physical and mental exhaustion, can not do any work, gets up tired, but slowly improving.
SPECIFIC Atrax robustus
2 - Mild vertigo. Pain over left eye, before falling asleep in bed. White or yellow eye discharge, stick the eyelids of morning, with pain in his left eye, as if he pushed forward. Eyes red, plus the left. Tugging sensation behind the left ear and then on the right, as if a thread was between the mastoid and occiput. Yellow discharge, thick, black sticky sometimes.
3 - () Sensation of a lump in the throat, worse lying on his back. Sore throat, worse on the left side, swallowing and drink more at night (at 2 hours) and dusk. Pressure on the thyroid cartilage. Red and dry throat.
4 - mild periumbilical pain of gradual onset, worse walking, sitting upright or leaning back, better lying on his stomach, hard pressure or bending.
5 - Pollakiuria night. Feeling that something remained after urinating. The last drop is very hot, scalding.
6 - Cough with expectoration easy, green, thick.
7 - sudden weakness in the limbs, especially in the lower evening; need to lie still. Members relaxed. Knee pain, better from hard pressure.