Atropinum. Homeopathy

Atropinum (Atropine and Atropine Sulfate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Atropinum
1 - () Hyperaesthesia sensory and sensory. All sorts of visual hallucinations: he sees insects and creeping things and want to grab them, everything looks great.
2 - () like loneliness and darkness.
3 - Mania, excitement, wants to escape. Laughing like an idiot. He insists that his blood does not circulate, and who will die if not put their feet in hot water.
4 - When you speak, turns his head toward the wrong side.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Atropinum
5 - Great desire for open air, and feels weak outdoors.
6 - Right side (Belladonna).
7 - Best of the movement.
SPECIFIC Atropinum
8 - Vertigo to turn his head fast. Head very hot. Headache in epileptics. Headache with red face, blindness and delirium.
9 - () Objects appear enlarged (the opposite of Platinum), with a red halo or like a cloud. Seen as specks above all clouds of floaters or bright objects, stars, lights. Diplopia. In reading the letters you meet. Blepharospasm in corneal ulcer. Prolapse of iris after corneal injury. Acute neuralgic pains in the eyes. Lowers intraocular pressure.
10 - Congestion of the eustachian tube and tympanum.
11 - () Hot face very red, or deathly pallor.
12 - () Dry mouth. Speech difficulties: often stammering, especially in the words difficult to pronounce; articulates indistinguishable, fast and chattering. Language paralyzed. Grinds teeth.
13 - () Grand dry throat, can hardly swallow, choke. Throat dark red. Burning coughing.
14 - () or hypochlorhydria gastric hyperacidity, heartburn. Stomach chronic conditions including ulcers, with great pain and vomiting paroxysmal eating food or immediately after warm drinks; better after vomiting. Epigastrium very sensitive, and swelling in the pyloric region; PYLORIC tumor. Peritonitis. Diseases of the Pancreas. Umbilical pain. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
15 - () Enuresis. Albuminiuria cronica.
16 - () Pain in the ovaries, but in left, which makes her scream, the better folded.
17 - Members heavy, numb; paralysis. Puerperal convulsions. Tabes.
18 - Sleep disturbed by gastralgias. Insomnia, not sleep until dawn. When Belladonna fails.