Aurum arsenicicum. Homeopathy

1 - () Tired of life, wanting to die. Tendency to suicide, especially during perspiration; want to jump out the window.
2 - () Anxiety day and night with fear about their salvation; of conscience (guilt), is reproached himself for having done something wrong, has no regrets. Despair: religious, for its cure, newspapers, for sore; during the chills. Always excited and rushed.
3 - () Fear: of being alone, dying, in a crowd of people; the evening and night.
4 - () are easily irritated, worse contradiction. You tend to criticize, to find faults (and guilt) in all. Criticizes imaginary insults. Fighter, stubborn, easily offended. Talkative and erratic.
5 - neglecting the housework and their children. Marked aversion to work or, conversely, very active. Indecision. Sadness during perspiration and amenorrhoea. Forgetful. Easily frightened.
6 - The mental symptoms are aggravated by thinking about them or mental efforts. Ailments from grief. Crying easily.
7 - () Worse in Winter, in windy weather, the open (and desired); by cold air, rising, in cold and wet weather, cold drinks, for the least effort, while eating and then, lying ; by motion; at bedtime, sleeping and after sleeping, by touch, by uncovering; walking. Prevalence of symptoms on the right side. Best: Summer, lying in a warm bed.
8 - Useful especially in cancer, epithelioma, indurations and bony cavities, in Tertiary syphilis. Edema. Thinning.
9 - Sen.: bandage or band, of numbness, tingling. Pains of all sorts.
10 - Weakness in the morning, strain, physical or mental.
Desire and aversion of Aurum ARSENICICUM
11 - like alcoholic beverages, bread, milk, coffee, cold drinks. Aversion to meat.
12 - Vertigo walking outdoors. Hair loss. Itching of the scalp. Headaches: cold air, coughing, lying, mental strain, motion, after sleep better by heat.
13 - () Secretion purulent eye, eyelids glued dawn. Caen lashes. Heat in the eyes. Conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, inflammation syphilitic. You can not open his eyes. Eye pain worse by light and reading, better by heat. It hurts as if I had sand. Photophobia. Ocular protrusion. Miosis. Styes. Corneal ulcer. Hemiopia with loss of the upper visual field. See sparks.
14 - Mastoid Cavity. Purulent foul-smelling discharge from the ears. Itching. Noises of all kinds. Pain in the ear and behind. Deafness.
15 - () Caries of nasal bones in old cases of syphilis. It is a very useful drug in prolonged nasal catarrh. Attacks of coryza with frequent sneezing. Itching and nasal obstruction with epistaxis. Ozena. Red and swollen nose.
16 - Epithelioma of face and lips. Chapped lips, bluish ulcerated. Acne rosacea. Head hot, with sweating. Mumps.
17 - Canker. Gums swollen and bleeding. Language cracked, red or brown, dry, hot. Foul breath. Taste: bitter, metallic, sour, sweet or absent. Syphilitic ulcers in the mouth. Sense of looseness and elongation in the teeth gnashing of the night. He speaks with difficulty. Dysphagia, swallowing painful.
18 - Ravenous hunger. Gastralgias burning, cutting. Extreme thirst. Bilious vomiting.
19 - Atrophy or hypertrophy, or hardening of the liver. Distended belly. Pains in the womb, coughing, after eating, during menses, better by heat. Cutting pain or stitches in the right upper quadrant. Rumbling. Mesenteric adenopathy.
20 - Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Humidity anal. Stool: heavy, greenish, or hard, knotty.
21 - Retention of urine or deletions. Leaking urine. Dysuria, involuntary urination at night. Urethritis with burning. Alburninosa urine, bloody, with gravel.
22 - balanitis, orchitis. Swollen testicles. Ulcers on the penis, chancres. Sweats in the genitals.
23 - () is a very useful remedy in uterine cancer. Rashes and itching of the vulva. Increased sexual desire. Flow acre, white or yellowish. Amenorrhea or very frequent and heavy periods. Burning of the vulva. Prolapse of the uterus.
24 - Asthma, dyspnea at night, while climbing, lying or walking. Spasmodic cough at night, worse cold air. Expectoration: bloody, offensive, yellow, sweetish taste. Pains in the chest, worse when coughing or inspire.
25 - () "is a very useful remedy in cardiopathies. Angina pectoris. Anxiety and chest constriction. Chest tightness worse by moving faster, walking or lying down. Palpitation from least exertion, motion, during menstruation or walking; tumultuous. Precordial stitches.
26 - Hot on the back. Backaches pressing, sharp, worse in the lumbar region, worse on inspiration.
27 - () chilblains. Cold hands. Cold feet and legs during headache. Some cyanotic. Itching and numbness in limbs. Wandering rheumatic pains in joints. Pains in the limbs, drawing, stitching, tearing. Sense of paralysis in the fingers. Restlessness in the limbs. Joint stiffness and swelling. Members oedematous. Joint weakness.
28 - deep sleep or coma. Sounds: With the death, dead. Sleepiness after noon. Insomnia, waking too early.
29 - Chills undressing; aversion to uncovering. Night Fever.
30 - Accented cold skin. Bluish skin. Liver spots, yellowish. Eczema burning.
Psoriasis. Urticaria. Erysipelas. Syphilitic eruptions. Ulcers: cyanotic, burning. Warts.