Aurum Iodatum. Homeopathy

AURUM IODATUM (Iodide of Gold)
1 - () Excitation. Worse from mental exertion. Always in a hurry and impatient.
2 - Anxiety day and night. Despair of healing and of his salvation. Fear of evil and people.
2 - aversion to company. Lack of confidence in itself. Indecision. Indolence. Great sadness, shy, crying.
4 - Ways to be alternating or changing.
5 - () Intense desire for open air (and feels better in open air). Worse strain; lying, by motion, sitting, walking fast; by heat (hot air, warm bed, warm room, coat). Best: from cold or walking slowly.
6 - () Numbness in some places, or a band. Orgasms blood congestion of the blood.
7 - () Right side.
8 - () Induration, especially in lymph nodes and glands. Cancer. Bony cavities. Syphilis.
Desire and aversion of Aurum IODATUM
9 - Desire for alcoholic beverages.
10 - Rush of blood to the head. Itching of the scalp. Headache better to cold air and cold applications.
11 - Conjunctivitis, iritis, syphilitic or not. Tearing. Eye pain; protrusion. Blurred vision; diplopia; see sparks.
12 - fetida purulent secretion from the ears. Noise and hum. Stitches in the ears.
13 - () Post-nasal catarrh. Red and swollen nose. Dryness and nasal obstruction. Bloody nasal discharge, greenish, crusty hard, foul, purulent, thick, yellowish. Epistaxis. Anosmia. Terebrante pain in the nose. Ulceration in the nose.
14 - pale face. Eruptions. Facial pain. Pain in the submaxillary glands.
15 - Canker. Gums swollen, red, ulcerated, bleeding. Language brown, dry. Burning pain in the tongue. Taste putrid, sour or sweet. Tearing toothache.
16 - () swollen and sore throat; dysphagia. Goitre, exophthalmic goitre, but the right side (Lyc).
17 - () Appetite increased, too. Sense of gastric emptying. Hiccups. Gastralgias burning or stinging. Extreme thirst, burning. Bilious vomiting.
18 - () is a very useful drug in liver disease, the hypertrophy or, indeed, in the atrophy. Flatulence obstructed. Colic: after eating, during menses, right upper quadrant (pressing) and groin. Rumbling. Tabes mesenterica.
19 - () Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Morning diarrhea. Hemorrhoids. Rectal burning. Stool copious, foul, hard, knotty.
20 - () Urine albumin copious.
21 - () testicular atrophy. Impotence, or increased sexual desire. Hydrocele. Induration and swelling of the testicles. Sharp pain in the testicles. Sweats genitals.
22 - () In women, increased sexual desire. Induration of the ovaries, uterus and cervix. Oophoritis, metritis. Thick, yellow. Menses copious, late, deleted. Uterine prolapse. Sterility.
23 - () Breathing: asthmatic, hard, night in cardiopathies and ascending, short, breathless. Dry, spasmodic cough. Morning expectoration, bloody in cardiopathies, foul, yellow.
Feeling of constriction in the chest, of oppression. Suppression of milk. Chest pain worse on coughing, cutting or stabbing. Axillary lymphadenopathy.
p24 - () Precordial anxiety. Feeling of constriction on the heart. Endocarditis. Heart murmurs. Chest tightness. Palpitations: tumultuous, with anxiety, for the least effort, and at night, walking.
25 - Pain in the sacrum and lumbar region.
26 - cold hands with hot head. Legs and feet cold. Coxalgia. Itching and joint pains in the limbs, weakness, edema.
27 - () Dreams anxious. Sleepiness: restless sleep, wakes up early. 28 - Chills in a warm bed. Eczema. Itching and burning. Herpes. Ulcers