Aurum Metallicum (gold). Homeopathy

Aurum Metallicum (Gold)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Aurum Metallicum
1 - () Constant suicidal, continually thinking of killing herself and the modes of carrying out its purpose, and dropped from a height or from a window (with frequent impulses to do so) or drowning in water or hanging or pulling below wheel of a vehicle or by shooting. This also happens when you have pain or sweating. It is one of the drugs but suicide, and this attitude reflects a profound melancholy mood, with sadness and depression: worse in morning and evening; in old, being alone in amenorrhoea and menopause, before or during menstruation or its suppression, at puberty, and in the puerperium; after penalties or unrequited love; during headache and perspiration, for pollutions; with impotence, newspapers, alternating with great physical energy. Discontent. Despair; no remaining hopes, desperate for the pain and chills. This distressed, tired and bored with life, especially in the evening and when perspiring. "No drug produces greater acute depression Aurum" (Clarke). This sitting, silent, cries easily, sobbing, can not hold back her tears, when he was introduced to someone or for the chills, alternating with laughter.
2 - () The melancholy emotional background is a strong sense of guilt, which is related to ideas that he has neglected his duties or obligations; "constantly thinks he has neglected something" (Kent), who has acted wrongly, and feels intense remorse with self-reproach. He thinks he has lost the affection of his friends, who have forgotten or abandoned, resentful and can arrive at a true misanthropy. Introspective, talks to himself.
3 - () Causes the state described above and others, are of emotional origin, especially deep sorrows, frustrations, excitement, upset or unrequited love, mortifications of all kinds, contempt, "prolonged excessive anxiety and responsibility" ( Kent), contradictions, fright, humiliation or fear or anger with indignation.
4 - () is violent, angry, to outbursts of anger, especially if they contradict each shaking. Irritable (sometimes alternating with joy), moody, rough, quarrelsome, his nature is variable. It is suspicious and easily offended; hates the people who offended.
5 - () is hypersensitive-noise (but better with music), the pain (he becomes violent, wants to commit suicide, despair), smells, taste and touch, to light the voices of certain people ; to sensual impressions.
6 - () Religious Affections, is always praying. There is a despair of a religious order for his anxiety about salvation, doubt the salvation of his soul. Religious melancholy.
7 - () is restless, with anxious concern, anxiety, fear, when traveling or by noise, fear for the future, sees obstacles in his way, believes that anything that you undertake will be okay, that everything will fail, everything looks dark. All this picture improves by time-consuming.
8 - () Sleeping: laments, cries, jumps, cries. It is frightening to sleep.
9 - () Fear: the crowds, men, people, of having a cardiac disease of noise at the door of the thieves, with trembling. The fear comes from the stomach. Shy, blushes.
10 - () spasmodic laughter. Laughs alternating with weariness of life or with tears.
11 - () Other mental complains, complains, Aversion to work; Imbecility; Madness puerperal Loquacity night, Recklessness, stupor alternating with, or between the onvulsiones; theorizes.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Aurum Metallicum
12 - () I want to open.
13 - () is marked affinity for bone tissue, and as destruction (bony cavity) (see particular symptom) or overproduction (exostoses). Bone pain, especially at night, terebrantes, as if broken, burning, tearing, paralytic, usually syphilitic or rheumatic. "One of the best remedies in bone pain (Nash).
14 - () in syphilis patients and very mercurializados.
15 - () has a special action in people blood films, congested, plethora, hypertension, with hot flushes, orgasms blood violent palpitation, erethism, vascular fullness, throbbing throughout the body, visible in the carotid and temporal arteries. "One of our best remedies for the old red, big, fat with the heart" (Nash). In small children, listless, with no memory, thinned with "underdeveloped testicles, as strips hanging" (Allen).
16 - () Worse: Morning, Night, "from dusk to dawn" (Clarke), as Syphillinum, mental strain, in high places by cold air in winter, lying. Better: the evening, for the warmth of the bed by moving and walking slowly. Right side.
Desire and aversion of Aurum Metallicum
17 - () Desire for cold drinks, milk, coffee, alcoholic beverages, bread. Aversion to meat.
Aurum Metallicum SPECIFIC
18 - () Vertigo syphilitic. Vertigo: worse when bending over or stand up from lying down, as if turned round in circles, like a drunk walking in the open air as if about to fall on the left, must lie. Congestion of the head, waves of heat to the head, with violent palpitation, and fainting. Head hot with cold hands and feet. Cavities in the skull bone, exostosis, bones of skull painful as broken, worse lying down. Hair loss, especially in syphilitic. Headaches: cold air, for blowing your nose by mental efforts. Tearing headache in the crown or front. Periostitis injury. Tina.
19 - () yellow spot on the cornea, marked by a network of cups. Photophobia, with profuse watery acrid opened my eyes, which are painful when touched. Objects appear smaller and aloof. Double or cloudy vision. Retinal vessels throb intensely. Pressure in the eye from the inside out and upside down. Pannus, Styes. Tumors in the eye. Floaters, dark or yellow. Hemiopia horizontal, does not see the top half, foggy vision in hemiopia. Go blue or bright things. Syphilitic iritis. Keratitis. Choroiditis. Exophthalmos. Cornea opaque; leucoma. Opacities.
20 - () retroauricular abscess, mastoid cavities, is one of the principal remedies of mastoiditis. Fetida Ear discharge, offensive; post-scarlatinal, suppressed, for caries of the ossicles of the middle ear. Itching in the ears. Terebrante pain behind the left ear, otalgia burning. Hypersensitivity hearing; better for music, sensitive to noise. Hey buzzing and roaring.
21 - () Agglutination, ulceration and pain in the nostrils; ulcers on the septum and into the nose. Cancer of the nose. Caries of nasal bones and swelling, with pain in the nose at night, pain in nasal bones terebrante night; nose sore to touch, especially in the nasal bone and right in; ulcerative pain in, worse right side. Ozena, syphilitic or not. Sunken nose. Nasal secretion dry, hard, foul, purulent, yellowish crusts. Inflammation of the nose right. Lumpiness in the nose, strawberry, with marked venous network; red, swollen, worse in the end. Sensation of obstruction. Hyperosmia, to strong smells, or anosmia.
22 - () Lockjaw. Caries inflamcion facial bones, with burning pain, shin splints. Terebrante facial pain (walking), in the malar, stitches, pain in the lower jaw, tearing pain in the zygomatic arch and swelling of the cheek. Acne, pustules, erysipelas, lichen facial peeling red rash. Parotid swollen and sore, as blunt. Face flushed or pale, with cyanosis. Anxious expression.
23 - Toothache: by night by cold air. Gums swollen and sore.
24 - () Bitter taste, putrid; absent. Breath very fetid tomorrow. "Bad breath in girls at puberty" (Allen). Language: tough as leather, trembling, dry with fur back. Canker. Caries of the palate with syphilitic sores.
25 - () Tonsils sore, red, swollen, with difficult swallowing; punctures. The drinks come in through the nose. Syphilitic sores in the throat. Goitre, exophthalmic goiter. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
26 - Excessive hunger and thirst, or lack of appetite. Great distress in epigastrium pressure at noon. Gastralgias burning, cutting. Belching acids.
27 - () liver atrophy or hypertrophy and induration and pain in heart disease. Chronic hepatitis. Heat and cutting pain in the right upper quadrant. Ascites. Bloat. Hernia inguinal hernias in children, but to the right. Suppuration of inguinal glands.
28 - Nocturnal diarrhea with rectal burning. Constipation; worse during menstruation. Alternating diarrhea and constipation. Stool hard, knotty, large, gray, like ashes, offensive, painful. Offensive flatus.
29 - () milky urine, albuminous, bloody, scanty, greenish-brown, cloudy ammonia. Urethritis.
30 - () or hypertrophied right Testicle swollen and indurated or atrophied. Pain in right testicle, twitching worse from 18 to 23 hours. Orchitis, epididymitis. Erections at night. Nocturnal emissions. Sale flaccid penis prostate fluid. Itching of the scrotum. Sweats genital scrotum. Sarcocele. Hydrocele in children. Ulcers in the scrotum. Cankers. Secondary Syphilis and hereditary.
31 - () tendencies to provoke abortions (mental symptoms, according to Kent). Induration of the uterus, especially the neck. Uterine prolapse, with induration and drawing pains, worse during menstruation; strain or lift weights. Sterility. Amenorrhea. Menses late and scanty. Profuse flow, corrosive, yellowish or white. The pains of childbirth wished; would kill herself.
32 - () axillary adenopathy. Dyspnea with palpitations. Asthma morning. Dyspnea excessive. Cardiac dyspnea. Breathing sobbing in a dream. Cough, with many tions in the thorax. Great weight on the chest.
33 - () Heart diseases, angina pectoris. Anxiety in chest chest. Feeling of constriction in the chest. Fatty degeneration of the heart. When climbing stairs, you feel a sensation of fullness chest pain as crushing retrosternal chest tightness and pressing pain, especially in the sternum and retrosternal. Cardiac hypertrophy. Myocarditis, endocarditis, especially reumitica. Chest pain rheumatic. Violent palpitation with anxiety, for efforts. Sensation as if the heart had stopped beating, and suddenly gives a huge blow. Pulse small, weak, irregular, fast, or full.
34 - Aching lumbar punctures.
35 - () Sense of tape or bandage on the knee. Cold hands and feet, mental strain. Staggering gait, weakness in the legs. Coxalgia. Joint and bone pains: the morning in bed, paralyzed, erratic, finishing in the heart, better by motion. Rheumatic pain in the feet and toes. Terebrante pain in the tibia, at night. Pressing pain in the upper limbs, in the forearms. Tearing in the elbow, wrist (at night) and joints of the fingers. Herpes palmar. Swollen hand bones. Nodules on the legs. Bony cavities in the lower limbs in the tibia. Edema in legs and feet.
36 - () Dreams vivid, erotic. Insomnia. I wake up very intense bone pain, that despair, and do not want to live.
37 - Chills in bed. Profuse sweating morning.
38 - Volcanic dry scabs. Jaundice-yellow skin dark. Ulcers deep, reaching the bone. Warts. All kinds of syphilitic skin lesions.
COMPLEMENTARY Aurum Metallicum: