Aurum mur. Homeopathy

Aurum Muriaticum (Chloride of Gold)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Aurum Muriaticum
1 - () Your mind thinks constantly in poor health, especially when this one (which is why the company prefers); think you have all diseases. These thoughts produce a state of melancholy, of great depression and sadness, as if some great misfortune threatened him. Are you tired of the road, want to die, has a marked tendency to suicide, often with tears. Melanie of old syphilitic.
2 - () Indolence with aversion to their occupations and crying.
3 - () Filled with fancies and whims, thinks he has all diseases. Great mental and physical restlessness, change of position at all times. Extremely irritable, is always angry, you can not do anything to please him.
4 - () Disorders violent mortification, thinking about his troubles, by fright, humiliation.
5 - () The music makes it better.
6 - () Hypersensitive to noise, starts when spoken and dreams.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Aurum Muriaticum
7 - () generalized edema, anasarca, cardiac origin, renal or hepatic.
8 - () Worse from warmth in general, and hot air, warmth of bed and room, the clothes do not tolerate being covered. As for the damp cold, from washing with cold water, outdoor, outdoor walks slowly, the worst in a closed room.
9 - () Bone Diseases: exostosis, caries, periostitis, with pains worse at night.
10 - () dilated veins, venous fullness throughout the body. Passive congestion from cardiac exhaustion.
11 - () Induration in glands or tissue type. Cancer.
12 - () Burning pain, aggravated at night. Tearing, pressing, stitching.
13 - () old syphilitic thinning. Very useful in chronic effects of syphilis and gonorrhea when warts are present simultaneously sycotic and syphilitic ulcers (Kent). Children with appearance of old (Hering).
14 - worse by walking (it is impossible to walk fast); worse efforts and climbing stairs.
SPECIFIC Aurum Muriaticum
15 - () Heat in head, left side worse, with congestion and throbbing. Head hot with cold extremities. Violent syphilitic headaches with vertigo. Headaches of left side, better for local cold. Periosteum very painful, worse at night. Exostoses.
16 - () Brusca blindness in puerperium. Conjunctiva red, highly vascular. Eyelids glued to the morning. Chronic blepharitis. Vision cloudy in the evening by artificial light. Blindness after syphilis, or scarlet fever. Parenchymatous keratitis. Opacity of cornea. Syphilitic iritis. Lacrimal Fistula. Burning in the eyes. Accommodation very slow.
17 - () Ringing and noises in the ears followed by deafness, as if the inside of the ears were big and empty. Feeling of having their ears wide open. Burning and itching behind the ears, worse at night. The music soothes the symptoms of hearing. Deafness from alteration of the auditory nerve.
18 - () "is one of the most useful remedies for nasal catarrh in patients who are sensitive to a warm room" (Kent) (Pulsatilla, Kali Sulph.) Thick like pus secretion, hard, very fetida and sometimes bloody, yellowish or greenish with yellowish scabs dry at sonarselas produce epistaxis, obstruction, or watery discharge. Nasal bones sensitive to pressure; bony cavities. Red and swollen nose. Deep cracks in the nostrils; lupus. Nasal Obstrticcion babies with hereditary syphilis. Ozena. Itching in the nose. Ulceration of the nasal mucosa. Diseases of the sinuses.
19 - () pale face with red cheeks. Venous stasis red face, false plethora. The child has the look of old. Caries of the jaw (Phosphorus). Exostoses of the right malar. Cancer of lips. Indurated lips, swollen and burning. Painful swelling of the submandibular gland.
20 - () Language indurated as leather (after glossitis), dry, red, excoriated, with warts. Cancer of the tongue. Salivation with taste metallic. Frequent desire to swallow, with Feeling of lump in throat, sore, dry and sore.
21 - Digestion slow, weak stomach. Postprandial nausea and diarrhea, worse coffee, tea or wine. Belching putrid. Nausea in morning, better after breakfast. Vomiting green. Gastritis. Cramps; gastralgias burning, stabbing, cutting, with intense thirst.
22 - () Liver large and hard. Chronic hepatitis, with burning. Hepatic disorders associated with heart disease, with ascites, albuminuria and edema in the limbs. Hypertrophied spleen. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.
23 - () Diarrhea worse at night or after eating, with liver disease or edema, with pain, gray or white. Perianal warts or condyloma, with humidity and ulcerations. Perianal excoriation and intercrural. Fistula in ano. Hemorrhoids that bleed during a bowel movement.
24 - Polyuria, over night. Urine drips. Dark urine with reddish sediment. Nephrosclerosis.
25 - () decreased sexual desire. Gonorrhoeae poorly treated. Cankers on the prepuce and scrotum. Condylomata on the penis (glans and foreskin), scrotum and anus. Testicles indurated. Itching in the glans, that wakes you at night. Paroxysmal Painful drawing in the left testicle toward the inguinal ring. Left inguinal bubo.
26 - () Hypertrophy and induration of the uterus large, especially the neck. Metritis and chronic oophoritis. Metrorrhagia of menopause. Prolapsed uterus. Menses frequent, profuse, excoriating. Vulvitis and vaginitis, with heat, burning and itching. Copious, excoriating, yellowish. Gonorrhea with inguinal swelling. Infertility (Burnett; 3ax).
27 - () is suffocating (dyspnea) in a warm room, by tight clothing, by climbing stairs or walking fast; asthma at night. Dry cough, paroxysmal, night, coughing heart. Loose cough with yellowish expectoration. Heart diseases: angina pectoris, endocarditis, rheumatic heart, heart disease with bony cavities, fatty degeneration of the heart, cardiac hypertrophy, murmurs. Pressure retrosternal violent, intense and unpleasant, as if about to burst, fast walking, climbing stairs or on any exertion, with palpitation. Palpitations strain, walking fast, climbing stairs, for any excitement, vexation or fright, thinking about his illness, if they talk at once. Precordial distress or anxiety. Weak heart or violent and irregular. Strong pulsation in the neck and temples. Pulse small, weak and fast. Sharp pains that go forth and, worse on the left. Precordial pain lancinating. Hydrothorax.
28 - () Tremors in the hands of tomorrow. Pains in the limbs, worse warmth of bed and rest. Edema in lower limbs. Hyperostosis and periostitis of the tibia, with pain. Leg pain at night. Burning feet. Pains in feet, worse from heat and movement. Cutting pain when walking on toes, burn and are red and swollen. Hemiplegia. Cold feet, cold sweats. Drawing and tearing pains in the limbs. Swelling of the lower extremity venous. Acute rheumatic fever. Chronic rheumatism. Exudative or sclerotic degeneration of the nervous system. Sclerosis. Tabes (to the 2ax).
29 - () in anasarca, can not lie back. Insomnia by palpitations or any excitement, suddenly awakened. Tormenting dreams of sadness.