Aurum mur natrunatum. Homeopathy

NATRONATUM Aurum Muriaticum (Chloride and Sodium Double Gold)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis NATRONATUM Aurum Muriaticum
1 - Thoughts of suicide.
2 - Disorders humiliation.
General symptoms of Aurum Muriaticum NATRONATUM
3 - () Syphilis. In syphilitic very mercurializados. One of the most important drugs in anti-syphilitic antenatal prophylaxis (Hering).
4 - () Worse from cold and wet weather, for rest.
5 - () HBP nervous origin. Arteriosclerosis.
6 - () terebrantes Dolores, in the scalp over the left eye, bone, tibia and thorax.
7 - Induration of tissues and glands. Chronic suppuration of lymph nodes and bones.
8 - () Winter Headache (Sulfur). Each morning, pressure on the eyes, frontal pains, dizziness and bloody nasal discharge fetida, the better the evening. Hair loss. Suda on the right side of the head or it does not hurt.
9 - Amaurosis.
10 - () Ozena; ulcerations in the nose. Destruction of the nasal bones. Nose swollen, hard, red. Erysipelas.
11 - White tongue, burning, stitching, induration. Warts on the tongue. Burn the tip. Salivation. The teeth, looking dirty, loose, receding gums, pyorrhea.
12 - epigastric pain with nausea and loss of appetite. Violent gastroenteritis.
13 - ascites. White stools, like clay, with jaundice. Liver cancer. Liver cirrhosis. Diarrhea after eating.
14 - chronic nephritis. Floating kidney (one of the best medicines) (Calc-F).
15 - () chancres and ulcers on the glans and foreskin. Condylomata of the prepuce.
16 - () Induration of the uterus, cervix and ovaries. "It's the most effective preparation of gold in uterine tumors" (Burnett). Fibroids or fibroids. Scirrhus or cervical cancer and breast. Corrosive flux pustules on the genitals, Abortion usual. Heavy bleeding and premature or low. Nymphomania. Amenorrhea. Sterility. Chronic metritis and prolapse, the uterus fills the pelvis. Utero ossified. Subinvolution uterus. Ulcer of the neck. Vagina spasm.
17 - Irregular heart beat with anxiety and dyspnea. Pounding, with pressure, standing.
18 - Cracks in the neck to flex the head, burning or heat pain in the neck. Pustules on the back; cold.
19 - Burning in the right armpit. Pain in arms and elbows. Pinching the tips of fingers and toes. Terebrantes pains in the bones, worse in the tibia, first right then left. Rheumatism. Drop.
20 - Excessive sweating, sweating on the right side of the head.
21 - Intolerable itching and generalized. Jaundice.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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