Aurum Sulphuratum. Homeopathy

AURUM Sulphuratum (Sulfide Gold)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Sulphuratum AURUM
1 - () Thoughts of suicide. Tired of life, has wanted to die. Mental prostration. Great anxiety with fear, with guilt for their salvation. Despair of healing and salvation.
2 - () like solitude. Critical to all, Excited, discontent, hypersensitive. Want to sit and think. Dislikes to be spoken to. Extreme irritability; is stubborn and easily offended. Argumentative, quarrelsome. But his nature is changing constantly. Great restlessness, worse at night, Precipitate.
3 - () No self confidence. Great sadness, worse at night. He will not talk (or, conversely, is loquacious). Crying, worse at night, or alternating with laughter. Very useful in chronic pain from na. Indolent, not work.
4 - () Fear of crowds, death, evil, people, thieves. Very scary.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Sulphuratum AURUM
5 - () Worse: Morning, evening and night, outdoors, climbing, from cold and cold air while eating and then, for efforts; lying, by motion, for rushing or running, sitting upright, standing ; when touched, from cold or heat in a warm room or shelter or warmth of the bed in winter. Better: walking.
6 - () Desire for open air from lying.
7 - congestions. Blood violent orgasm. Pulsations in the internal organs. Pulse small, rapid, irregular and weak. It is especially useful in plethora of red face. Fullness in the veins distended feeling. Tendency to edema. Lack of vital heat.
8 - () Induration. Cancer. Ulcers. Parkinson's Disease.
9 - Right side.
10 - numbness, tingling, tension. Earthquakes. Dolores terebrantes, pressing.
Desire and aversion of Aurum Sulphuratum
11 - Stimulants like coffee, milk, cold drinks. Aversion to meat.
12 - () Vertigo outdoors or standing or stooping; must lie. Fullness in the head. Hair loss, itching at night. Headache worse lying down, by moving, by strong odors, in a warm room, after sleep, strain her eyes, talking, in stormy weather, better outdoors. Movements and nod, like Parkinson's. Pressing pains in forehead. Tearing headache.
13 - () The eyelids are glued to the morning. Syphilitic and scrofulous inflammations of the eyes. Iritis. Itching of the eyelids. Tearing easy. Opacity of the cornea. Cutting, pressing or like sand in the eyes. Optic nerve palsy. Photophobia, protrusion and pulsation in the eyes. Miosis. Red eyes and eyelids. Spots on the cornea. Styes. Vision cloudy or foggy. Floaters. Diplopia. Hemiopia: see the bottom half of the objects. See sparks or stars. All symptoms are worse eye visual efforts.
14 - () Ear discharge fetid, purulent, for suppression of eruptions. Wax scarce. Noises in ears, bells, ringing. Hearing loss or deafness,
15 - () fetida Nasal discharge, purulent, thick, yellowish, bloody, greenish, hard, crusty dry, but the right side. Tip of nose red and swollen. Epistaxis on blowing. Stuffed coryza. Ozena. Pain in the nose at night, in the nasal bones, worse at night, burning, ulcerative. Nasal polyps. Frequent sneezing. Nose swollen. Ulceration in the nose.
16 - () epithelioma of the lip. Chapped lips. Face pale, dusky, with red spots. Eruptions on face and nose, acne rosacea. Pains in the face, but on the right side, worse cold air, in the submandibular glands, burning pain in his lip. Cold sweat on his face. Parotid swelling.
17 - Canker. Gums swollen, bleeding, ulcerated. Tongue fissured and ulcerated. Mouth feels hot. He speaks with difficulty. Putrid breath. Metallic taste, sweetish, putrid or absent. Dental caries. Grinds teeth sleeping. Teeth feel loose or elongated. Toothache worse from touch; tearing.
18 - () Tonsillitis with elongated uvula. Foreign body sensation in the throat. Suppuration of tonsils. Swallowed hard. Tonsils swollen. Syphilitic sores in the throat. Hypertrophy of the thyroid.
19 - () Digestion slow. Feeling of emptiness or fullness in the stomach. Belching bitter, taste of food, improving it. Hiccups. Nausea after eating and during headache. Gastralgias pressive. Burning thirst, extreme. Bilious vomiting.
20 - () liver hypertrophy, or atrophy. Flatulence, distention. Stomach pains, cramps, after eating, coughing and during menstruation. Pain in the groin as if to get a hernia. Burning in the right upper quadrant. Rumbling. Inguinal lymphadenopathy.
21 - () Condylomata annals. Constipation with difficult defecation, alternating with diarrhea. Anal Fistula. Fetid flatus improving it. Bleeding hemorrhoids. Anal itching and humnedad. Pain in anus during stool. Prolapse. Stool hard, knotty, large.
22 - () Retention of urine. Inefficient constant desire to urinate. Frequent and involuntary urination at night, with drip difficult. Urethral burning during urination. Urine scanty, bloody, with albumen.
23 - () Condylomata in the glans. Impotence. Hydrocele in children. Induration in the testicles. Itching of the scrotum. Sharp pain or pressing on the testicles. Sweats in the genitals. Nocturnal emissions. Swollen testicles, especially the right. Cankers on the penis.
24 - () uterine cancer. Increased sexual desire in women. Vulvar pruritus. Flow worst morning, copious, thick, white or yellowish. The first menses delayed. Menses too frequent, delayed or suppressed. Bearing down sensation in the uterus, worse during menstruation. Uterine prolapse. Vulva swollen.
25 - () Shortness of breath: by night to ascend on foot, lying. Nocturnal cough in paroxysms, worse from cold air. Yellowish expectoration, bloody or purulent. Spasmodic constriction in the chest; heat. Chest pain worse on coughing or inspire; on the sides as you inhale deeply, burning, cutting, pressing. Swollen breasts, sore nipples, the milk disappears or deleted. Axillary lymphadenopathy.
26 - Palpitations: tumultuous, ascending or no effort, to move, during menstruation; walking.
27 - Back cold. Heat back. Itching on the back. Low back pain worse sitting. Back stiffness.
28 - () nodes gout in the joints of the fingers. Bony cavities. Hands, legs and feet cold. Chapped hands. Cyanosis of nails. Heavy feet. Coxalgia. Itching and numbness in limbs, worse lying down or waking up. Joint pain. Tearing, especially in the fingers and joints. A staggering gait. Edema in legs and feet.
29 - () frightening dreams, with murderers, with dead, with death, with thieves lived. Restless sleep. Sleepiness after lunch.
30 - Chills. Mild fever. Copious sweats.
31 - Itching burning. Herpes. Erysipelas. Excrescences. Syphilitic ulcers or cancer, deep, foul.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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