Avena sativa. Homeopathy

Avena sativa (Oats)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Avena sativa
1 - Inability to fix attention on an issue, especially when due to sexual disorders. Difficulty thinking.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of Avena sativa
2 - () Nervous exhaustion. Sexual weakness. It is a good tonic in debility after exhausting diseases. Lack of general tone with insomnia. In the intellectual burnout in nursing, in hypotensive.
3 - () is very valuable (Clarke) to overcome the morphinomania and possibly other drug addiction, seems to exert the same sort of soothing and pleasant action of morphine, without creating habit. There are 15 drops of tincture in a cup of hot water, 4 times per day, which is the way to administer this drug for any indication. Alcoholism.
4 - () post-diphtheritic paralysis. Parkinson's Disease. Senile tremors. Epilepsy. Korea.
5 - Best to sleep. Worse at night and cafe.
6 - menstrual headache, burning in the crown. Occipital headache with phosphaturia.
7 - () Colds, acute coryza (20 drops every hour in hot water several doses).
8 - Amenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhea.
9 - Spermatorrhoea excessive, impotence, after sexual abuse. Cumshots night.
10 - Members asleep, as if paralyzed. Lack of power in the hands.

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