Sulfur-therapy. The sticks of sulfur

Both in Argentina and Uruguay is an everyday, it's more, some less but who always has a sulfur sticks by hand.

We are many who use them always that relieve pain and also in minutes.

But .... Why is that we stick relieves muscle spasms yellow back pain, general malaise, menstrual pains and etc.. of disease?

Many say it is a placebo product, but a placebo product ... would it be in the market for over 100 years? Tough not?

They were introduced in the new world by Italian immigrants in the late nineteenth century.

In Argentina, almost everyone who has a back pain passing a sulfur stick before taking an aspirin, have sulfur sticks at home is almost habitual, are sold in pharmacies. Here in Spain some supermarkets are Latinos.

The sulfur clean our body absorbing the static electricity charge that is released into the environment as harmful radiation emitted by the appliances we use every day, eliminating the influence of magnetic fields generated by mobile and cordless phones, computers, televisions, microwave and all kinds of appliances. Even clothes made mostly of synthetics. The sticks of sulfur in the form of massage applied to pass through the skin in the area affected by pain absorbs this energy, neutralizing and dissipating electrostatic charges and the body, acting as an earth mineral that removes them. Clean our energy body and unlock the chakras, so it is advisable to spend a few sticks of sulfur by the body before and start a section of Reiki.

The bars to be sulfur, as all minerals possess healing properties and balancing, as I explained earlier, has the ability to absorb the static electricity by passing a stick through the affected area as this can be heard creaking and sometimes part in two or more parties, as they collapse.

The bars that are already broken must be discarded because they can not be reused, instead the whole may have been cleaned with water, dip is observed as the bubble around like any mineral, two minutes will then be dry and stored in a dry place.

In cases of contractures, and the discomfort produced by the state influenza, menstrual pain, headaches mineral massage induces a feeling of general well almost immediately. Ideal for individuals with chronic back problems and joints as the body to get rid of this burden is achieved in a couple of minutes muscle relaxation and decreased pain in both back and joints.

The massage bars mineral sulfur helps achieve an improvement in the rest by increasing the quality of sleep.

Marcela Alejandra, Holistic Therapist

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