Bacilinum. Homeopathy

Bacillinum (tuberculin prepared with a piece of wall tuberculous lung cavity by Burnett)

1 - () Fear of dogs, especially blacks, to solitude, after sleeping.

2 - () Cretinism. Idiocy.

3 - () Silent, depressed, irritable, melancholic, relaxed, sad, he feels abandoned. Indolent, but of tomorrow. Changing, before ending a task as it begins another (Kali_P., Med). Desire for change constantly, instead of country, a doctor.

4 Sentimental: melancholic interpretation of past events.

5 erotic fantasies, especially on waking in the morning.

6 speaks and shouts in a dream.

7 - () In patients with a personal or family history of pulmonary tuberculosis. In older with chronic colds or respiratory problems, coughing fits of suffocation difficult and night; chronic coughers. Slimming for no reason and even with a good appetite. Tuberculosis in any organ.

8 - () Tendency to take cold, to cold frequently.

9 - () Worse fio by air, by night and early morning, for the damp cold, in a closed room, after sleeping, for anxiety, for the movement. Better: open air, by the prolonged movement; after dinner.

10 - () Great tendency to excessively stained by exposure to sunlight (Burnett).

11 Major weakness not to be disturbed. General prostration. Addison's disease.

12 Severe headache, worse on movement. Terrible headache, as if his head surrounded by a ring of iron, with trembling hands, insomnia and feeling of wet clothes in the column. Tuberculous meningitis. Alopecia plaques. Hydrocephalus.

13 - () Blepharitis eczematous, scaly edges of the eyelids. Eczema of ear canals. Auricular impetigo.

Hay Fever 14. Painful boils in the nostrils. Fetida and greenish purulent secretion.

15 - () Red spots on the cheeks.

16 - () adenopathies in the neck.

17 - () Pain in the teeth very sensitive to air. Grinds teeth sleeping. Jagged teeth or holes, boys, imperfectly developed, or dirty, greenish, blackish or greenish yellow. Missing teeth, take time to get the first teeth to the anus or more. Dentition very late, after falling teeth of the first dentition, those of the latter are slow to exit. Strawberry tongue, especially the anterior half.

18 - () Dyspepsia gas. Anorexia, or eat a lot and lose weight.

19 - () large and indurated inguinal lymphadenopathy, chronic diarrhea and excessive sweating. Stomach pains. Bellied, big spleen, palpable retroperitoneal and inguinal lymph nodes, anorexia, grinds teeth, cyanotic hands.

20 - () The tendency to diarrhea. Sudden diarrhea before breakfast, with nausea and sweating. Intestinal bleeding with cough. Former constipated. Abundant fetid flatus. Piles with punctures. Ano very experienced. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.

21 Polyuria of pale urine with white sediment. You must get up several times to urinate at night.

22 Trend to masturbation. Effects of sexual excesses.

23 - () Vulva very taken. Early and rapid development of girls, large breasts. Dysmenorrhea.

24 - () chest, asthma. Cough pounding short, slight, tedious. Hard cough, shaking patient, less sleep, but not awake. Cough from tickling laryngeal or pharyngeal. Coughing that wakes you at night, or a single blow of morning cough. Expectoration very easy, almost flies in the patient's mouth. Excessive bronchial secretion mucopurulent that threatens to occlude the lungs. Chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. Acute chest pain that took her breath away. Very sharp pain in the left scapula, worse in bed at night, better by heat. Bronchiectasis in children (Julian).

25 - () Tuberculosis of the knee. Left knee pain while walking, what if keeps walking. Sensation of dislocated joints or weak (Med., Thuya). Tremor.

26 daytime sleepiness, restlessness at night.

27 - () Fever: prolonged feverishness. Profuse night sweats. Hot flashes with sweating.

28 - () Pityriasis versicolor. Pediculosis. Impetigo. Eczema itching. In general, it is desirable to prescribe a dose 200th weekly (Burnett).

Calcarea phos Lachesis Kali carb.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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