Baptisia, Barium: carb jodatum, Belladonna, Bellis perennis. Homeopathy

Baptisia (wild indigo)
Septic state. Eliminates homotoxins (lymphatic drainage). Typhoid diseases. Ulceration smelly. Gangrene. Language with a dark streak in the center. Diseases of intense muscle pain. Stomatitis. Urine odor. Cistopielitis. Nephrolithiasis.

Barium carb (barium carbonate)
Senile dementia. Atherosclerosis. Tinnitus. Lymphatism. Senile Heart. Sensitivity to cold. Ganglion scrofulous swellings.

Barium jodatum (iodide barico)
Arteriosclerosis. Hypertension. Senile dementia. Myalgia. Decreased memory.

Belladonna (deadly nightshade)
Localized reaction phases (any kind). Tonsillitis. Throbbing pain (rubor, tumor, heat, pain). Headache. Hot sweats. States of cerebral irritation. Barking cough (loud, annoying) especially at night.
Excess blood in cerebral vessels. Risk of cerebral apoplexy. States of cerebral irritation with spasms and delirium. Spasms. Colicos (need to stretch the entire body). Otitis media. Boil. Urinary incontinence. Cystitis. Urgency.

Bellis perennis (chirivita)
Dislocations. Bruises. Sensation of irritation in the walls and into the abdominal cavity. Exudative processes. Reabsorption of edema.

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