Baptisia tinctoria (wild indigo). Homeopathy

Baptisia tinctoria (Wild Indigo)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Baptisia tinctoria
1 - () muttering delirium worse at night. It has the feel of a double or triple, or be divided into two or more parties or that such as broken into several pieces, and is in a state of extreme agitation, moving restlessly in bed, trying in vain to unite them together or , with the result sleeplessness. He thinks that the blankets are not big enough to cover the pieces. You think your head is severed from the body and its members are scattered. Sense of another "I" splitting.
2 - () The patient is in a state of lethargy or stupor, generally associated with a febrile process, usually Tifico or flu. The main characteristic of this state is that, when questioned or spoken to, begins to answer, but falls into deep sleep in half the answer, but striving, but the content or meaning of it is correct ( Arnica, Hyoscyamus).
3 - () with or without mental Confusion delirium. This as insensitive, completantente stunned, as if drunk or intoxicated, staring. There is a total disregard for everything that happens around him. Insensitive to pain. Great nervous depression, can not think or concentrate or remember. Aversion to all mental effort. Your mind wanders, especially just close your eyes.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Baptisia tinctoria
4 - () Baptisia febrile processes are of sudden onset; abrupt, with sudden prostration and Baptisia through, snap cure.
5 - () anywhere in this bed, feeling sore and bruised the parties which supports his CERP. The bed seems hard (Arnica, Pyrogen), the feeling was especially sacred. There is a widespread feeling of being beaten in the muscles, which are painful and do not tolerate the slightest pressure.
6 - () All discharges and secretions are very offensive, and even cadaverous smell, especially in typhoid or acute condition, especially the breath, sweat, feces, urine and utero.
7 - () profound prostration, weakness, prone to decomposition of fluids and mucosal ulceration. It has the feeling of sinking into the bed (it is a subjective and objective symptoms).
8 - () Great aversion to fresh air.
9 Aggravation: mental effort, swallowing solids in a closed room, sleeping, by motion, on waking, walking. Amelioration: rest, open air, by drinking fluids.
10 livid spots on the body and limbs. Tendency to gangrene.
11 Fainting on rising.
Right side 12.
SPECIFIC Baptisia tinctoria
13 - () Vertigo with pressure at root of nose (with headache) and eyelid paralysis. Feel heaviness and numbness in the head. Your skin feels very stretched from his forehead, I think he has his head backward. Sense of enlarged head. Brain feels sore, worse on stooping. Sharp pain in the supraorbital nerve exit. Feel occiput or beaten as if to blow up the vertex. Soreness in the scalp. Feel tired in the neck, has trouble holding his head.
14 - () The eyes burn, can not tolerate light, weak, hurt a lot to read, stop reading. As if the pressure inside the head. Eyeballs very sore, worse on movement, much confusion visual objects seem to move, can not fix them. Tendency to have his eyes half closed, paresis of the eyelids, she weighed.
15 Hearing loss. Deafness with delirium. Early deafness in typhoid.
16 Sneezing, it feels like after a bad cold. Epistaxis of dark blood. Bloating, edema, particularly in the nares. You smell burnt feathers.
17 - () dark red or bluish face, his expression dazed, stupid, drunk. Pain at the root of the nose. Stiffness in the muscles of the jaw.
18 - () Sordes, as tartar, teeth and lips swollen gums. Aphthae, sore mouth in infants. Putrid ulcers or sores in the mouth and tongue with drooling. Tongue yellow in the middle, to top white with red papillae, followed by brown-yellow in the center with dark edges and bright red, or brown in the center, worse morning, and dry, cracked, ulcerated, covered with blackish mucus (native parrot), sensation of having her scalded or burned. Ugly taste bitter. Sialorrhea. Great dryness of mouth and tongue in febrile states. Breath offensive, putrid, fecal, intolerable.
19 - () Throat dark red sores, inflammation with little or no pain, I completely disagree with the appearance of the throat. Pharynx red shade with small ulcers, very painful and putrid odor. You can only swallow liquids, by constriction or contraction in the esophagus, the least solid food gags him, or swallowing solids with great difficulty. Feeling of constriction in the throat, which induces frequent swallowing efforts. Tonsils and soft palate of deep red. Contraction of the cardia. Diphtheria.
20 - () I want constant cold water. Feeling of faintness or gastric emptying, better outdoors. Great thirst, nausea and poor appetite. Epigastric pain at night, worse on turning over in bed. Sensation of fullness and pain in the stomach, with the feeling that there had been something hard.
21 - () Pain in the liver and gallbladder, worse from motion, almost unable to walk, climb stairs worse. Simultaneous liver pain with pain in his hands. Umbilical pain. Sensitive right iliac fossa. Muscles aching abdominal pressure. Fullness and distension of the stomach with noise. Lymphadenopathy in the left groin with pain on walking.
22 - () Painless diarrhea, fetida, excoriating and exhausting, sometimes involuntarily. Frequent stools, small, brown, puitridas irritating and sometimes blackish and bloody, with tenesmus. Dysentery in old. Diarrhea in children, especially if very offensive.
23 points in the right kidney, hit on the left. Burning with urination. Urine scanty, dark red, alkaline fetida.
24 Orchitis. Pressing pain in the left testicle.
Puerperal fever 25. Menses too frequent and profuse. Fetid lochia with great prostration. Threatened abortion mental postdepresion or prolonged fever.
26 - () aphonia. Larynx sore, worse on touch, talk or swallow. He wakes with dyspnea, lungs feel tight, compressed, it needs air; fear to go back to sleep because he wakes up with nightmares and suffocated. Constriction and chest tightness. Weight chest with breathing sensation unsatisfactory. Sharp pains in the middle of the sternum. Stitches deaf in left nipple.
27 Le seems that the heart takes him around the chest. Pulse at first accelerated, then weak and slow.
28 - () fatigue and soreness in the neck. Stiffness in the cervical muscles, worse when moving head. Back and hips stiff and painful, worse walking. He seems to be lying on a table, change position often feel the hard bed, especially in the sacral region.
e9 erratic and drawing pains in the limbs. Shocks in the left deltoid. Pain in the left shoulder, arm extended. Pain in the bones of arms and hands. You sleep her hand and left forearm, tingly. Soreness in the anterior thigh, after sitting. Members weak, vacillating, trembling. Pressure Ulcers in typhoid.
30 Sueno until 2 or 3 hours, then restless until the morning. Want to get out of bed. Restless sleep, with dreams that frighten; nightmares. It sounds that this chained to the bed, or anything in a river, or undergoing tests that require great efforts.
31 Burning and heat in the skin, but in the face. Putrid ulcers with stupor, delirium and prostration. Eruption like measles or hives. Late confluent smallpox eruption. Gangrenous bedsores.
32 - () Typhoid: Baptisia is perhaps the best cure for this disease and in the states tify and low fever; in brain and forms, especially the start, particularly if they are quick start (see 1 to 6 17 18 19). Tifies Avian shape. Scarlet fever. Septicemia. All these processes are of sudden onset fever, with prostration and sudden sharp shock. Chills to go outdoors, at 11 am, worse on the back and lower limbs. The entire surface of the body is hot and dry, with occasional chills going up and down the back. Burning in the whole body, but in the face, move to cool side of the bed, and finally gets up and opens the windows and washed. Produces sweating and relief. Critical sweat on the forehead and face. Fetid sweat.
SUPPLEMENTARY Baptisia tinctoria
Bryonia and Arsenicum follow him to complete the favorable reaction.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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