Baryta. Homeopathy

Baryta (barium carbonate)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Baryta
1 - () One of the most important medicines in oligofrenie or any type of intellectual disability or mental imbecility, idiocy. The child's behavior in the adult or the old and the child behaves like one of much younger age. The child seems stupid, does not pay attention, do not learn to play or walk, very slow to comprehend, to retain, to move.
Excessive pleasure, nothing seems to impress no interest in anything.
2 - () poor or very poor memory: forgetting what is going to do or what you just either do or say just this to say. He forgets the words most familiar. The child can not learn because their memory is poor and not allowed to keep or remember anything, forget the recommendations and reprimands. The adult forgets the topography of the neighborhood where he lives lost even on streets that are well known. The old man has forgotten everything, even the very names and unusual words. Senile dementia.
3 - () Absolute lack of self confidence. Indecision, irresolution, especially in their projects or in their actions. Cowardice. Forebodings.
4 - () aversion to strangers (and will aggravate their symptoms), the company is afraid of people and everything. Shyness, blushing. The child is hiding because he believes that the visits are laughing at him. The best single. Nail biting (biting nails) in the 200th every 5 days).
5 - () The child does not want to play (Rheum). Think it is observed, which is criticized, they laugh at him, suspicious, think about him.
6 - () This worse when thinking of his troubles; worse by emotions or company.
7 - () Easily startled from fright or noise. Is afraid of noises, especially at night and on the street.
8 Attack penalties for passion or pettiness. Tearfulness.
9 Great restlessness and hyperexcitability of all the senses. Active.
Anxiety in evening in bed, with fear for the future; during fever.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis Baryta
10 - () Just as there is a deficiency in intellectual growth, there is a deficiency in physical growth. Dwarfism. Children and old physical and mental weakness. Very young children do not grow, do not develop with chronic ophthalmia, cornea opaque, swollen belly, frequent cramps, weight loss, who take cold easily and always have enlarged tonsils and lymphadenopathy. Women's small, low, hysterical and Old Miss with scanty menses, and always chilly and crumpled. Children prematurely aged, thin and wrinkled look like dwarfs, they are seen as prisoners are malnourished and their growth physically and mentally.
11 - () is a special drug to the two extremes of life: childhood and old age. Possibly, is the main remedy for the disorders of old age.
Great mental and physical weakness in the aged. Paralysis and paresis in old.
Senile marasmus or, conversely, old obese. Illness in old when they start Denero changes, cardiovascular and cerebral, with enlarged prostate, testicular induration, sensitivity to cold, bromidrosis feet, weak and weary, must sit or rest on something. Men with rigid mask. Mannish women.
12 - () The specific nature of the senescence Baryta makes notable their action on the process that determines the age: the atherosclerosis. It is also useful in general degenerative changes, especially in the arterial walls, as the barium carbonate is a cardiovascular toxicity that acts on the heart muscle and the muscular wall of the arteries, arterial walls soften and degenerate, resulting in distended and aneurysms that can lead to prolonged healing using this remedy. Hypertension in arteriosclerosis.
Apoplectic tendency in the elderly, with headache and childhood behavior.
13 - () Very sensitive to cold, always cold. Great tendency to take cold, by locating the cooling in the throat, lymphadenopathy and subsequent hypertrophy of tonsils. Lack of vital heat. This worse by cold air, by washing in cold water, cold food, for cooling a body part, especially hands and feet.
14 - () lymphadenopathy: swollen nodes, infiltrated, hypertrophic, indurated, neck, parotid and submandibular region, nape, English, belly.
Post-scarlatinal lymphadenopathy.
15 - () Lipomas, especially in neck and back, is one of the best remedies in this affection. Cysts. Sarcomas. Warts.
16 - () Disorders suppression of sweating of the feet (Silica).
17 - () Aggravation: the slightest cold, after eating, lying on the left or the sorrowful, thinking of his illness by washing or by washing the affected sites; granted. Amelioration: by fresh air (headaches), walking in the open air by heat, for shelter, for the movement.
18 - () Laterality left.
19 - () Grand tiredness after eating: can not lift his arms or chew. Weakness of old.
Desire and aversion of Baryta carb
20 Desire for sweets. Aversion to sweets and plums.
21 - () Vertigo with nausea and headache, stooping, lifting her arms, in old. Old headaches. Frontal headache over eyes and in the root of the nose, or neck strain. Lancinating headaches from the heat of the stoves. Feeling of having the brain loose. Cerebral hemorrhage. Apoplexy in old. Scalp sensitive and painful, worse when touched, the side where lying, by scratching. Numbness front. Head very sensitive to cold, wash it worse. Itching and itching on the scalp eczema; tub. Wens. Baldness, has cured in young people, the hair falls on her head. Heat one side of the head, but it feels cold. Occipital lymphadenopathy.
22 - () Burning and painful eyes to fatigue. Visual confusion that prevents you from reading. Photophobia with pain as from excoriation and dryness. Exophthalmos.
Swelling of eyelids in the morning. Tarsal tumors. Falls. Pannus. Floaters. In the dark, you see flashes of light or sparks. Styes. You stick the eyelids. Alternation of miosis and mydriasis. Vision trembling.
23 - () Itching in the ears. Throbbing in ears at night, lying on them. Hearing loss. Noises in the ears, ringing, ringtones, cracks, better lying down. Le ears crackle when swallowing, sneezing, blowing or fast walking.
BTE eruptions.
24 - () Epistaxis premenstrual (Lachesis) and after blowing. Crusts under the nose. Very sharp smell, you smell of pine smoke. Painful dryness of the nose. Coryza with copious mucous secretion, foul odor, worse morning, with the upper lip and nose swollen.
25 - () parotid and submandibular swollen and painful, worse on the right, post-scarlatinal. Tension in the face, as if it had dried egg white in it. Sensation of cobweb on the face, temples and head. Eruptions rough, dry, herpetic. Dark red face with blue lips. Lips dry and cracked. Upper lip swollen, with burning pain. Sharp pain in the temporomandibular joint to close the jaws.
Toothache 26 evening in bed, extending to the ear and temple, worse thinking about it, in decay, for something hot premenstrual. Bleeding gums.
Dental Fistula.
27 Paralysis and induration of the tongue in old age. Dry mouth in the morning. Nocturnal sialorrhea, wets the pillow sleeping. Foul breath.
Vesicles in the mouth and tongue. Cracks on the tongue, with burning pain. Taste bitter, acid.
28 - () chronic enlargement of the tonsils, with frequent inflammation and tendency to suppuration. Acute and chronic tonsillitis, recurrent tonsillitis, the slightest cold, abscess, worse from right to left.
Induration of tonsils, throat pale. Psorinum usually completed in this area that achieved by Baryta. Burning pain, stinging, and raw, on empty swallowing worse, with foreign body sensation. These symptoms are accompanied by tender lymphadenopathy and hard. Feeling of lump in the throat. Swollen palate. Spasm of the esophagus, can only swallow liquids.
Sensation as if a piece of food has been arrested in the esophagus.
Dysphagia with constriction and spasm, drowns. Narrowing of the esophagus.
29 - () Be continuous. Poor appetite. Hiccups. Coughing for hot meals, cold foods better for. Sense of gastric emptying. Acid regurgitation. Vomiting of mucus. Nausea and gastralgias fasting, or pressing the epigastrium or each step. Feeling that the stomach hangs relaxed, with hardness in the epigastrium. Epigastric pain as if excoriated, and when you eat, it appears that the parties through which food passes are raw. Heaviness, fullness, pressure in the stomach, with sensation of stone, more burping. He's hungry, but refuses food.
30 - () Abdomen swollen, tense, hard, in children, with the thinner body, mesenteric adenopathy. It has the feeling that the intestines fall from side to side, roll over in bed. Stomach pain, belching or better external heat. Retraecion Colico with the navel. Colic in infants.
Shooting pains and sharp, with a tendency to defecate, as if to have diarrhea. Flatulence.
31 - () stools knotty, difficult, hard. Irresistible urge to defecate.
Ascariasis. Hemorrhoids emerging whenever urine or stool removes gases. Itching, tingling, burning, anal excoriation and humidity. Gnal hemorrhage.
32 - () Frequent and copious urination, urgent, almost can not hold urine. Urethral burning during urination. Enlarged prostate, senile hypertrophy.
33 - () decreased sexual desire. Impotence, penis boy, cold,
relaxed, incomplete erection and premature ejaculation. Impotence premature.
Falling asleep during intercourse. Erection of single morning, before rising.
Excoriation and moisture between the scrotum and thighs. Testicles indurated.
34 - () decreased sexual desire in women. Menses scanty and very short;
lasts one day. Premenstrual flow. Before and during menstruation, backaches, gastralgias, colic, toothache. Tearing pains that make it scream. Hypertrophy and induration of the uterus.
35 - () Flushing with cough, coryza, hollow voice. Suffocating catarrh and paralysis of the lungs in old people. Mucus in airways and trachea.
Sensation of smoke in the larynx (Arsenicum Album) and lungs.
Copious expectoration, catarrh, in old. Suffocating cough, chest full of mucus, but lacks the strength to expectorate. Psoric chronic cough in children with enlarged tonsils or elongated uvula, worse slightest cold. Spasmodic cough, whooping cough, from tickling in larynx or epigastrium.
Cough from taking cold in the feet, for exercise, lying on the left side in cold air, by thinking about it. Afonia by accumulation of mucus in the throat and chest, with dry cough. Dyspnea sensation of fullness in the chest.
Chest pains, better by belching or local heat. Sensation of something hard that falls into the thorax.
36 - () Violent beating worse at night, lying on the left or thinking about them. Pounding in the head. Aneurysms. Hypertension, vasoconstriction, pulse full and hard. Cardiac symptoms by suppression of sweating of the feet.
37 - () adenopathies in the neck and occipital region, swollen and hard.
Steatoma, sebaceous tumors, lipomas in the upper back.
Sacral pain, worse sitting. Neck stiffness. Lumbosacral stiffness, worst in the evening, can not rise from his chair or stand erect. Tension on the dorsal and worse by cold air. Cysts in the armpit. Pain in the axillary nodes that are swollen. Burning pain in the shoulder blades twitching in the sacrum. Pulsation in the back, especially lower back.
38 - () pain in the deltoid to raise the arm. It numbs the arm while lying down. Cold hands stained blue. Hands red with swollen veins. Hands dry, parched. Tremors in the hand when writing. Warm hands dipped in cold water often. Tingling in palms. He peeled the tips of the fingers and back of hands. Felon. Fingers go to sleep. Pain in the hip joint, as rigid or dislocated.
Tension in the legs, as if the tendons too short. Stitches and burning in the buttocks. Burning pain in the buttocks, popliteal and plants.
Sharp pains in the bones as the legs. Itching in the thighs, you sleep better sitting. Blows to the knees. Tension in warm and calves. Cramps in calves and toes to stretch the lower pxtremidades. Restlessness and trembling in legs and feet, even worse.
Pain in the joints of the foot, as from a sprain. Bromhidrosis feet, sweating excoriating; feet wet and cold. Ulcers on the feet.
Painful swelling in the ball of the toe. Pain as a callus, calluses on the soles of the feet, worse on walking. Corns burn and puncture. Numbness in the upper body. Paralysis and paresis in old postapopleticas. A staggering gait.
Daytime Sleepiness 39. Sueno hectic night, wakes often. Anxious dreams, disturbing. Speak sleeping and shakes. Sleep on your side.
40 - () Great tendency to chills. Shivering with wrinkled skin, hairs erect or facial tension, beginning in the face or epigastrium and run throughout the body, followed by heat. Chills on one side, but he left. Suda but in the presence of strangers. Offensive sweat on one side, but on the left. Fever night waking.
41 Feel like burning needles in different places. Itching and tingling all over at night. Chafing and seeps into the skin. The wounds heal with difficulty. Warts. Wens. The skin hurts after scratching.
Often useful before or after Psorinum, Sulfur or Tuberculinum.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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