Baryta iod. Homeopathy

BARYTA IODATA (Barium iodide)
1 - () has a strong intellectual dullness, difficulty concentrating, there is a real mental weakness. Insufficient memory. Very forgetful.
2 - () aversion to company. Fear of people and evil. Want to sit and fantasize about different events. Indolence. Indecision. Shyness.
3 Marking concern. Impatient. Hurry. Talkative and irritable. Alternating modes of being. Sadness and crying.
4 - () Worse strain, before and after eating, from cold wet (takes cold easily), lying on his back, before and during menstruation;
by movement and pressure, by touch, walk, in the heat. Better:
outdoors (as desired), to cold air, by eating.
5 Feelings of tingling, fullness, tension, pulsation. Trembling and shaking.
6 Indurations ganglion and glandular. Congestion and inflammation of the organs.
7 Weakness during menstruation or walking. Fainting. Tiredness, wants to lie down. Thinning.
8 Dolores tearing, stitching, pressing. It is very sensitive to pain.
9 easy bleeding. Disorders plethora.
10 feel cold or heavy head. Headache worse from noise, walking or in a warm room. Pulsation in forehead and temples. Uabeza sweats.
11 - () Conjunctivitis. Tuberculous iritis. Opacity of the cornea. Itching and redness in the eyes, swollen eyelids. Photophobia, pain in the eye by light, as if sand. Mydriasis, blurred vision, diplopia.
Purulent otorrhea 12. Ringing or noises ringing in the ears. Feel your ears plugged.
13 - () Setrecion nasal yellowish, thick, or bloody or lasts; secretion from behind. Dryness and nasal obstruction at night. Red and swollen nose.
Coryza with frequent sneezing and coughing. Pain at the root of the nose.
Epistaxis on blowing.
14 - () Cara cold, or stuffy nose and red lips cyanotic. Cara thinned,
sunken. Eruptions. Parotid or submandibular swelling.
15 - () Gums swollen, bleeding, aching, separate from the teeth that are loose. Tongue dry, cracked, burning. Acid or bitter taste.
16 - () Dry throat, swallowing hard. Tonsils, indurated.
Sore throat when swallowing. Neck lymphadenopathy.
17 - () Appetite diminished, or exaggerated, with thinning. Belching acids.
Fullness and heartburn, heaviness after eating, or distress. Nausea. Bilious vomiting or watery. Extreme thirst.
Distended belly 18. Lymphadenopathy of mesenteric lymph.
Flatulence; rumbling. Pains in stomach after eating, or before and during menses.
Constipation from inactivity of rectum 19, with hard, knotty stools. Pruritus ani. Burning pain in rectum after stool.
20 Retention of urine. Frequent urination at night, or unintentional.
Enlarged prostate.
21 - () Induration of testes. Absence of erections.
22 - () Increased sexual desire in women. Premenstrual bloody flux.
Menses frequent, heavy, painful, or deleted. Breast Cancer.
23 - () Hoarseness. Aphonia. Tachypnea. Dyspnea worse at night and on ascending. Asthma.
Cough laryngotracheal irritation, spasmodic suffocative. Purulent expectoration, yellowish. Bronchitis, pneumonia. Chest tightness. Stitches in the chest and breasts. Axillary adenopathy. Violent palpitation.
Lumbosacral Dolores 24. Hands, legs and feet cold. Hot hands.
Joint pain worse in the lower limbs. Stitches in the knees.
Sweating hands, palms and feet.