Baryta mur. Homeopathy

BARYTA muriatic (Barium Chloride)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Muriate BARYTA
1 - () Mania with increased sexual desire.
2 - () Idiocy. Stupid-looking children who wander with their mouths open, hear evil, and speak through the nose. Imbecility.
3 The child will not play.
4 Fear of people.
5 Major anxiety, they do bend gastralgias, nausea and retching.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Muriate BARYTA
6 - () lymphadenopathy: nodes swollen, hard and painful, especially in the neck and submaxillary. Induration of glands.
7 - () In organic lesions of old and small, mentally and physically. Hypertension and vascular degeneration, arteriosclerosis (with Bar.C., one of the best drugs) and diseases of the brain origin with high systolic blood pressure and comparatively low diastolic pressure, accompanying cardiac and cerebral symptoms. Aneurysms.
8 - () General feeling of great weakness, need sleep, worse morning,
especially in the legs, muscle stiffness. Prostration that reaches almost to paralysis. Postgripales paresis and post-diphtheritic. Paralysis with cold as ice throughout the body.
9 - () periodic attacks of convulsions, small shocks in the face and limbs. Convulsive tremors.
10 - () Disorders suppress sweating of the feet.
11 disorders after scarlet fever, diphtheria and influenza.
Desire and aversion of Baryta Muriate
12 - () I of stale bread, dry.
13 - () Vertigo by cerebral anemia, with ringing in the ears, things spin. Confusion and heaviness in the head. Headache with vomiting. Purulent or crusted rashes on the scalp at the nape. Tina; entire head covered with a thick crust and fetida.
14 - () Eyes fixed, motionless, with dilated pupils and insensitive. Avoid light: the child is lying all the time on your face.
15 - () Otorrhea offensive odor of rancid cheese (Hep), or post-scarlatinal frequent otitis. Deafness. Retroauricular abscess. Ringing in the ears, noises when chewing and swallowing. Earache improving drinking cold water.
16 Sneezes asleep. Coryza. Painful nodule on the tip of the nose.
17 - () parotid swollen and indurated, worse on the right. Submandibular salivary glands swollen and painful.
18 Toothache on waking after midnight. Loose teeth. Tongue dirty. Dry mouth and tongue. Sialorrhea with bad breath. Taste putrid.
19 - () Uvula elongated. Varicose veins tonsils and throat. Recurrent tonsillitis, but in Spring and Autumn, by taking cold. Tonsils suppurating just take cold. Pain in the right side of the throat (Lycopodium).
Induration of the tonsils with hypertrophy.
20 - () below the stomach, left, hardness that causes attacks of breathlessness. No appetite, and thirst. Retching and vomiting, with anxiety. Vomiting worms.
Heat rising from the stomach to the chest and head. Gastralgia burning with vomiting. Vacuum epigastric sensation (it is a good guiding symptom in chronic conditions). Cardia narrow and indurated, with sensitivity and postprandial epigastric pain.
21 - () aneurysm abdominal heartbeat feels uncomfortable in the tumor.
induration of the pancreas. Burning pain in the belly. Hypertrophied liver. Inguinal nodes swollen and painful.
22 Painless chronic diarrhea, or with violent cramps. Gelatinous stools,
bloody, white, hard as rocks.
23 - () Frequent urination, painful, involuntary, yellowish, very offensive.
White sediment. Great increase of uric acid, decrease of chlorides.
24 Hypertrophy and induration of the testicles, worse riding.
Frequent emission of semen. Buboes with gonorrhea suppressed.
25 - () Sterility. Tumors, induration or atrophy of ovaries. Nymphomania.
26 - () Chronic Cough in scrofulous children. Heat in the upper
thorax. Facilitates expectoration in bronchial disorders in old age. Great accumulation of mucus and tions with difficult expectoration. Asthma senile.
27 beats fast, irregular, with almost imperceptible pulse.
28 - () back pain. Tremors in the limbs. Convulsive hands and feet. Paralysis, left hemiplegia. Hemorrhage prepatellar bag.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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