Baryta sulphurica. Homeopathy

BARYTA SULPHURICA (barium sulfate)
1 - () Anxiety: a night in bed with fear, with the fever for the future.
Fear: the evening, the crowds, to die, people. Suspicious,
suspicious, afraid of the conversation. Aversion to company.
2 - () Confusion in the morning, better outdoors. Can not concentrate. Poor memory. Forgetful, especially of words. Weakness mental imbecility.
Indolence, lack of will. Indifference. Aversion to mental work.
Shyness. Fainting, unconsciousness.
3 - () Impatient. Hurry. Extremely irritable. Things like that do not need, and then takes them away. Criticon.
4 It scares easily. Talking in sleep. Disorders sorrows tears.
5 - () Worse (or the symptoms): the morning before noon and night, for efforts and climbing stairs, for bathing, by taking cold or cold (takes cold easily; lacks vital heat), in cold and wet weather;
while eating and then, especially when he is filled, before and during menstruation, by pressure, by standing in the bed, sitting and standing erect;
walking. Best: walking outdoors, for the open (as desired). It is a remedy with the right side.
6 - () Weakness: after eating, during menses and walking.
Paralysis of one side.
7 Sensations: tingling, tightness, fullness, tension, pulsation.
Feel like electric shocks 8. Epileptic seizures. BLOOD orgasms. Distention of blood vessels. Glandular indurations.
Desire and aversion of Baryta SULPHURICA
9 - () I want candy.
10 - () with stuffy head cold feet. Sensation of head or brain empties loose. Eruptions. Tingling with hair loss. Itching of the scalp. Headaches: worse at night, coughing, after eating or sleeping
bed, sneezing, bending, heat from the sun, walking and in a warm room, better walking outdoors. Headache in the sides of the head. Stitches or pressing pains in the forehead.
11 - () Waterfalls. Opacities of the cornea. Itching, watery eyes;
pain visual strain; worse by light, photophobia. Protruding eyes;
exophthalmic goitre. Mydriasis with pupils not reacting to light. Floaters. Vision cloudy or foggy. Worse visual strain.
12 - () auricular eruption. Bloody discharge from the ears. Itching in the ears. Noise: drones, bells, roars. Stitches in the ear.
Hearing loss.
13 - () constant tendency to blow. Bloody nasal discharge, thick,
yellowish in hard pieces, scabs. Dry nose obstruction.
Sneezing. Epistaxis on blowing.
14 - () Cara cold or hot red. Shocks in the face. Lips dry and cracked. Eruptions. Pain in the submandibular gland. Painful swelling of the submandibular and parotid gland.
15 bleeding gums, swollen, retracted. Tongue white; burning. Putrid breath. Toothache for cold drinks. He speaks with difficulty.
16 - () hypertrophy and chronic inflammation of the tonsils; suppuration.
Foreign body sensation in the throat. The fluids exit through the nose.
Pain on swallowing; stitches. Spasms of esophagus when swallowing. Swallow evil solids. Lymphadenopathy in the neck.
17 - () Ravenous hunger, with easy satiety, or absent. Sensation of emptiness in
stomach, or heat, or fullness in the lower bite. Regurgitation.
Hiccups. Poor digestion. Morning sickness. Gastralgia Pressing after eating.
Excessive thirst. Sour vomiting.
18 Abdomen flatulent, relaxed, or big and hard, with mesenteric adenopathy. Pains in the stomach: After eating, motion or pressure, or before and after defecating.
19 - () Constipation: stools hard, knotty. Diarrhea worse at night or taking cold, watery stools or yellow. Itching and tingling in the rectum and anus.
Bleeding hemorrhoids. Constant humidity in the anus. Accidentally gets dirty. Ascariasis.
20 constant urination, frequent or sudden; to rush or urine. Bedwetting or nocturnal polyuria. Purulent urethral secretion, or blennorrhagic.
21 - () Lack of sexual desire and erections. Nocturnal emissions.
Induration of testes. Sweats in the genitals.
22 - () absent sexual desire in women. Premenstrual copious flow.
Menses scanty or suppressed. Vulvar burning.
23 - () tracheal catarrh. Hoarseness. Noisy breathing, dyspnea * oche and promotion. Suffocates. Cough or cold outdoor or wet dry; by laryngeal or tracheal irritation, spasmodic, choking, tormenting, worse from talking. Pertussis. Expectoration thick, yellowish, purulent. Marked feeling of constriction and tightness in the chest, feeling of fullness.
Chronic bronchitis. Itching on the chest, hands. Soreness and stitching on the chest wall. Axillary lymphadenopathy.
Anxious palpitation 24, tumultuous.
25 Weight and itching in the back. Back pain before and during menstruation, and while sitting. Pulsations and tension. Back stiffness.
Lumbar weakness.
26 - () Cold hands and feet. Corns prick, burn and painful. Hands and fingers cracked. Cramps in calves. Hands dry and warm. Painful rashes on the limbs. Heaviness v itching. They sleep the upper limbs. Shocks in the lower limbs. Pains in the limbs and joints, especially in the legs and knees. Paralysis of the upper limbs. Sweaty palms;
bromhidrisis feet; suppression of sweating of the feet and their effects.
Ulcers on the legs. Weakness in the legs.
27 - () deep sleep. Sounds with misfortunes. To sleep late. Restless sleep.
Sleepiness after lunch. Sleeplessness before midnight, with sleepiness.
Chills 28 outdoors or by the slightest breath of air, or on one side, usually the left. Burning fever alternating with chills.
Flushes. Sweats: after midnight, cold, foul, found;
eating, sleeping and waking.
29 - () skin burning or cold, cracked, pale or red spots.
Eruptions: burning, dry, itchy, painful, worse by scratching.
Urticaria. Excoriated skin. Tingling. Itching creeping or pinching, worse at night or in the heat of the bed. Moisture or punctures in the skin after scratching. The wounds are slow to heal.