The basis of the natural feeding

Food and health

Diet and health are closely linked to each other. Such is the case that longevity is linked to a type of natural food, holistic, biological and "rustic". By contrast, denatured foods "scientifically" have generated so-called "diseases of civilization". Although food is not bad the only factor that contributes to the disease, however, is a major factor no doubt.
Food Pollution

Firstly it should be noted that labor intensive land carries an erosion from the action of wind, rain, and so on bare soils and insufficiently protected. Furthermore, it has not respected the so-called law of restitution, allowing the soil to regenerate by leaving the ground fallow for a year at six.

Secondly, the use of chemical fertilizers, at the expense of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium has been an imbalance in the structure, solution and soil microbial life. So intensive artificial fertilization causes the disappearance of the soil structure.

Another cause of pollution in food is the indiscriminate use of so-called "insecticides". They try to destroy the so-called "enemies" of the food, which not forget part of terrestrial ecosystems. Edit these links may result in deterioration of the whole.

The use of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, acaricides, nematicides cause irreparable damage to the food. They modify the plant sap and produce a high concentration of nitrogen. The sap benefits changed again new insects that fall upon the plants. They swoop down on them because the biochemical status of the plant corresponds to the requirements of the parasite. Playing the vicious circle with more potent new insecticides.

The use of insecticides leads to a cumulative exogenous toxemia which is dangerous even though we want to believe otherwise.

If we add to all food additives as preservatives, dyes, thickeners, thinners, antioxidants, aromatic substances, flavor enhancers, solvents, hormones, etc.., We find a great degeneration in foods called civilization. What to do about all this? Each one must make every effort to try to get food as natural, organic and high quality may be in widespread degradation in the food industry.

The high quality food

Food is called "natural" one that is devoid of contaminants (pesticides, additives, etc.) that are part of organic farming techniques or biological weapons.

The qualities of a natural food
The organoleptic qualities: quality visual, olfactory and gustatory.

The nutritional qualities that provide the calories and different amounts of lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that make it useful for the organism. Shall also be taken into account digestibility, metabolic action, etc..

The vital qualities: They are the capabilities of a foodstuff to maintain certain essential characteristics in animals or humans who consume them: good health, fertility, longevity.

When compared to natural foods with those produced by chemical means, the former are always higher than the latter at all.

Food and degeneration diseases
With the abandonment of feeding raw and natural part of society during the past century has led to increased calls degenerative diseases. Starting with an increase unnatural human size and followed by dental caries, diabetes, arthritis, rheumatism, tuberculosis, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, genetic, spontaneous abortions, bone problems, obesity, sclerosis of various kinds and even deformation of the anatomy human. All this does not advocate anything brilliant for the future of man as not changed their mentality, food production and food in general.

Food of degeneration
Within this group of foods are: meat products, industrial sugars, alcohol, alkaloids and condiments and spices.

Meat products. They are toxic and degenerative, first, by artificial breeding, based on devitalized food and manipulated with a range of chemicals. Even if it were a biological farming are three other sources that produce toxic:

Toxic Origin: extractive matter, leucomaínas, lactic acid, xanthan bases, ptomaine bases, creatine, purines (uric acid). All these products are of slower digestion and requires increased activity of the liver.

Toxic metabolic: Uric acid, ammonia, urea, etc.. with the need for liver and kidney function excessively.

Gastrointestinal toxicity: To produce a proper assimilation of meat should be eaten in a proper compatibility with other foods. This usually is not good digestion and produced a number of other toxic and poisonous gases.

Artificial Sugars
These sugars consisting solely of sucrose produced a weakening of the liver and pancreas in diabetes by promoting digestion. They are also toxic to other two different ways:

Structural Toxicity

Lacking minerals, vitamins, etc., artificial sugar robs the body to digest vitamins and minerals. So it is demineralizing and descaling.

Food Toxicity

For its sucrose concentration attacks the body. Produces hyperacidity stomach, liver overloaded, like pancreas and kidneys. It also produces oxalic acid, lactic acid, is a stimulant and irritant.


Alcohol abuse causes harmful effects: disturbances of sensation, motor skills, mental, digestive, circulatory, liver and kidneys.


Son of the most virulent poisons. Among these are: coffee (caffeine), tea (protein), snuff (nicotine), cocoa (theobromine), coca (cocaine) tail (various alkaloids, etc.).

Condiments and spices

Among the worst include: common salt, vinegar, mustard, pepper, etc..

The average food
Food was average call to those who should not form a regular part of our diet, but we can use them as supplements occasionally. Among them are: cereals, dairy products, legumes and pulses, eggs, honey and fatty manufactured.

All these foods are harder to digest that food ideals and they have to be careful about abusing them. It will also take into account their combination to produce no other toxins. Cereals should be avoided integral fat milk and manufactured, and so on.

The ideal food
These foods are ideal for the man: Vegetables, vegetables, fruits and seeds of trees

All these naturally grown foods, as explained above, have all the vital qualities that the human body needs. Their sugars are more digestible, and have the vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes required for good health. These foods should be part habitual, constant, of our food in good partnerships and most of them raw best.

Food. The man is a frugivorous primate
Most anthropologists, biologists and naturalists recognize that humans are frugivorous. The morphology, anatomy and physiology of man when compared with other mammals is more related to primates (orangutan) that are also frugivorous. This comparison is not only for their morphology, but by the anatomy and physiology of the digestive organs.

Scientific bases of human nutrition
Some nutritionists have criticized official use only vegetable protein albumin or by the lacto-ovo-vegetarians and vegetarians. They say the animal albumin have all essential amino acids and, therefore, are essential for humans, while the plants are lacking in some of these (lysine, tryptophan, etc.)..

Scientific studies, conducted with different animals and people, have revealed the following:

1) Each species has its specific albumin which can synthesize their amino acids.

2) That the needs of albumin, for growth and for repair, are meager.

3) That the body may be set more albumin in certain specified cases or circumstances (fetal growth or training).

4) Satisfied the "share of attrition", the body destroys the entire surplus of albumin to provide it.

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