B.C.G. Homeopathy

B.C.G. (Bacillus Calmette Guerin strain of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, variety Bovis)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis B.C.G.
1 Brain and dazed him a hard time finding the words. Intellectual work exhausts easily.
2 excitability with a tendency to exaggerate their concerns. Easily irritated. Any noise bothers him. Depressed. Melanie.
3 Anxiety, feeling of impending doom.
4 - () Disorders that occur after administration of BCG;
* mong other symptoms, fatigue and weight loss (Becegeitis). Tuberculin States who are thin, always fatigued and chronic constipated.
5 - () Grand fatigue, persistent fatigue, heavy head and occipital pain
diffuse. Lack of vital heat. Very chilly, not warm.
Hypotension with weight loss and chronic fatigue.
6 - () Worse by noise, for efforts by nightfall, Best: eating;
7 - () Laterality left.
8 - () Headaches in the afternoon and evening; in schoolchildren and students. Sore scalp. Conjunctiva red, swollen eyelids, blepharitis, eczema.
Earache lancinating, worse on the left. Sneezing with intense cold. Nose
Dry, obstructed, worst in the room, better outdoors and fresh. Chronic rhinitis, recurrent colds, nasal polyps. Face pale. Left temporomandibular pain, worse when chewing.
9 adenopathies of the neck, simple or suppurative. Hyperthyroidism. Pain in right tonsil when swallowing. Sore throat. Boca bitter, pasty. Tongue coated, yellowish white. Enlarged tonsils. Adenoids.
10 - () Nausea on waking and getting up, eating better. Anorexia with nausea, or incessant hunger. Slow Digestion bloated stomach. Stitches in the liver, better lying down. Constipation. Cramps in the stomach.
11 Absence of sexual desires.
12 - () Pleuritis to repetition; pleurisy; pleurodynia. Mediastinal adenopathy. Cough hoarse, dry, fatiguing. Recurrent bronchitis. Childhood asthma. Nodal tuberculosis. Sensation of chest bar.
Hyperleukocytosis. Increased erythrocyte sedimentation.
13 Neck pain, worse when rotating to the right, best long slow motion. Polyarticular pains, especially in the small joints. Cramps in the left toes.
14 Sueno agitated dreams. Insomnia in the second half of the night.
15 - () Dry skin and lips. Cracks and fissures in the anus and corners of lips. Erythema nodosum.