Eggs. Properties

Eggs: They contain 81% of acidic minerals. The most digestible form is boiled or cooked very lightly, in addition to this form does not lose some of the fat containing even 30% of all minerals and vitamins. It is one of the most nutritious foods for its richness in proteins, fats and phospholipids, minerals and vitamins A and D. Your digestion because the fats can be sometimes quite difficult and therefore should not abuse them. Beans: They have a 51% alkaline salts. They are a healthy and light of digestion. The dry lose their vitamin C, but are rich in carbohydrates, iron and calcium. The drawback is that it causes flatulence. The tender have colima factor, lipotropic substance that plays an important role in fat metabolism and prevents fatty liver degeneration, also against the adhesion of cholesterol in the arteries. Figs: It is one of the most alkalizing foods. For its live natural sugars, are a tonic food, energy, biologically valuable. They are very digestible. They have a gentle laxative action by the seeds they contain. Along with dates and raisins are the fruits bequicos par excellence. Its decoction is also used as oral inflammation, sore throat, etc.. Figs applied on boils and open calluses, soften and resolve. The hot poultice of figs or dried tender soothe the pain of burns, boils, abscesses, herpes, tumors, inflamed, making them mature. Fennel: Rich in iron is cooling, diuretic and exerts a tonic effect on the nervous system.

*Automatic Translation