Bedwetting. Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies

Definition of nocturnal enuresis
Is defined as enuresis or urinary incontinence the involuntary discharge of urine that occurs primarily at night during sleep, so it is called nocturnal enuresis.

In general, bedwetting or loss of urine occurs during the first or last few hours of sleep. It is a disorder that occurs in some children (girls only) which, once established the disease, they lose urine every night until the time of puberty. Usually, it is rare that this condition is maintained in adulthood.

Classification of nocturnal enuresis

Bedwetting can be classified as:
* Primary: If the child has never managed to control his pee.
* Secondary: yes, after a period of control, unable to return to él.diurna
* Night
* Mixed: at both times of day

Causes of bedwetting
Among the causes or conditions that are associated with nocturnal enuresis highlight the following:
Physical cause to be taken into account:
* Oxiurasis: intestinal pinworm infection (worms)
* Cystitis: inflammation of the bladder
* Bladder small or weak muscles.
* Phimosis: narrowing of the foreskin
* Congenital malformations: spina bifida

Other causes:
* Starting too late in the habit of wetting control, and once past the optimum age, around age 2, is more difficult.
* The psychological factor: the birth of a new sibling
* Factor hereditary: it is often a family member has had the same problem, if so, should explain to the child to reassure him.
* Nervous disorders: nervous children are often highly sensitive and impressionable.
* Deep sleep cycle which prevents him from receiving notice of "full bladder".

Medical Treatments and Natural Remedies
* You must minimize liquid dinner, which will take place as early as possible.
* Sleep on hard beds and little clothing. A soft bed and being well covered often triggers a deep sleep that facilitates urinary incontinence.
* Avoiding spicy foods and exciting (pepper, spices, sauces, plenty of salt, etc.).
* Life and quiet outdoor fitness walks and unforced.

Education in the habit of peeing
Since one of the causes may be too late to start the habit of peeing control, education of this habit is very important.
* By day should make the child urinate often induce him to resume suspended after urination.
* To accustom the child to have a full bladder for some time when need to urinate.
* Wake up several times at night (particularly just before the time that normally occurs enuresis) in order that the child gets used to wake up spontaneously at that time.

Medicine for enuresis with Hydrotherapy
Rubbing cold, cold bath half-length of about 10 seconds if the weather outside is hot (tones the muscles and urinary incontinence). Water Walk.
Before going to bed footbaths alternating temperature.

Medicine for enuresis with Homotoxicology - Homeopathy:
Plantago-Homaccord (ga), Bake (ga), Nervoheel (c), Solidago comp. (a), Testis comp. (a), Ovarium comp. (a).


One should never ridicule or punish a child for this, as this can cause major emotional problems.

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