Belladonna. Homeopathy

BELLADONNA (Atropa Belladonna)

1 - () Delirium violent, rabid, wild, manic, often accompanied by alucinacines (see 2) and other mental symptoms, with red face, hot head, dilated pupils, bloodshot eyes, eyes wild, intense throbbing of the carotids and general congestion, worse at night, during chill and fever, during convulsions, and drowsiness or insomnia, sleeping or falling asleep. Delirium horrible, that scares you, whispering, loud, paroxysmal, talkative or anxious, cheerful, with laughter and loud laughs sardonically, as lspasmodica. Anger or rage violent seizure, which is renewed by touching or seeing the water, and increased with terrible force, worse in evening and night, pulling the hair of those who are close or pull their own hair, does not recognize their families, spits in her face, bites (even the spoon and, especially in children), grinding teeth, barking or growling like a dog, kicks, want to undress in delirium; hits imaginary objects, themselves, his belly, his face, his head against the wall, pulls, tears, destroys his clothes and bedding; shouts, sings (alternating with growls), whistling, dancing (sometimes as a savage), speaks incoherently, without sense, unintelligible or obscene, or too fast or too high or moves from one topic to another quickly, insults, and, on the fear that has his hallucinations, he wants to run away or jump out the window or bed, or hides. These three types of reactions to fear, attack, hide or flee, characteristic of all living face of danger, are due in the particular case of Belladonna, the fear that you produce hallucinations and delusions that they occur in delirium. Semjante symptomatology seen in pictures of hydrophobia (fear of water with aggravation and seeing shiny objects and water) and French paintings manic or insane, as well as more atenuadaos, headaches and fever in very sharp, with high temperature. "The excitement and delirium that come with fever, are often enhanced by eating a mouthful of food some light" (Kent).

2 - () Hallucinations, most visual and worse at night he sees horrible animals (or black on the walls, or cockroaches), cats, black dogs, insects, bulls, mice, rats, snakes, wolves, sees ghosts, ghosts , spirits, black in the darkness, that frightens him, you see objects or black people; see horrible faces, closing his eyes, sees horrible visions or monsters to close my eyes and in the dark to see people close their eyes, sees forks and afraid, feeling that floats in the air or fly; erotic or religious hallucinations, thinks he going to murder, being chased by enemies or police, that cut in two, believed that a person stabbed pass near the street, he imagines to be ringing when awake, feels like a dream, sees cucumbers on the bed, had visions of fire is hell, soldiers, believed to visit a cemetery and heard voices of people deceased or noise.

3 - () is afraid of everything constantly on awakening; to dogs (the most prominent remedy); to animals or imaginary things (ver 2) by night to the darkness in the crowd of ghosts; to men, to noise, water, to the gallows, of being poisoned to death (but if you are alone), imminent death, to be approached or touched, you want the light to be alone. Fear with a desire to escape or jump out of bed. Manic states alternating with fear or anger or serenity. Fear with shocks or tremors.

4 - () Belladonna is quite active during sleep, and this agrees with critics who argue that the dream-content is similar to delusional states: speech, delirium, sings, cries, complains, fights, is anxious, kicks in startled (and sleep).

5 - () kleptomania.

6 - () very acute senses. Great Hypersensitivity to light, to strong smells, the sounds (at least noise), to the bright objects (the compound) to pain in children especially, and at puberty.

7 - () almost constantly complains he can not hold back her tears, cries easily, especially during the chills, fever and sweats, and before and during coughing, or pain or seizures. Crying in children when they scold. Crying only makes it worse, and is worse from consolation.

8 - () ridiculous or violent gestures, pinches the blankets; carfologicos movements, taps or make involuntary movements and fast hands.

9 - () Starts on sleep, awakening, when touched, from fright. Are easily frightened on awakening. Ailments from fright.

10 - () Restlessness anxious driving out of bed or does it go from one to another, or roll over in bed during the worst headache and fever. Anxiety worse at night during menstruation.

11 - () have premonitions of death, is tired of life, suicidal drowning, hanging, throwing from a height or a window, or with a knife pains.

12 - () Tendency to break sitting pins, still, calm, taciturn, with aversion to company, and limited memory, to the imbecility.
0 properties this hurry, especially in the movements, talking, volubly, great clarity of mind and working memory. How to be alternating or variable.

Irritable 13, on waking in the morning, worse from consolation. Moody, defiant, quarrelsome, resentful, suspicious. Ailments from anger, anxiety and fright.

14 Other mental aspects: Nymphomania Religious Affections, always praying. Unconscious Guilt puerperal madness during the chills and fever (stupor in children with meningitis or cerebral congestion) Shyness.

15 - () Belladonna finds its main indication in acute abrupt onset and violent, often inflammatory (especially brain, lung, liver and throat) and generally febrile, which always present a series of objective signs that leave no doubt: face bright red, bright eyes, dilated pupils, throbbing and superficial artery dilatation throughout, especially in the carotids, and tachycardia with a pulse full and hard. And in general is:
a) Local Heat violent, radiating intensely, just bring your hand to feel it;
b) Redness red hot, on;
c) Burning, objective and subjective, like fire;
d) pulsation or throbbing;
e) Swelling;
e) Major pain.

16 - () symptoms such as fever, sweating, twitching, seizures, etc.., And especially the pain, appear and disappear abruptly. "It's one of the most painful remedies, and their pain is usually pounding, throbbing, terebrantes, burning, cutting, pinching, pressing, as if scraping, stabbing or tearing, aggravated by jolting movements, cough, light , touch and cold. They come in short fits, paroxysmal, and it is accompanied by redness of face and eyes.

17 - () Convulsions, especially in children with high fever during the teething, during menstruation and the puerperium, for excitement, for bright objects or vexatious or to see water worse by light and when touched; dominate the right or on one side, preceded by a strange aura, as if a mouse was running through the skin, starting at the arm to fall, sometimes backwards, with paralysis. Korea. Tetanus, wounds on the soles of feet and toes.

18 - () Worst: At 15 hours, or 15 to 3 am, after noon and evening; at 23 hours after midnight, by jerks, movements and coughing, lying down (more on the painful side [or better]), walking fast, to begin to sleep or during sleep, air currents, changes of time, from cold and cool after a body part or cold applications, tendency to colds, for bathrooms Cold, by exposure to sunlight (insolation, especially sleeping in the sun) and in summer, in spring.
Best: standing, if the hand rests on the affected site or bending that part, lying on his belly resting her head against something in the heat.
Right side.

19 - () effects or sequelae of scarlet fever. Belladonna is moreover, the main preventive since Hahnemann, in most epidemics, by two or three times daily to 30th. So is one of the drugs most commonly identified in the disease manifested.
It is considered "the best preventive of hydrophobia, giving the 30th. Every 3 or 4 days, and then more sparingly, based on the following characteristics: fear of water, bites, fear of dogs, spasms of the throat, unable to swallow "(Tyler).

20 - () internal Constrictive sensation in the holes; band sensation. Wavelike sensations. Postinflammatory strictures.
Softening of bones.

Desire and aversion OF BELLADONNA
21 - () I want lemonade, beer, bread, bread and butter, cold drinks, liquid food. Aversion: water, hot food, milk (the smell), meat, coffee, grease, acids, beer, the soup, vegetables.

(Atropa Belladonna)

22 - () Vertigo: the morning on rising; for headaches, when he stood up from stooping; on stooping; roll over in bed. Head sensitive to air currents; worse by uncovering the head or cutting hair.
Brain's sensitivity to the slightest shock or strike their feet on the ground when walking fast shocks. Feelings of waves on the forehead. Congestion of the head: with a red face during seizures during constipation, for suppression of menstruation (or before or during) or where the rabid.
Hothead: with cold extremities, and diarrhea. Pulsation or throbbing in the head, worse when bending over, which end in blows, in the occipital region to move. Sensation of something coming up in the head and disappears.
Head jerking when walking fast or climbing stairs. Buries her head on the pillow or is in rotation. Apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage. Encephalitis, meningitis (perhaps the best remedy). Headaches; is probably the most widely used drug, often by rote, pounding or throbbing, maddening, paroxysmal, violent, with red face, vomiting and diarrhea; worse after noon and evening, 16 to 3 am; cold air or taking cold, especially in the head after a haircut, going up stairs, to tie her hair up, while in the chills and fever, cough, with coryza; to descend, the heated, by the heat of the bed in summer, sun exposure, for any shock, during menstruation, walking, by the light by motion or by moving or shaking the head, eyes or eyelids; by noise, the rising from lying (or improvement); heels heavily and stooping. The headaches improve resting her head against something, lying in a dark room, by pressure. Throbbing frontal headache, worse on coughing and movement, to take steps or walking outdoors; better by closing my eyes and by the pressure, extended to the neck. Headache as a knife from one temple to another. Pressive headache, worse efforts, mental efforts, while reading, to shake his head or the heels, better sitting or sitting up in bed. Congestion of the head, during convulsions.

23 - () Mydriasis: during fever; or insensitivity of the pupils to light. Bright eyes, look crooked, with sensation of dryness and heat, and keystrokes. Tearing corrosive. Photophobia, during chill. Catarrhal inflammation of the eyes from cold, with very red conjunctiva, worse from heat.
Convulsive movements. High sensitivity to bright objects. Wild look. Staring during headache, eye pain, worse light. Ecchymosis eye. Protuision eyes. Retinal hemorrhage. Glaucoma.
Heaviness and fall of eyelids; is closed involuntarily. Suppuration of the lacrimal foramen. Swollen eyelids and inverted. Conjunctiva yellow.
Strabismus. Amaurosis. Spasmodic opening of eyes. Children who sleep with their eyes half open. He sees a halo of colors around the light is red objects. Go flames, fire, sparks or sparks. Vision trembling.
Night blindness.

24 - () Otalgia of all kinds, especially the right side, facial pain or extended down the neck. Suppuration of the ears.
Hypersensitive to noise, or hearing impairment or deafness, as if a skin Freezing the ears. Pulsations. Noises in the ears, roaring, buzzing, doorbells.

25 - () coryza with cough; on one side, alternating with obstruction, with secretion. Putrid odor, foul. Nasal dryness. Tip of nose swollen, red, burning, swollen nose. Ulceraci6n painful nostrils. Nose very cold. Epistaxis of bright red blood with clots, worse at night and morning, with red face. Smell acute, worse from strong odors or smoke snuff, or decreased, absent.

26 - () Face red, fiery-red or dark red or red cyanotic, with burning heat, especially in the states feriles during the headache, a cough or toothache, when sitting and maniacal rage. The red face is characteristic of Belladonna, and accompanying all of his symptoms.
Changing colors on the face. Pallor, sometimes alternating with flushing suddenly, or yellow face. Sweating. Pustules or rashes, painful red dots in the corners of the mouth or chin. Or scarlet red spots on my face. Facial erysipelas. Expression fierce sneer. Convulsive movements of the face, worse in the mouth, which is pulled upward.
Lips swollen, hard and dry, especially with the higher tension of the skin. Swelling of one side of the face. Acute parotitis, worse on the right, and swelling and stitches. Mumps (one of the best remedies initials).
Clenched jaw, lockjaw. Mouth half open or closed spasmodically.
Facial neuralgia, especially the right, which appears and disappears suddenly
and extending to the ear, inflammation, worse by touch and by the shaking. Cutting to the right, stabbing or tearing, worse from motion. Facial spasm.

27 - () Dry mouth, hot, especially on the tongue, swollen and red, without thirst. Papillae of the tongue red and erect. Language rigid, swollen, heavy, trembling, sleep, cold. Slurred speech, stuttering, muteness.
Taste of blood when coughing. Absence of taste. Foam mouth, sometimes reddish, smelling of rotten eggs. Fetid breath of morning. Thick saliva and mucus. Abrasion on the inside of the cheeks, ulceration of the salivary gland orifices.

28 - () grind their teeth, worse sleep. Throbbing Toothache, with swelling of the cheeks, neuralgic pains, worse in open air, touching or chewing or mental labor appear and disappear suddenly.
Disorders dentition. Gums swollen, bleeding, painful.

29 - () Acute inflammation of the throat, especially on the right, and the tonsils, with irritation, burning, redness large (throat, tonsils and uvula) and intense sensation of dryness and tightness with swallowing, with pain all kinds, especially in speaking and swallowing liquids, and swelling, with widespread pain in the ear. Foreign body sensation, with hawking.
Constant tendency to swallow. Spasms of esophagus. It chokes at bedtime. Sore throat by cold air. Red spots in the neck. Pain and swelling of cervical glands, induration. Strong pulsations in harotidas, swollen neck veins. No bear clothing in the neck.

30 - () Gastralgia worse by the pounding of walking and jolting in vehicles, motion and walking, extended to the back between the shoulders. Thirst during fever. Belching acid, sour or putrid. Nausea to start eating or after breakfast or outdoors. Retching and vomiting of food, bile, blood or acids, with diarrhea, or vertigo, heat and sweat. Spasmodic hiccough. Beats and burning in the epigastrium. Gastritis.

31 - () belly pains of all kinds, which come and go quickly: worse by movement, by pressure, better lying down and bending, as if torn with some, for constipation. Right upper quadrant pain, worse lying on the pain, shaking and coughing, in the hypogastric breathing or by jerks or movements. Pains in the liver breathing; paroxysmal, biliary colic, worse shocks and lying on the right side. Bearing down pain during PMS and menstruation, pressing on basil hypogastrium female genitalia or outward and downward. Strangulated hernia. Heat and high anxiety in the stomach, itching. Soreness around the belly, as if excoriated and raw. Tense and distended belly, but in hypochondria. Peritonitis, appendicitis, hepatitis.

32 - () Involuntary stools and trained hard, night in bed and when urinating.
Hard stools and scanty; constipation. Diarrhea in small bowel, with tenesmus. Stools: white, green or watery. Dysentery. Sweats before stool; thrills for. Spasmodic stricture rectum. Anal prolapse. Bleeding piles, with back pain as if it would break.

33 - () renal burning pain. Bladder pain, especially in the neck, shaking worse. Frequent urination at night, dysuria, dribbling, urine retention. Enuresis by difficulty in awakening the child. Cystitis. Sensation of a worm moving in the bladder pressure at night. Cutting pain in the ureters, renal colic. Nephritis. Prostate pain, worse from shaking.
Urethral stricture, spasmodic or not. Urine: burning, dark, copious, watery, turbid, yellowish, bloody, with thick sediment, red or white.

34 - () Drawing pains in the spermatic cords, worse when urinating.
Painless soft nodules on the glans. Retraction of the foreskin. Orchitis with hard testicles, retracted and sore. Pollutions with flaccidity of penis. Night sweats genitals. Sale prostatic fluid. Sexual desire decreased, with indifference to excitement.

35 - () Menses copious, bright red mixed with dark clots, fluid containing blood clots, or pale, warm like melted wax, painful, frequent or late, offensive; suppressed.
Premenstrual fatigue, cramps, anorexia and cloudy vision. During menstruation: cramps, yawning, chills, anxiety, thirst, burning, cramp-like pains in the back and arms, night sweats in the chest.
Intermenstrual bleeding. Active metrorrhagia, profuse, abrupt onset of bright red with clots, or blood clots mixed with dark biquad. Spasmodic contraction of the cervix during labor, especially first-years; contraction of the uterus in an hourglass, retention of placenta with bleeding; wrongs. Abortion.
Displacement of the uterus, prolapse and induration. Vagina dry. Oophoritis, metritis. Uterine polyps. Right ovary pain worse on movement and before and during menstruation. Pain in the uterus, paroxysmal, worse shock, motion and walking; comes and goes suddenly, during menstruation. Pain twitching toward AFAJ ( "bearing down"), as if to go around, worse morning, during menstruation or walking; best upright sitting or standing, is holding his belly with his hands. False labor pains or ceasing; very weak.

36 - () Constriction and laryngeal sensitivity, with dryness and aversion to drink, foreign body sensation in the larynx. Tickling; laryngeal irritation by cold air. Hoarseness when shouts or cries, painful. Voice aspera; nasal aphonia.
Laryngeal pain when coughing, swallowing, touching (drowning), to breathe, to move. Laryngitis. Laryngismus stridulus. Racking cough, violent, exhausting, paroxysmal, night, spasmodic after noon and night, dry, barking, hoarse, hollow, persistent, for foreign body sensation or smoke in the larynx or laryngeal irritation or tingling; breathing deep, ending with a sneeze. Coqueluque, with epistaxis and involuntary urination. Bloody sputum, bright red. Tachypnea or slow breathing, irregular. Precordial anxiety. Convulsive constriction in the chest, pulses; heat. Pain in the chest during cough. Stitches, worse lying on painful side or from motion; on the right side.
Breast pain to go up or down stairs. Mastitis. Milk increased; drips, or absent.

37 Violent heartbeat, which can sometimes feel in the head.
Palpitations to ascend. Trembling in the heart, with pressive pain and anguish.

38 - () back pain when coughing and moving. Spine pain when coughing or jarring, even in bed and stabbed in the vertebrae, biting into the spine, with the cough. Cramp-like pains, with stiffness in the sacrum, coccyx and the entire back worse during menstruation. Pain as if he might break his back, during menstruation or delete it; in the cervical and lumbar spine. Rheumatic pains shooting, as displacement, in the back and between the shoulder blades. Back stiffness when rising from a chair. Opistototios. Spinal meningitis. Dolores axillary. Acids in the neck sweats.

39 - () cold hands with hot head. Upper cold. Heat and heaviness in their hands. Cramps in hands and feet spasmodic extension of the legs upon waking. Convulsive movements of limbs; movements violently upwards and then downwards. Sensation of a mouse running in the upper limbs; before an epileptic seizure. Sense of paralysis in the arm, weakness in the forearms. Acute arthritis with dinchazon, red swelling on the upper limbs. Sore arm, twitching in the right; paralytic pain, paroxysmal in the lower limbs. Thigh pain improves walking. Stitches on the thigh and above the knee when sitting. Paralysis of legs and feet.
Sciatica that comes and goes suddenly, shaking worse. Tension in the tendons of the thigh. Unsteady gait. Phlebitis. Swelling and tingling in the feet.

40 - () dream of falling; anxious; of thieves and murderers. Feel sleepy and can not sleep. Comatose sleep, deep, conscious, restless. Attacks of drowsiness and lethargy, with immobility of the body.

41 - () Chills in the evening, beginning at the arms, worse after eating, better external heat. Shivering with heat in the head. Especially in the evening fever and night, with dry, burning heat, or sweating, alternating with chills (these are absent), with furious delirium, with dilated vessels. Fever burning, dry, intense, with delirium, convulsions and external heat, with aversion to uncovering. Inflammatory fevers. Exanthematous fevers. Scarlet fever. Puerperal fever. Sweats on covered parts; profuse; sleeping, that appear and disappear abruptly, march or dye clothes yellow. Suppression of sweating disorders.

42 - () skin burning bright, sensitive, pale or red, scarlet red spots or dry, with inability to perspire. Desquamative eruptions, painful, intensely red or scarlet rashes, scarlet fever. Anthrax.
Erysipelas, smooth or swelling, bloating. Ulcers with cutting pain, painful, indurated. Cutting across the skin. Gangrene.
Petechiae. Miliary eruptions. Painful vesicles with serous discharge.
Chafing bleeding in the joint creases. Edges whitish pustules and edema each spring. Burning ulcers, with bloody purulent secretion. Chilblains.