Benzinum. Homeopathy

BENZINUM (Benzene Benzene Benzene)
1 Crying over trifles. Despair of healing.
2 Extreme irritable and critical.
Hallucinations 3. As a kind of clairvoyance, which appears to him in the darkness a hand coming towards your face and makes him scream in terror. Sensation of falling through the bed and floor.
4 - () Anemia and leukocytosis. It can be useful for leukemia (for anemia and recurrent thrombosis).
5 - () Pains from below.
6 Worst night and the right side.
Epileptiform Attacks 7. Coma.
8 general prostration; exhausted, pale.
Desire and aversion of BENZINUM
9 Desire to lemons and cider.
10 Pain paroxysmal occipital bottom-up, worse on movement and getting up from sitting. Frontal headache nasal root, the right side. Feeling of pressure.
11 - () optical illusions with wide eyes. You can not take your eyes upwards without severe. Photophobia, blurred objects seen. Mydriasis checked, the pupils do not react to light. Twitching in the eyelids.
12 coryza with violent sneezing and profuse secretion, worse of late.
13 Swelling and occasional sharp cheek and left calf, as if filled with air, disappearing at times and back again.
Sordes covered 14 teeth. Sensation of weakness and pain in upper incisors. Language shriveled, brown. Breath hot and very offensive. Ulcers round, white and painful, but on the inside of the cheeks. No appetite. Extreme thirst of water ice, is satisfied with a sip.
15 Paredes painful abdominal pressure. Heat and pain in the
hypogastrium worse before stool. Stool repeated odor of benzine,
mucosa, leaden, mixed with red blood, some tenesmus and pains
anus and rectum from below.
16 Pressing pain in the bladder after urination, with burning in the neck and urethra several minutes. Dark, offensive, with red sandy sediment.
Profuse urination.
Right Testicle swollen 17. Pain in the testicles. Itching scrotum.
Dry Cough 18. Soreness in the clavicular region.
19 Lumbar pains, worse on deep inspiration. Itching all over the back.
20 pains in the muscles of the arm. Members heavy, cold legs,
patellar hyperreflexia.
21 Insomnia with unpleasant thoughts, eyes wide and visual hallucinations.
22 Chills go up, back and upper limbs. Cold compresses applied to gasoline smell out and taken the yellow jersey. Profuse sweats, hot morning, exhausting. Suda on the parts that do not support.
23 eruption as measles.