Benzoic acid. Homeopathy

Benzoic acid (benzoic acid)
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Benzoic acid
1 - () tendency to talk and remember past unpleasant subjects.
Depression (Nat)
Ornit 2 words as you type.
3 The child wants to be fed in the arms, not to be put down.
4 It shudders if you see someone deformed.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Benzoic acid
5 - () Gout. Concretions, nodules, gouty tophi and affecting all the joints, especially the knees, wrists, hands, fingers and toes, with tearing, stinging, redness and swelling joints;
worse at night, with cracks by the slightest movement. The pain on the left and then right. Hyperuricemia. Alternation of cardiac and urinary symptoms in gout.
6 - () Great weakness, fatigue.
7 - () Worse: motion; by cold, by uncovering, by night outdoors. Better by rest, heat and day.
8 - () The symptoms go from left to right and bottom-up (more in rheumatism and gout).
9 - () Wine aggravates their urinary symptoms, gouty and rheumatic.
10 The sudden change of site pain.
SPECIFIC Benzoic acid
11 instability, as if about to fall down the sides. Pressure on the
vertex. Headache draft, to be discovered, by taking cold in the head in the morning on waking, worse at rest, periodically. Occipital terrible pain. Cold sweat on head. Throbbing in temporal arteries.
Discomfort in 12 eyes as from lack of sleep. Throbbing in the eyes. Burning heat eyelids.
Swelling 13 BTE. Hear sounds of confused voices, swallowing or walking outdoors.
14 Le seems to smell powder, cabbage or something apestante. Smell decreased.
Epistaxis. Sneezing with hoarseness. Takes cold easily. Pressure at root of nose, nasal bone pain. Itching of septum.
15 - () Burning heat on one side of the face. Circumscribed blush on the cheeks. Coppery spots on her face. Sweats. Trembling lips.
Eating, biting her lip involuntarily. Itching in the chin.
16 - () Language spongy with deep cracks and ulcers that extend.
Acidic mucus in the mouth. Blood taste bitter; with soap (water);
ohumado (bread). Ulcerated tumor on the left side of the mouth, behind the
last molar. Heat perioral. Blue gums bleed.
17 - () sense of a piece of something in the throat, as if he had stayed there some food. Bloating or constriction in the throat. The throat symptoms improve eating. Swallowing difficult,
incomplete, with ringing in the ears and soreness at the base of the tongue.
Heat in the esophagus. Swollen thyroid gland. Sore throats and tonsillitis with typical urine.
18 - () Suda while eating. Hiccups. Gastric pressure and belching, burning and heat.
19 - () Stitches in the liver. Cutting pain in the navel, rather defecating.
Can not bear tight clothing in the womb.
20 - () Diarrhea in children, worse in the dentition, with feces offensive or putrid odor of urine, white and watery (like soap water), foam,
irritating, heavy, go through the combs. Stitches and constricted feeling in the rectum. Tingling anal. Painful perianal condylomata.
21 - () The most important feature of Benzoic acid, which accompanies a concomitant symptom curing processes with this drug, is a pungent urine, dark or dark brown, smelling strongly urinous or horse urine, disgusting, very strong, or putrid, offensive, or aromatic or changing, with gravel or toslatos; with sediment mucous, purulent, white or red. The smell pervades the room and it permeates clothes. Kidney or bladder stones. Child Enuresis worse in the first dream (Causticum, Sepia). Left renal colic, burning pain. Pain in the urethra and bladder when not urinating. Enlarged prostate, with offensive urine leakage in old.
Bladder Catarrh suppression of gonorrhea. Cystitis. Excess uric acid in urine.
22 - () Gonorrhea deleted, drip. Genital painful. Itching in the glans and sulcus balanopreputial.
23 - () frequent or amenorrhea or delayed menses. Prolapsed uterus with urine fetida. Weakness postmenstrual. Prolonged lochia.
24 - () and prolonged dry cough after a suppressed gonorrhea. Coughing up greenish; by the slightest cold or inspire, worse lying on right side. Asthma in rheumatism. Pneumonia, with great fatigue. Pains in the chest,
more precordial, alternating with rheumatism. Stitches breathing deeply and dusk. Sensation of swelling in the breast and thyroid. Nipple soreness.
25 - () precordial pains that suddenly change places. He wakes every morning at 2 hours, with violent internal heat and hard pulse, which led him to lie on your back, with strong palpitations and pounding in the temporal arteries. Cardiac rheumatism and gout.
26 - () Stiffness in the neck, pressure, pruritus. Pain in kidney area, with stiffness. Hot on the sacrum. Myelitis.
27 - () nodes in the joints that creak from motion. Tophi and gouty concretions. Gouty deposits in the wrists and metacarpals;
cinchazon elbows. Fingers swollen with stitches. Red spots on the fingers. Itching in the palms. Ganglion of the wrist and toe bunions are often cured with Benzoic Acidum (Clarke). Felon.
Swollen right knee, with cracks and dryness sensation. Knee pain, worse after drinking wine. Sharp pain in left ankle and the Achilles tendon when the step with that foot. Pain in the right Achilles tendon and chest simultaneously. Gouty pains, tearing, throbbing, worse at night in the big toe joints, with redness and swelling.
28 pleasant itching sensation by scratching, leaving burning.
29 - () Hands, feet, knees and shoulders cold, like a cold wind.
Chills before stool. Chills constant, worse in open air or uncovering, better by heat. Great internal heat on awakening. Suda eating
walking, morning in bed (on face), with anxiety. Cold sweats in the head, face and feet. Aromatic smell of sweat. Night sweats. Profuse perspiration without relief.