Benzoin. Homeopathy

BENZOIN (Oderiferum Benzoin Benzoin)
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR Pathogenesis of benzoin
1 - () Worse after sleep lying down (the head was gone, with unpleasant sensation of sinking into the bed).
SPECIAL benzoin
Oily hair 2. Vertigo.
3 - () wakes up with a nauseous feeling in the stomach and abdomen, and fatigue. Sensation of emptiness in the stomach and hypogastric.
4 Soft stool with hypogastric pains before stool.
5 Urine dark, scanty; gets up at night to urinate.
6 - () You feel like crushed hips. Pain in the knees. Feet and legs cold, even in bed.
7 It often turns into bed at night.
8 - () Night sweats.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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