Berberis aquifolium. Homeopathy

Berberis aquifolium
MENTAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Berberis aquifolium
1 Unhappiness, depression that sometimes comes suddenly, do not want to move or do anything, as if dazed, stupid. Daytime sleepiness.
2 Grit frequent hysterical.
GENERAL SYMPTOMS OR pathogenesis of Berberis aquifolium
3 Sensation of weakness, fatigue, improved by exercise. Unsteady gait, tremor.
SPECIFIC Berberis aquifolium
4 - () feeling dizzy, worse when moving. Pain in right temple to the teeth. Pain as an iron band at the height of the ears, getting worse. Bilious headache. Sensation of head scalded. Eruption of the scalp extending to face and neck. Eczema.
5 - () Conjunctiva injected. Sense of film before the eyes, that 'stan as sunken, tired, with burning, for efforts.
6 Stuffy nose, with yellow-green mucus secretion. Itching nose, with sneezing.
7 - () Pimples or pimples on the faces of the girls (clear complexion). Face yellowish or yellowish white or cereal. Flushes of heat to the cheeks.
Expressions against, thinned.
8 Bitter taste after eating. Throat dry.
9 - () Hunger soon after eating. Sudden nausea after eating. Arcades without vomiting. Heartburn.
10 Pain in the hypogastric. Jaundice. Intense burning and soreness in the stomach.
11 hot Bilious diarrhea. Feces are expelled with great difficulty.
12 Burning vaginal pain drawing down, as if the menses come. Or in a vehicle, for 13 Cough dry, irritating. Green expectoration, tenacious, streaked with blood.
Oppression. Burning heat in the left base of the lung. Painful lump in the
14 Sensation of numbness and lack of strength in limbs.
Cramps and leg tremors. Electricity sensation in hands and forearms. Rheumatic tension and stiffness of legs.
15 - () its focus is the skin, chronic diseases, psoriasis. Skin
with pimples or bumps, dry, rough, scaly. Acne. Eczema dry.
16 Waves of heat and burning in the palms. Fever day.

() Very effective. () Effective. () Util

Source: "Vijnovsky Homoeopathic Materia Medica"

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